an 'Ascension Soul Healing' Retreat



'In Anam An' is an Irish phrase meaning 'In The Name Of'

'Anam' is an Arabic name for 'Gift or Blessing'

'Atman' is a Sanskrit word meaning 'Self or Breath'

July 12TH - july 18th 2020

at Shanti toya ashram

Mengwi , Bali

'In the Name of Self'

'The Gift of Breath'

'A Blessing of Soul'

It is the Breath that causes Life

It is the Self that is the individual Soul

It is a Blessing to Be

Atman is the spark of the absolute; Brahman

You are that spark of Brahman; Infinite Supreme Soul

The Self that is subtler than the subtle and greater than the great.

“It is seated in the heart of every creature. one who is free from desire sees the glory of the Self through the tranquility of the mind and senses and becomes absolved from grief.” ~ Katha Upanishad

When all the senses are stilled, when the mind is at rest, when the intellect wavers not; then, say the wise, is reached the highest state.

“This calm of the senses and the mind has been defined as Yoga. He who
attains it is freed from delusion.” ~ Katha Upanishad

This is a Meditation, Healing and Remembering Retreat


You will spend several periods throughout the day in Silent Meditation

You will move into silence from last meditation each night until after breakfast each day

You will have one full day in silence (36 hours including sleep time)

You will receive healing; clearing of old energy and drawing in of new, constantly throughout our time together

There will be:

One focused group healing each day

One 'One To One' Hands On Healing with Ashling

One Balinese Massage with local Balinese Therapist

Daily Morning Mantra

Daily Satsang

Arrival and Departure Fire Ceremony and Blessing with Local Balinese Priest

One Day Outing to 'Tirta Empul' - Balinese Water Temple / Holy Springs


€850 ~ Budget Single Room - fan, shared bathroom (2 available)

€800 pps ~ Budget Twin Room - fan, private bathroom (1 available)

€900 pps ~ Twin Room - ac, private bathroom, terrace

€900 pps or €1100 single occupancy ~ Kingsize Bed Room - ac, private bathroom, terrace

Included in Price:

6 Nights Accommodation, Meals, Daily Fresh Coconut and Herbal Teas, All listed above under 'Program'

Not Included in Price:

Flights, Insurance, Personal Sundries, Road Transfer to Centre (can be organised on your behalf)

Deposit to Secure Your Space €300

Balance due end of November

Payments must be made by time stated to keep your space

Limited Number of Spaces Available

Deposit Is Non-Refundable

This is a unique Retreat where personal transformation that will take place.

Please drop a message before paying deposit so we can make sure this is the right Retreat for you.

Drop an email with any personal queries and to ensure this is the right Retreat for you.

Sample Daily Schedule:

07:00 ~ Silent Meditation

07:30 - Breakfast

08:00 ~ Mantra Meditation

Free Time

12:00 ~ Satsang

12:30 ~ Silent Meditation

13:00 ~ Lunch

Free Time

17:30 ~ Silent Meditation

18:00 ~ Dinner

Free Time

20:00 ~ Group Healing

Silence until Morning Mantra

It is in Silence that you Hear your Soul Speak

Purification at Pura tirta empul