Next Healing Program:

1111 ~ 1212 Portal Program

november 11th - December 12th 2021

Portal Program energies

October 22nd 2021

On a scale of 1 - 10 I say 11 and 12!

That's what the energy of this portal program is coming across to me as.

There is potential in general in the upcoming energies, in November and December.

The potential in this program is you get to pick up some very potent energies of your soul choosing.  There is (as always) focused group energy and then individual energy coming through, and I am a channel for various frequencies of light, along with being a messenger for you.

There is opportunity to tap into other timelines (which can be other life path experiences, other lifetime experiences of either similar vibration, or higher).

There is opportunity to clarify and understand.

There is possibility to tap into gifts you carry and are waiting to activate in this life experience.

We can transform energies from experiences that have not yet been transformed.  These energies can be from this lifetime, or other lifetimes, particularly from any pain experienced on this planet.

These may be things you are aware of, but usually they are at a more subconscious level.

Make an offering to yourself to connect on purpose by joining in this healing portal program.

You will see subtle shifts.

You will move through some shadow work, clearing some of those uncomfortable energies or misaligned ways.  We can transmute those energies easily by you simply allowing.

This clearing has to happen, it is a part of the process.  There is no light work without shadow work.

The realisations you come to, and lightness felt will be worth it.

If you feel drawn to joining:

1111~1212 Portal Program

Click the link above to learn more and any queries drop me an email at

Blessings and Love.


current energies

October 25th 2021

All of our bodies talk to each other; physical, mental-emotional, spiritual, energy.  Sometimes they agree with each other, sometimes they don't.

Right now there is a slight disagreement between body and mind, they seem to both be moving, but in different directions.

If that continued it could, like pulling on an elastic band, cause a snap, or tear, or rebound.

It is a strong energy but it can be as simple as stopping, even for a few minutes, and reminding a particular part of yourself:

"Slow Down"

"You Are Safe".

Each part of us has its own consciousness with higher and lower aspects.  This is simply a part of being human, I am this, You are this, We All in human form are this.

As we shift into overall higher states of consciousness the levels of consciousness within each aspect of us naturally shifts; so the higher is higher and the lower is higher.  (Here we are using 'higher' and 'lower' as simple human words to describe dual aspects.)

The fiery energy with the most recent full moon may have inflamed, or brought out pain / fear, in the ego parts of your consciousness.

Slow down so parts of yourself can catch up with each other.

In allowing yourself do this some clearing will occur, but it us only very temporary, and...

all the parts of yourself will come together.

light will shine on the right steps for you.

the transmuted fire will be pure power.

then everything is in ease.

Blessings and Love


Some dates for you:

for any one to one sessions:

Vedic Counselling
Spiritual Guidance
Distant Healing

last date this year is:

November 10th 2021

resuming next year on:

January 11th 2022

After this upcoming program:

November 2021

the next one will be:


Next light code transmission

(Group Distant Healing):

november 11th at 6am (gmt)

rise spirit soul

'self mastery'




June 11th - june 25th 2022

blessings to you as we shift into a new way, a new world. I look forward to connecting and reconnecting with those of you continuing on this particular ascension path, and to those of you returning to it, along with those of you newly joining it.

Namaste and love, Ashling.

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"The sense of peace, purity and calm is brought about by the union of the lower with the higher consciousness. It is usually either intermittent or else remains in a deeper consciousness, veiled often by the storms and agitations of the surface, it is seldom permanent at first, but it can become permanent by increased frequency and endurance of the calm and peace and finally by the full descent of the eternal peace and calm and silence the higher consciousness into the lower nature." ~ Sri Aurobindo 

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