Root chakra healing program: (distantly)


Saturday 02nd - saturday 16th inclusive

current energies September 17th 2021

Cycles of completion coming about by allowing; by release and realisation.

As you release more you realise more.

Sometimes that's hard on the head.

A lot moves through the mental body along with it being touched by cosmic influences and energetic influxes. 

As you make space in one place of your of your energy body sometimes that space is flooded by other consuming energies still in the releasing stage, looking for somewhere to go.  Or sometimes you are not fully ready to let go, and, or, not fully comfortable with empty space so you fill it.  You are not 'doing' anything wrong, it can happen because all this is new to you, or you have not yet mastered your energy, or this newer energy, so go easy on yourself if any of this is the case it can all take more than one lifetime  (life being energy and time not really being thing!)

Along with that, as you release lower energies and simultaneously you have rising energy, sometimes those lower energies are carried up, that is, to the head, be that the mind or brain, affecting you mentally or physiologically.

This is where it is important to continue your inner work, to continuously clear energy, to simply (or not so simply) be in silence.

There is very much an overall energy of being more in the head right now, whenever that now is for you.

There is an action oriented drive as the inner sun strengthens.  Yet remember, the higher action steps are clear, the lower are not. Again; the higher action steps are clear, the lower are not.

Somewhere in the busyness of the mind is a soft, strong, sunny, action step forward for you.  

You can get tangled up in the busyness and you will find your way, but you will be giving yourself extra work and will become exhausted.

Or, you can de-tangle the busyness by letting it be.  Stop.  There may be a lot to 'do' but you will get it done so much easier if you 'do not do'.

Now exhale.

Some ascension symptoms are; constant chatter in the mind, questioning (this can be both beneficial and not), comparison, competitiveness, what-ifs, sudden aha moments, anxiety; feeling it in the head and solar plexus, dizziness, headaches, ear ringing, blurred vision, digestive issues, different sleep patterns from your typical and healthy, increased dream activity.

Intuition is opening more
Sometimes it is caught up in distorted energies!

Be 'higher-mindful' of this.

When it is crystal calm clear
You will 'know'.

Blessings and Love


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november 11th at 11am (gmt)

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June 11th - june 25th 2022

one to one distant healing sessions are ongoing

blessings to you as we shift into a new way, a new world. I look forward to reconnecting with those of you continuing on this particular ascension path, and to those of you returning to it, along with connecting with those of you newly joining it.

Namaste and love, Ashling.

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"Om ram namaha"

with this bija mantra we honour and harmonise the energy of the solar plexus

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"The sense of peace, purity and calm is brought about by the union of the lower with the higher consciousness. It is usually either intermittent or else remains in a deeper consciousness, veiled often by the storms and agitations of the surface, it is seldom permanent at first, but it can become permanent by increased frequency and endurance of the calm and peace and finally by the full descent of the eternal peace and calm and silence the higher consciousness into the lower nature." ~ Sri Aurobindo 

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