MEDITATION Teacher Training

Date and location updated once the world opens up again

21 Day Block Event

ubud Retreat

Date updated once the world opens up again

Rishikesh Retreats 2021

Date updated once the world opens up again

Next Group Distant Healings:

regular Group healing:

next date tBC

price €15 euro

two-part light frequency sound transmission:

Part one day one any time listen to your transmission / part two day two 8am Group Distant Healing

next date tbc

price €35

currently on a break from offering healings

hope to return to you in early 2021

In the meantime you can tune in to weekly podcasts:

on grief and related Spiritual / life topics on youtube @risespiritsoul

on divine messages and current energies on youtube @galacticconsciousnessevolution

posts on instagram and facebook with the same handles

"The sense of peace, purity and calm is brought about by the union of the lower with the higher consciousness. It is usually either intermittent or else remains in a deeper consciousness, veiled often by the storms and agitations of the surface, it is seldom permanent at first, but it can become permanent by increased frequency and endurance of the calm and peace and finally by the full descent of the eternal peace and calm and silence the higher consciousness into the lower nature." ~ Sri Aurobindo 

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