Heavenly Heart India Retreats

February, July & August 2019

Teacher Trainings in Rishikesh India

February, July & August 2019

Yin  Level 2 Teachers after a special four days together

Dublin, October 2018



40 Hour YIN YOGA LEVEL 2 Teacher Training



Next Yin Level 2 Training Dates:

May 4th, 5th, 25th, 26th 2019

(2 x Saturday's & Sunday's)

Next Level 1 Training Dates

January 5th, 6th, 26th, 27th 2019

(2 x Saturday's & Sunday's)

The fact is all yoga was 'yin' at the beginning!

As was human evolution we descended into a more dense energy over eons of time and became more yang in every aspect including our life and yoga practice.  Now is the time more than ever before to bring back balance, but here not only do we find balance, we find a doorway in to healing the energetic body and a doorway in to meditation... a doorway in to the true self!.......

In Light


"The sense of peace, purity and calm is brought about by the union of the lower with the higher consciousness. It is usually either intermittent or else remains in a deeper consciousness, veiled often by the storms and agitations of the surface, it is seldom permanent at first, but it can become permanent by increased frequency and endurance of the calm and peace and finally by the full descent of the eternal peace and calm and silence the higher consciousness into the lower nature." - Sri Aurobindo