In attempting to explain Distant Healing in a somewhat logical way we must leave our lower or ego mind and turn toward our higher or spiritual mind.

We cannot try to understand through the eyes of separation, since in Distant Healing, the driving force is a certain state of unified consciousness.... and trust!

We need to bring a different state of consciousness into the equation, which is also what we are working on altering through Distant Healing.

This consciousness is all encompassing. It is the Higher Consciousness that sees and perceives itself not as separate, but as inter-connected, or as one Being.

I read a piece recently from physicists Elizabeth A. Rauscher and Russell Targ say “... (distant healing) is an interaction of our awareness with a non-local hyper-dimensional space-time in which we live.”

It is of the utmost importance that the Healer has the highest intention and has also been calibrated at a high energetic vibration.

Personally having moved through many shifts in consciousness I have ability to travel multi-dimensionally, while a part of my role is the constant transmutation of lower energies and integration of higher energies. Recent realisation has shown me that I have come here from the 8th Dimension orignally, this being 'home' and have also travelled to higher dimensions yet again for learning and on soul missions.

I work both on the physical 3D earth plane and also on the non-physical planes where I am a Healer, Teacher and Spirit Guide to many, along with being a Warrior of the Light.  I am here to help humanity and you to rise up.  I honour your trust in me to be of service to you, in great gratitude.

I will have more to share on all of this soon, so do please check back in or drop me a line if you have any queries of how I may be able to assist you.

In Light,


One to One Distant Healing - €60 - Approximately 45 minutes

Soul Support - €70 - Skype or WhatsApp Video Chat - Approximately 1 hour

Distant Healing with Soul Support Talk Time by Call - €80 - Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes

Soul Support Personalised Program- €70 - Per 1 hour or part thereof

(This includes putting together your home program; including personal recorded mp3 meditations, yoga practices, self healing practices etc)

Group Distant Healings €15 - Approximately 30 minutes, available twice monthly

(Dates will be listed here and in the online store)

Next Group Distant Healing:

January 22nd at 10:oo pm (gmt)

February 2nd at 10:00pm (gmt)

February 12th at 10:oo pm (gmt)

February 22nd at 10:oo pm (gmt)

March 11th at 11:oo pm (gmt)

March 25th at 10:oo pm (gmt)

April 4th at 04:oo am (gmt)

location:  worldwide

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What To Do for your Distant Healing:

Distant Healing works through waking time or sleep time.

In Waking Time:

Simply lie back on the bed or on the floor

Place a pillow under your head and light blanket or sheet over you (at least over your mid torso)

Light a candle (if there is no risk of you falling asleep for the night)

Set the intention mentally "I Am Open to Receive for my Highest Good" & " I Let Go for my Highest Good"

If this is day time set your alarm for 40 minutes and put your phone on airplane mode.

In Sleep Time:

If this is on going to bed, acknowledge "I Am Open to Receive and Experience for my Highest Good"

(watch out for me in your dreams, I tend to appear for many, if this does not happen immediately it will in time)

If the healing is happening during your sleep time at some stage, do not worry, it will come.

In sleep time we step fully away from the logical, ego mind  and are in the sub conscious, so it is of high benefit.

For Group Healings I will drop an email on conclusion to all those who attended (attended energetically of course)

In One to One Distant Healing I send a voicenote on completion