Current Energies new Moon May 30th

May 29th 2022

It feels like we’re in space, somewhat still but yet spinning!  Anyone else feeling this!?

Trust your feeling whatever that is, take time to check in if you haven’t.  That ‘feeling’ could be a multitude.  It could be an awareness of space, of stillness, of spinning.  It could be your higher-self guiding you, it could be your body speaking to you, it could be fear frightening you.  Either way there is something in all of it. 

The heart and nervous system is feeling it.  What calms it for you?  Mantra Meditation is powerful for this, even the simple vibration of *Bhramari – humming bee breath.  Keep it simple.  I recently dove into some study that was not in any way simple and as I sat in meditation I contemplated on what I was doing to myself.  I originally felt this study would be good for me but that was three years ago!  I love learning to I felt no harm.  Well there was some harm; to myself, it definitely wasn't the right energy for me.   There is a reprogramming occurring, which means the mind may well seem 'mad' to you.  Don't 'mind' it!  We are releasing old programs within us and this is all connected with the heart and nervous system too.  There was a Philsophy teacher on a session I was attending explaining how if you chant a particular mantra wrong bad things will happen to you, negative energy will get you.  Feck off.  That is fear based shit, how can he not he aware of that!  For more than that one reason I am not attending these sessions anymore.  Once there is a pure heart, and true intention that is all you need, Divine is always grateful for any offering, prayer, connection, in any tone, sound or silence.

My heart and nervous system flipped out, it was already in that space style spin affect so it wasn’t happy with me putting myself in a very intense situation.  It took two days to allow everything move through, to ground, and settle it back into a space of simplicity and softness and I needed help to get there so I went an got some acupuncture.  If you need some help get some.  Also, remember, or know, the higher energy centers - from the heart up - are all connected with 'air' energy, with 'space'!!

There is a lot of circular movement in the heart and mind (which may also be whirling in the solar plexus) so move it out.  How do you do that?  Well it's the heart so you may like me cry a lot. The nervous system needs will naturally depend on what works for you.  It could be coming back to that mantra or bhramari chanting, or it could be expressing in the way of words.  Talk to someone.  I highly recommend talking to someone who’s heart is open to you otherwise it won’t help much.  That someone could be a friend, family, partner, therapist.  There are more therapist’s who work in and through love now.  Feel who is right for you.  You could write it down, it is a good way to get clarity for yourself.

It is in the here and now that all is happening, that we are creating, that we are stepping into this new version of ourselves.  An age of simplicity in higher vibration and of softer being in love.  It is in this here and now that we must be, and trust that being.  Sometimes that being means just that ‘being’ not ‘doing’ trust this time of sitting in stillness and, or, space, and settle your system.  Wait.  You will know when it is time to do – it is in your heart, your heart will know and it will speak to you.

Don't let the old programs tell you you are wrong to follow your heart.  Don’t let the old programs tell you how to be or what to do or not do.  some of those programs come from yourself and some come from others around you!

We really have the power to heal ourselves, to manifest our world, we truly create the realities we live in.  We have these new energies being offered to us, accept them, allow them, use them.  It is a choice.  I know mine, what's yours for you?


Sit with your spine upright.

Take a long inhale, filling the belly with air, then the chest too.

Mouth is gently closed, teeth slightly apart, jaw relaxed.

As you exhale you hum.

Hum until there is no air left, gently drawing the naval in to the spine to exhale fully.

Inhale… repeat.

Blessings & Love


Current Energies

May 19th 2022

There are things falling away as happens with eclipse energy.

I removed four cords from my solar plexus, all male energy connections from this current life experience, which are also coming from other life experiences. It was actually quite uncomfortable during the process, but I felt so free following it. Space is being made. These cords came to light right now for higher reasons.

The solar plexus is connected to our inner male energy, it is one of our inner suns!

I have moved through a process of receiving a new solar plexus, a new inner sun, and in energy it is a turquoise blue type colour.

We are evolving at an immense level.

We are becoming more and more sensitive, and if you like me and were already sensitive this is spiraling up to such high levels. To maintain this level of sensitivity our whole self has to be upgraded, inwardly and outwardly, metaphysically and physically.

We are stepping into our power, we are being shown our potential and it is beyond words.

What is true for you right now? You may feel “this isn't for me anymore” “i need to go that way” “i prefer to do this, or not do that”. It could be a small simple thing, it could be a big realisation, release, change, addition.

It is important to listen to and honour your body, heart and soul.

Be truthful, clear, and loving with yourself, and that will turn into being that with others.

It is natural for little, or sometimes big, fears to crop up as you move through changes and let go, no matter how experienced you are at this. The letting go could well be just energetic, those four cords I mentioned were for me, none of those four males are not present in my life, in fact cords were already removed in relation to them from the sacral, I didn't realise until this came to light that there were cords in relation to them in the solar plexus area too. This is also a reminder of how continuous inner work is important. Things always come to light.

Blessings & Love


Current Energies with full moon lunar eclipse may 15/16

May 15th 2022

You can feel it and you can see it. Look at this photo of this full moon. It gives only a glimpse of the intensity of this moon and lunar eclipse. There is a lot of love, transmutation, clarity and a whole lot of light!

What is heavy that you need to let go of? It is deep and it is dark. Remember dark isn't necessarily 'bad', it's just an opposite to light, and maybe it is an aspect of yourself and, or, your life that needs to come to light.

Standing in the power of your light, of your own self, is where you help yourself and help the world. This can be translated into 'purpose'. Where is your light, is your energy? Is it within yourself? There is a pulling of energy by external forces and factors! Watch that. Where do you begin and others, the environment, end? Draw your energy in a little to realise. The mind may be interfering, the ego mind and the confusion of the awakening mind too! Watch that too. Not everything that comes through is true! Some of it is simply not truth, and some of it is not true to this you.

Remember, Eclipse Energy, takes things out, literally and metaphysically. If this is connected to that word i wrote up there 'purpose', which is about soul, well then whether or not you want it, it will be taken out for you.

Everything is speeding up. That includes evolution. That includes light. That means adjusting to these energetic changes! And those adjustments are naturally within and without.

Who are you right now? Be that.

What fills you up these days? Do that.

Blessings & Love


Current Energies with eclipse April 30th

April 28th 2022

The energy is wooeeeeoooouuuuuuu right now.

There is a lot happening. I've said how everything will be increasing and speeding up and I'll say it again and again. It's already happening yet it is going to become so much more. Now is the time to prepare yourself. How can you prepare yourself? It's all that inner work, it's all that letting go, surrendering, stepping into your power, recognising when the power is beyond you, and at times human you is power-less, yet soul you are power-full.

If you are on this Spiritual Path as a Helper of Humanity – that' s how I am now referring to those of us who are here helping with humans spiritual awakening or human evolution, I feel it all comes back to the simplicity of this – We are Helpers. So, if you are a Helper of Humanity you are going through these genetic and cellular upgrades, which are happening on all our levels but right now the physical symptoms are very strong. When it gets to the physical it is at the surface so this is actually great, but it doesn't mean it is comfortable or easy. Physically there is a lot going on around the root and sacral, the sacral being felt the most. There is a lot going on within the womb, I am female so right now I naturally speak as a female, I have had strong menstrual pain when I am only mid cycle, for others; if you have any conditions in this area they may be inflamed now. I can't speak for male forms but this is affecting you too in your way, you may even feel you connect with your 'energetic womb' as you connect more with your inner feminine energies. The pelvis is flaring up, back and hip pain. If you don't usually have pain here this may be mild, if you do it will be uncomfortable. I have had back issues since my early 20's and right now I have very quickly gone from it being in an aligned healthy state to being very, very painful. Remember, with any physical symptoms they need to be addressed in the physical, that may mean acupuncture, physiotherapy, doctors, checkups, scans, tests, anti-inflammatory! Eastern and Western medicine are both energy, western medicine can help us when offered and used in a true way. I turned to anti-inflammatory yesterday when my bladder began weakening, why?, because if I don't the inflammation that is currently causing bladder urgency may do more damage, so this is being sensible in a higher mind way.  Remembering we are still human is very important, there is a lot of 'misaligned spirituality' misleading people out there.

There is a 'deeper' letting go occurring. You will notice it in your personal manifested world, it may be attachments, patterns, people, places. Pause and look around your life and you will notice where this is occurring.  Then you look within.

There is a fatigue with all this work, so if your body, mind, heart, call for rest, rest. No lower feelings are necessary here, remind yourself if those feelings creep in that you are doing some big work by just being, and if you do not look after yourself you cannot look after others, you cannot help!

This is one of the upgrades that happen without you choosing to be upgraded, without you initially knowing it is coming, without your permission, without you signing up for more spiritual, energetic, higher consciousness work. 'you' is human you.

Along with this Helper of Humanity upgrade there is the New Moon Eclipse, and usual planetary movement which is very active right now. Us Helpers feel it all.

Rest. Allow.

There is a lot of joyful energy just through this shift. It is happy, light, bright, and bountiful!!

Trust the process. Remember we do not know everything, and to me this is exciting. How do you feel about that, the not knowing? Something to ask yourself and look at and see if you can work on changing your perspective if you feel you are stuck in doubt, and or fear.

Love is a constant theme right now and will be going forward. There is this higher love available to us all now, it does mean clearing, sometimes purging, surrendering and letting go, but it is worth it to get into that place of pure, unconditional, divine, self love and in turn true loving relationships in your life. With expansion there is contraction.

In meditation I had the vision of a conception occurring – no wonder my womb is aching!  This vision is metaphysical and symbolic not literal, I first seen the new energy arrive, it then mutated into a fetus, and I seen it implant.  This is all part of the changes I (and some of you) are going through energetically, which includes physically!  Another meaning of that fetus is that it is me! (and maybe you too!).

The heart is connected with 'all' of this remember so if there are tears, sadness, grief, overwhelming love and joy, this is why. Allow it all move through.

Our systems are changing, that means our nervous system, our cellular system, any programmed belief system!

What do your systems know and feel about love?

What does your heart know and feel about love?

We have so much opportunity to realise, and release, what we 'thought' or 'believed' was love, and to know, feel, be, share, soul love.

Be the Soul you are Love.

Blessings & Love


Full Moon April 16th

April 15th 2022

Is there something you need to let go of that is difficult to let go of?

There is always a reason beyond the surface, yet 'reason' has no place here!

We have to shift as we grow.  Take a step back and allow the energy to move through you.  It will be easier that way.  You don't just care about yourself, you also care about others, yet you do not give your power away.  Relationship dynamics coming to the forefront again.

You're taking a step back but only into your own energy, you're not going backwards, you're still moving forward, and you are meant to!

See the Soul in every situation and in every person and surrender to your Self in love.

You can see things in a different light now, maybe you did see in light before, but now there's opportunity to see in 'different light'.

When in a position of having to choose between one way or another, between  right and wrong, or good and bad, choose love!

Surrendering of the physical in the way of letting go of your old physical world and moving into your new physical world which is heart led, not conditioned, programmed, or of expectations.

Acceptance of the changes you are moving through, and letting go in such lovely love.  

We travel together in this life for certain periods of time, just like we live in this body for certain periods of time.  Remember that taking different routes is just a part of the human experience we are individually here to have, and remembering that love never ends, it only changes form, helps with those separations and endings.  When someone dies we move into a grieving process yet we accept they are not on this part of our journey with us because they are dead.  Just because someone is still living doesn't mean they must stay physically present in our life, it is in fact the opposite, most must not, especially in this evolutionary time we are all in.

Try not to be hard on those struggling to let go, or on those struggling to hold on.  This is all a lot on the heart. Why?, because it is the heart that is at the center of 'all' of this.  We all must stop struggling.  Surrender.  Be loving and caring to yourself and all others.  When we stop struggling and surrender everything changes in more ease.  Some relationships will go, some will change, some will grow with you and these are all very special relationships in their own way.  As I mentioned in my previous post on relationships (under the 'musings' blog tab) love can remain even if relationships go, some people try find something negative about the person or the relationship simply because it makes it easier for them to let go and move on that way.  That is an old way.  Choose the new way.  See it for what it is.  Any feeling rising, you look within, because this feeling is being triggered by something already within you, this feeling isn't the other persons fault.  We are all just feeling our way.

"If you want the moon, do not hide at night. If you want a rose, do not run from the thorns. If you want love, do not hide from yourself." ~ Rumi

Blessings & Love


Don't be in a rush. It will help you see clearly when you take your time.

Don't take your time so much that you begin to over think, it is that fine art of balance. Feel and See your way.




are coming through the heart space not the head space.

Higher Mind will come into it, but it all begins within the Heart. You can't get into the Higher Mind without the Heart.

A part of moving more into the Heart is surrender, which means letting go, and trusting.

Surrender will help you connect to your truer sense of self.

Surrender will help you make space to realise who you are (now), and what you want (now).

Surrender will allow the new to begin.

Remember as new begins there's still work ongoing. You can't begin the build without the work continuing to get to the completion stage. Even then there is ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

There is foundational work going on with the root chakra!

There is no rush!

It is all a process.

There is still this softening.

Meet yourself where you are.

Blessings & Love


Current energies - SOFTENING into self love

March 24th 2022

I feel a softening after some intensity.  The timing of that could be slightly different for each of us.

New beginnings, wishes being granted, dreams coming true/through.  Feeling it, yet waiting (patiently!) to free it!

Energy impacts our emotional self, our physical self, our whole sensitive self.

We're at 'another' official beginning (I'm discovering so many more new beginnings than I ever was aware of; different calendars around the world for example - Bali has two New Years in our One New Year!) - the beginning of the astrological new year.

Beginning means creating and growing.

Constant new beginnings mean constant growth.

This is happening whilst still in the same human body!  This is an exhausting and also exhilarating process.

Put in the inner work, reap the rewards.  I'm telling you I'm living prove of this, it works, it's hard work at times for sure, but what follows an intense period is pure and divine, and it's dreamy!

What do you want!?

Careful now, we're manifesting at more real and rapid rates!

These are two things that come into those manifestations. Are you truly ready for the material manifestations you are making?  And are they what you truly want!?

You may see yourself retreating once you recognise your manifestation (whatever that may be for you).

Catch yourself. Retreat if you must but only until you realise clarity.  You can be with that manifestation or you can change it by conscious (or subconscious!) choice.  Only stay in retreat long enough to clear the fear and realise what you want.  Know that you are safe and that only love is real.  Also!  Know that you are worthy!

Trust yourSelf.  Your Higher Self.

You manifested this something for a reason.  What now!?

Take it step by step.
Even more so; breath by breath.

The mind is so powerful yet so f**ked up at the same time.

There is a purge the mind is partaking in!
Allow it.
Surrender to it.

We are spiraling.
I was meditating and i seen myself turn into a spiraling vortex of energy.
We are spiraling 'up'!

Soul Growth.
Spiritual Sense.
Human Being.
We are moving through a mastering of self.

This is a transformation that calls for tremendous trust and a lot of self love!

Blessings & Love


Current energies - Full Moon march 18th

March 15 2022

Grounding is taking on new meaning within the 'collective spiritual energy'. It is something that is very necessary. I am sensing it at it's beginning stages, so it will be a small number who are aligning with this now and this will continue going forward indefinitely.

This is something I experienced myself, going years back. There was a time, as part of my learning process, where I was very much more concerned with my Spiritual Self than my Human Self, which is not alignment, which is not self-loving.

That was my experience of it.  I was harming myself and no one else but learned from it and now am loving myself.  Others experience of it can be very different, or it can be quite similar. I am witnessing it in several different ways, the primary one right now is a lot of 'spiritually focused people' being way out of balance, in a way of going into energies of judgement, self righteousness, and downright delusion. Here there is harm being put onto others.  This I do not like, harm yourself if you wish, but when I witness it being put on others, this is when I will speak out, like now. Here we see spiritual ego, and with that a lack of awareness of those who 'think' or 'believe' they are very aware.  Everyone is here for their own experience.  Take that to heart.  My advice on witnessing any of this is step away from it, don't indulge in it, and stay in your own energy!

There is 'a lot' of energy, moving through us and around us. Connecting with the energy moving through us is important, for all humans, spiritually aware currently or not, yet grounding it is equally as important. That means you connect, you ground, you allow. That means you take time to connect with yourself, and you take time to ground yourself. Regarding the energy moving around us whether you connect with that or not is a choice!

There are shifts happening right now that seem like 'silent shifts' and these take trust. There are seeds already planted by your soul self that your human self needs to wait to see and trust the process. These 'soul seeds' will turn into 'soul food' and will be so rewarding.

Connect with your body, this is grounding, connecting with body consciousness is as important as connecting with any other part of your consciousness.  Your body speaks to you through feeling, through sensations, through misalignment, through any dis-ease, pain or illness, through those chills you get when speaking of a truth or a passed on loved one.   There is a lot shifting and changing, and your body is a part of that through the natural occurrence of change through time, and now on top of that through evolutionary energetic changes.

There is a lot going on.

So for now put one foot in front of the other, and keep your focus here.

Trust your soul process.

Blessings & Love


Current energies - wounds being wound up

march 8th 2022

We are in a period of something big being wound up and it's not going to be overnight. It's definitely going to be this month of March at least for the bigger part of the energies. Exactly what that is depends on your individual journey.

We all have particular wounds to work on in this life. Do you know what it is for you? For me I know fully what mine is; it is grief, loss, separation. This is a wound for me that I chose to work on in this life experience. This is similar for so many others, but this particular wound is also a part of the ascension process. A part of us awakening and shifting into higher states of consciousness is healing and activating the 'feeling' body which is also our 'spiritual body', our 'emotional center' our 'creative side' our 'feminine energy'. This all triggers grief because it all comes back to the heart.  So there's the personal wound of grief, then there's the grief that arises with shifts in consciousness - is that one in the same or two separate experiences!?  For me it is one and the same.  That may be the same for you, or it may not.  I do feel that when you have something so big as grief that you cannot help but shift in consciousness when you are healing it, and I feel that when you are moving through shifts in consciousness you cannot help but move through grief!

If you are not sure if you have a 'wound' or are not one hundred percent what yours is, than look at what constantly reoccurs in your life and begin narrowing it down that way. Along with that, what emotion keeps coming up for you? Is it anger? Look at what makes you angry. Keep tracing it because it is never the first thing, it is deeper rooted. Yes it most likely has come into this human body, this current life with you from another (or many other) life experiences but the important thing is to first look at it in this life, you can heal it from here. If you cannot heal it from here then sometimes regression / progression therapy can help heal it but it is most important to try by looking at this current life first.

Back to grief and the ascension process. This can get complicated, just as grief itself can get complicated. I went through what the psychology world call 'complicated grief' yet to limit any grief to not being complicated is beyond me. Grief is complicated end of story. To stick with today's point, grief rises (for most, and absolutely everyone I have met moving through this process) when we move through a shift in psyche. To me, i see how all of this is about the heart. This 'ascension process' 'spiritual awakening' 'shift in consciousness' and many other titles is about moving into a Higher State of Heart, to me this is one of the first levels (sub-divided into many other levels) in this evolution we are moving through. This Higher State of Heart is the 5D or fifth dimension. Only when we shift into this state can we shift into higher states again, as with all natural progression. (Note the words 'natural progression' this is very, very important.) When I say shift into 5D this is really living through your heart in a new way. You will be coexisting in this 3D world living in a newer reality, with others like you. It is not an obvious thing, it is a very subtle thing. It is subtle, yet it is big for you since your personal world changes; job, friends, lifestyle, attitudes, feelings, values, maybe location. Remember you move through a process to shift fully into your new life, new self, and it usually involves discomforts, and bliss thrown in too.

Grief is one of the big things that rises in that discomfort, because many parts of you is dying, along with carrying suppressed grief in your cells. It may begin, like it did for me, with a grief in this life, which triggered my first spiritual awakening, and many lives of grief. At first usually the grief will always relate back to the grief in this life because that is the only way for the human mind to understand the feelings and emotions moving through you. And that is fine. Just know that this is going to be a different experience than what modern psychology understands.

This is not psycho-logical.

This is psycho-spiritual.

So there is opportunity in the energy now. I don't know about you but I'm up for it. I want to wind this wound up. It means allowing. It means going into it to move through it. It means inner work. It means honour. It means rest. It means trust and surrender.  It means leveling up.

Honour that wound.

Honour your journey.

Most importantly honour your healing heart.

Blessings & Love


pisces sign as i stroll after i write the below post!

Current energies - New Moon march 02/03

March 01st 2022

New Moon. New Energy. New Manifestation. What is next!?

The Moon is Feminine, Dark, and Watery in general yet to me everything feels so much 'more' and that will be the Pisces energy in this new moon. Pisces is the water, the spiritual, it is also the ending since we are leaving a Piscean era! These energies are set to continue throughout the next month minimum.

There is an ending that has already ended, so that means things are being tied up in the manifested human experience, for a beautiful new cycle. There is, as is with the moon, a depth to some transformation. There is a death and rebirth. It feels intense. It seems, and I am experiencing this, that we must let go more than every before, and complete, before the new will show up. This takes courage and you may feel fear but as the saying goes “feel the fear and do it anyway”. The fear won't get in the way here, it won't bring 'bad' manifestations, we are so supported.

There is always choice! Always.

You are being offered suggestions and directions.

There is absolutely, other (more commonly called 'past') life energies at play here. They are not the most comfortable, some are very traumatic. But know this is a temporary experience, a fleeting feeling, and simply allow it. You may not get a choice with that actually, when I speak about choice, this is a soul choice, not human! And there is a push from spirit too.

Trust is talking to us! Do you really trust? Can you try?

We don't know how things will play out, fully at least. There is magic in that, and at times miracles too.

There are new energies rising in us, and they want to remind you of who you are.

Do you know who you are?

Right now, I have no clue, who I am.

I am sitting with that, and trying to make light of it as best I can, inbetween the intensity, that works for me.

It feels like we are currently ungrounded to reground in new frequencies.

Trust this. Know you are not alone. You are safe. You are always supported. Always!

Blessings & Love


Current energies - Inner Light

February 28th 2022

Continuous cycles of energy enter our worlds, individually and collectively.

How do you manage that? Especially as an Empath of any level. There are many ways to manage energy, many tools to use, ultimately it is about coming back into your own center, being aligned to your Self.

Just because something, or someone, enters your world does not mean it, or they, are meant to be in it. Maybe there is a message in it from your higher self. We all have a unique internal navigation system that pushes us to search for deeper meaning in life.

Our Feminine Energy has a vibration that emits a certain frequency that can be seen as light, so sometimes something, or someone, can be attracted to that light as an outwardly draw toward light. Masculine Energy manifested in any form is drawn toward Feminine Energy. Feminine Energy in need of more awakening is drawn toward Feminine Energy.

Sometimes our light attracts a situation, or a person, because it is right for them but that does not mean that it is right for you, so you navigate your way through the situation, or away from the person.

There is always something in it for us. Maybe the message for you from your higher self is simply to tune into your own sat-nav. Your own inner light, your truth, your intuition, let your higher self guide you. Sometimes a sign will arrive in manifested form, like seeing a moth attracted to the light for example, but this sign only arrives because it is from your higher self and because you are intuitively open to receive it.  Someone was drawn to me recently in an overpowering way and this is the sign I seen, not just 'a' moth, but about a couple of hundred moths arrived to flutter about the light.  This was someone looking outwardly for light when they can look inwardly and they held the guise of being the more enlightened one.  When I took a moment (and the moths arrived as clarification!) I intuitively knew this is not the company for me to keep, and to tune into what is right for me, since I was not comfortable.  Discomfort is a powerful sign too right.

Intuitive energies are feminine energies, and they are guided by the light of the moon. This means they touch the subconscious, where your shadow resides. So with personal intuitive messages maybe some shadow work is necessary, which in the least is to be aware of that shadows presence so it can pass softly, or speak to you guiding you on what it needs you to do. The feminine is all about listening and being receptive to the spiritual messages being sent to you in any given moment.

'Now' is always the time to tune in to your intuition and use your own inner wisdom as your guide.

Sometimes distractions arrive for the benefit of the distraction taking you away from your heart center, and pulling you away from your own light. Get back into your own center and natural light. Everything you need to know, be, and do are already within you, no external light, or for that matter false light, can do, or be, any of it for you.

Join me for some mantra to help the mind and come back into the power of now and the power of you.

Blessings & Love


Current energies - Centering

February 20th 2022

As I contemplated on centering and being a balance and this world of duality yesterday morning a beautiful black and white butterfly flew in front of me and landed here.

There is a feeling of being torn through the center, which is the heart, and the solar plexus is 'feeling' it, especially strong if you are an empath.

Where do you belong, or fit in!?

What is coming up for you, where or how are you feeling torn?

Are you more into your spiritual life?

Are you more into your human life?

Can you not have both equally?

Continually centering is becoming more and more important.

To me my spiritual life equates into living my human life.

It means a fuller life.   It means I can manage the gift I have of being so, so, so sensitive to energy, and that I AM.  It means being human and enjoying all the experiences that come with that, including all related to the senses, in a higher conscious way. It does not mean lack. You don't miss out! It all becomes 'more'.  I love earth, and being here.  I love the senses and everything about them; touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing.  Hence why you see me in and hear me talk about nature so much.  I love a real hug.  Intimacy reaches a whole new level, all the ways of intimacy.  I enjoy a glass of wine, but I don't drink when I am working, and I can't drink much - I don't sleep if I drink more than one glass (the joys of being highly sensitive but that's ok, I enjoy that glass, sometimes go mad and have 2!). I go through long periods of not drinking alcohol, when I feel drawn to, and for a time earlier in my spiritual awakening felt I 'should' give it up for good. 'Should' is not a word in my vocabulary anymore. You 'shouldn't' have to do, or be, anything or any particular way. Spirituality is about freedom, it is about heart, consciousness, and that is all about love!

There is 'a lot' of spiritual racism (yeah that's what I'm going to call it) and it is coming from those who are very much not connected with their spiritual side, and it is coming from those who 'think' they are!! Truth. I am not vegan. I never have been. I was vegetarian for years, and went back to eating fish. I don't speak about food and the likes directly, unless it is a one to one and comes up, but I feel the need to now. This is how I eat:

I eat for sustenance.

I eat for medicine.

I eat for pure pleasure.

And it is all a blessing.

I have encountered people who judge to a high degree if you are a spiritual teacher, or into your spirituality, or a yoga teacher, or if you meditate, and you are not labeling yourself 'vegan' or 'plant based'. I mean no disrespect to you if you are following this way of eating, and it works for you, and you are doing so without judgement then more power to you.  As much as I don't label how I personally eat, and prefer not to give labels to as much as is possible, giving labels to things can give understanding, like being human, then there is stigma attached to others, like being spiritual.  Here I am talking about the judgement that comes from some, particularly in the spiritual world, where judgement does not truly have a place.  There is a large group of vegan and plant based followers who judge in 'community' together but when it is union through judgement 'community' becomes 'exclusion'.  Here this union is a creation of separation.

I can tell you now you don't 'need to be' these things to be loving, and kind, and caring, and following your own personal dharma (which is all spiritual).  A part of healing, and connecting with your spiritual side, is feeling into, and tuning into, what is right for you.  Your body and soulwill tell you what it wants, and more importantly needs.

We are all here for individual soul experience. I am very much into the east (I am in the eastern world now) and I am very much into the west (I was born in the western world). I do not live in a cave (although sometimes I visit them), this is 2022, in this particular earth place.

I was told recently when I gave my personal opinion on something regarding feminism and sex (coming from a male) that “this is why I don't deal with you spiritual types” because he did not like my opinion, how funny is that seriously, he did not like my feminine opinion because for one, I had one, and two it was different to his! This male proclaimed to be a feminist, and a mindfulness leader. I proclaim that he is neither and that his mind is full alright! That's my personal (spiritual) opinion :)

We all make judgments at times, including me, I don't ever try to say that I am perfect because I am not, no one is. But it's good to check ourselves. And for anyone holding harsh rules, and ways, for yourself or others, maybe work on softening. My God, My Goddess, My Buddha, My Krishna, My Shiva, My Shakti, My Divine, My Universe, My Nature, My Heavens, My Earth, My This, My That...





You know they are all off center right! All those who are judging etc.  They are not at the level of consciousness they themselves may think they are!  And they are living in fear.  Are you judging yourself?  Well check in on your self-love, because it is not fully there if you are.

So to those who won't play with me because I am open about my spiritual side, or because I am not in agreement with them, or vegan like them, I will send and give love, as Better Midler sings “from a distance”, and continue on my journey as an adult human who is spiritual!


Be You!

Blessings & Love



Current energies - Full Moon February 16th/17th

February 15th 2022

What are you picking up that is not yours?

What is activating within you?

The Solar Plexus is going through it!

There are many conversations going on within;


The sacral and solar plexus.

The solar plexus and heart.

The sacral and heart.

The head and the heart.

The heart and the heart.

The heart and the throat.

The throat and the throat!

There may be some internal discomfort; energetically.

Mentally there may be busy-ness in the mind and/or mental fog.

Physically there is a lot of inflammation and retention, some pain, particularly in the lower energy centers and their associated organs.

Let Go, and Allow.

Repeat “I let go” "I allow" and hum your way through your day.

There is a some overpowering energy in the masculine energy, which entails the solar plexus.

There is a some underpowering energy in the feminine energy; which entails the heart and sacral.

There is some fine tuning going on, like it or not.

What direction is your energy moving; up, down, in, out?

In turn what direction is your life moving?

Is there some energy not moving at all?

Everything is evolving, change is occurring at new rapid rates. The best thing to do for yourself is go with the flow of this. Listen to your body it is speaking through sensations, or even lack there of.

It does not have to be complicated, yet it can be if you want it to be.

Tune in to yourself.

Trust yourself

Trust spirit.

Trust the universe.

Be open

to receive

and right now rest!

Blessings & Love


Current energies - Fear of Movement

February 12th 2022

Movement is happening. It is not just happening but making great momentum!

As I journeyed I was with a group of beings (people here) who were all in fear of movement. This movement is about growth, the speed at the shifts in consciousness occurring, fear of 'change' to keep it simple. It can be very simple yet it can be an astounding shock to many since they are so immersed in 3D. This is one of the reasons I am in Dubai right now.

Personally I have been observing and enjoying the difference between the dimensional realities that exist within this place. Everything truly is energy, and to see with new eyes (I have been here before) how this world has been manifested and created here by the power of us humans is beautiful. I have come across some special experiences within nature here, and there is a soulful energy away from the concrete (yet they have a way to make concrete look magnificent) but the balance of coexistence is way off. There is 3D then there is 3D!

There can be rich powerful manifested worlds whilst remaining in higher states of consciousness, whilst remaining grounded and connected, whilst using that power for good, whilst having heart, and remembering soul. This is not happening here by those sucked into the extreme end of the physical experience. The Muslim community keep the energy up here, hearing the sound of the call to prayer, and the beautiful, I will call it chanting, often throughout the day coming from the speakers of the mosques (I happen to have one outside my window, no surprise there, and I am grateful for it too). And Mother Earth, because there is so much in the roots here, you can't but not feel it, be aware of it, if you are open to it. Everything else third dimensionally is only on the surface.

There is movement happening ready or not.  This is a soul call, yet I am seeing this particular fear at a soul level, not just a human level.

Soul Healing is occurring.

We are shifting in consciousness both individually and collectively.

We can co-create within the higher conscious realms of existence, within human existence!, an earth place of abundance of love, health, harmony, happiness, peace, wealth, wonder.  We can build our dream reality, but it takes the individual work to get to that collective place.  We will have new systems, new ways, a new world which will honour the higher conscious human.

Stay with your own Soul Self initially, honouring your personal journey sends ripples out into the universe, others will be taken through with you.

There is nothing to fear.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." ~ Roosevelt

Fear troubles the Soul.  Love harmonises it!

Blessings & Love


Current energies - the dance within

February 11th 2022

The Light and the Dark dance in an entwined energetic enigma.

There is a mysterious air to this current energy, yet an absolute knowing simultaneously.

How we create, how we express, how we allow, move, flow are all merging in this dance.

This is a heart led energetic movement yet it cannot move easily without union of the other energetic centers. It includes relationship with self; human self and higher self, yet breaking that down again within the human self it includes the relationship between body, mind, spirit, soul, within the higher self it includes the relationship between the multi dimensional aspects of self! It includes intimate love relationship, soul friend relationship, family love relationship. It includes purpose, passion, people in general, life, love overall.

It most definitely is all encompassing.

The filter between the heart and throat is being removed allowing vulnerability at a 'shocking to self' rate. Say what you need to say. Practice it.. Yet with these energies it may be verbally expressed before you even realise it. That's ok.

The sacral is allowing. This encompasses releasing old connections, conditioned ways and beliefs, pain, and healing in all ways connected to this sacral internally and externally, physically and metaphysically. This means an abundance of all related to this area; health, wealth, love, joy.

There's a merging of all these energetics. How much will you allow? Remember free will, and choice are very relevant, as is resistance. Also remember if it is written in the stars, it is written in the stars. Look up! Look within! This within is your heart space! 'Heart' 'Space' - those stars are within. There may be some things you have not seen before. Maybe you will see yourself in a way you have not before. Look within.

Appreciate the magic within, and you will appreciate the magic without, and see it manifest around you in even more magnificent ways.

Blessings & Love


Current energies - too little, too much

February 04th 2022

See yourself from different angles, because we have many different aspects to ourselves.

See all of your journey from a higher perspective, even the 'lower' parts.

We are in a world that is wide open, energetic and expansive.

There is more out there, which means there is more in there – inside you – but what is the right amount of 'more' for you. Too much of anything is not a good thing. Too much desert can kill you! Too little may not be enough!  The fine sandy balance can teach, you, enthrall you, and grow you!

How are you using your energy, how are you sharing your energy, how are you accepting or refusing others energies. You have a universal right to be, and do, as you choose. It is simply; what is the right choice for you?

To get to that energetic, and in turn mental-emotional, spiritual, physical, place takes trust and usually inner work, but all you need to 'do' once you choose is surrender, and allow – so do not do! You will be prompted when 'divine doing' or 'aligned action doing' is to be done. Take some time away from the noise of the outside world to tune into those prompts, to tune into your own spirit guide self.

There is that duality of action, and non-action, you need to move into silence and hear your own personal noise, and this most don't want to do I know, I understand too, but you can't expect to realise who you truly are, what you truly want, get to where you want to go, without connecting with who, what, where that is, and silence, awareness, contemplation, and inner work are the only way.

Remember a part of inner work, is outer work too! That means things like physical exercise, physical yoga asana, maybe mantra, singing, affirmations. Maybe it means clearing out your closet, or your house, or cleaning the windows. It means actively working on the relationship, taking responsibility, caring etc. You cannot have one without the other; inner work without outer work. The thing is most are programmed to 'do' the more outer stuff, whilst usually brushing the deeper outer stuff under the sand dunes, because that means dealing with discomfort, and sure there is no time for that.

As things are changing more within more human beings, things are changing in their personal outer worlds, which, will in turn affect others outer worlds, so that will mean a universal push for those not looking within to look within.   It is a gift, see it this way and surrender to it, and allow all in love.

Blessings & Love


New Moon & February energies

January 31st 2022

February is full of Love.

Nothing at all to do with this Valentines Day that has been placed into February, but you can enjoy that too.

I have been saying since start of this calendar year that to me it feels like February is when the new year starts, because it is a very new energy. I heard from a client the other day that February 01st is Chinese new year. Related? It is possible, Asian cultures already celebrate the more energetic and spiritual aspects of life in the calendar dates. Either way this is definitely about the beginning of new energy, and it is all about the heart, and, our spirituality.

February starts with a powerful New Moon Energy (new moon on 01st), leading into even more powerful portals throughout the month.

This is the energy we need.

This whole year has the potential to bring so much more of ourSelf to life. Our Self is our Soul Self. This new energy has potential to awaken more of our individual energy and integrate it into this human life experience.

Realise the truer state of Happiness – the one that is within, waiting.

“Happiness is of the soul. The soul can never be cut to pieces. Nor burned by fire, nor moistened by water or withered by wind.” ~ Bhagavad Gita

Getting to Soul Happiness means letting go, clearing, releasing, there are layers to move through. How much clearing, how many layers, depends on your Soul Self and your human self. How long it continues depends on where you are at on this path of ascension, or your evolution of consciousness and self realisation. It typically happens in stages, clear a layer, realise the true state within, another layer surfaces, clear that layer, realise the true state within.  You can get to the stage of realising and remaining in soul happiness whilst clearing continues.  A detachment occurs, you are truly the observer - the soul happy observer!  Peace is a place we move into with true states of happiness.

Follow your heart, how it 'feels' for you, in awareness. What is pulling you, or pushing you? Does that feel good? Well then go with that if it does, or do not if it does not. Are there repeating signs and synchronicities? Pay attention to them. Do not panic, just pay attention and as you tune in to yourSelf more and more you will just begin to 'know'. Observe that ego, it can pretend it is your true knowing when it is not.

If you feel drawn I can support you, just drop me an email and we can discuss what is right for you.

Blessings & Love


Current energies Faith & Heart

January 28th 2022

There is a stepping into faith. 

If you don't have it it can be an uncomfortable, scary world.

If you do have it, it can be a magical, love filled universe.

What's coming, 'exactly', no one knows, so faith and feeling, and step by step action, are important.

Timelines keep shifting.

No One can tell you what's next, what path to walk, or where to go.

Only You can tell you.

You is the Voice of your Heart.
It speaks in steps.
Follow the Voice of your Heart.

If you have ever felt 'different' now, more than ever, is the time to embrace that.

Be that difference.

There is a calling for you to be in your power; the power of yourSelf, of your Heart.

This in turn calls for clearing out anything that was holding you back, or that you are hiding behind, or that may be misaligned.

Take the lesson, know the love.

All with appreciation.

This way it dissipates easily.

It all begins with you;

The change

The choice

The conscious

The unconscious

The subconscious

The superconscious.

You is your Heart.

There is always support for you with all of this.

Embrace the change.

Stay open to yourSelf.

Delve into the depths of your difference.

This is where the possibilities are.

All in the call of the Heart!

Blessings & Love


full Moon energies january 17th

January 14th 2022

Home is in the energy; home as in where you come from, where you retreat to, where you feel loved and supported. That feeling of home goes deeper than that; wondering where have you come from, before here in this human body, and missing 'home' a knowing that there is a home before here and you may miss it. That can all be tapped into in the heart! Home is in the heart!

I now live more fully in my heart. Literally and energetically. My physical home is not a particular place anymore. I was living from my heart before but there is always more, now I am living from and in my heart. You can too. It takes continuous inner work but it is so worth that work.

There is a lot of heart energy at the moment. This is in both higher and lower expressions of the heart. Remember, as energy rises and you shift into 'a higher state of heart' it is going to trigger the lower states to surface for healing, or releasing, you don't need these lower expressions, like wounds, which come from the ego, you have the power to release them and to realise the truth. The choice is yours.

And with all of that, there is some vulnerability, that is ok. Be vulnerable, that is also empowering. But! Do not go into victim-hood! There is a fine line. Watch that, be truthful with yourself, if you witness it you can come out of it and heal it. The choice is yours.

Come back to yourSelf. Capital 'S' in Self is always Soul Self, that's where you will realise everything. Escapism is gorgeous at times, I am a fan, but you can only escape for so long before you feel the pull of your Soul saying “Come back, we have work to do, and Being to Be.” You can ignore it, try and see, maybe you need that experience. The choice is yours.

Sometimes we need to retreat to do this work and simply Be. I take a lot of time in retreat to be who I Am and do what I do. But I come back out. We cannot stay there. We are co-existing in between worlds (hence a part of the feeling and situation of being 'in-between' right now that I mentioned in the last post) so that means 'co-exist'. We are human here so be human in the way that is right for your soul experience here, again there are fine lines, don't go there and stay there. Co-Exist. You are very much a spiritual being, what are your spiritual practices?, when are they? You know you can be human and be spiritual at the same time right? Maybe you need reminding. I am very much human and very much spiritual. I am very practical in my spirituality, and very impractical in my humanness :) how contradicting is that, I am laughing as I type that, but it is the truth. I am not your typical 'spiritual person', I am me as I am meant to be me, I am also not your typical human person, I am me as I am meant to be me. You are you as you are meant to be you.  Be that You.

Are you honouring yourSelf? Are you taking care of yourself? Are you loving yourself?

There is a lot happening around us, and a lot moving through us. If you are an empath, you are feeling every bit of that. This is going to be continuous energy so ask yourself those three questions often, and do it; honour, take care of, and love yourself.

Spiritual Self Care.

Human Self Care.

They are both important.

Connected yet separate.

The same yet different.

Blessings & Love


Current Energies and random sharing

January 9th 2022

There is an intensity to the energy which will be beginning to be felt by some now, most in the coming weeks, and it will amplify.

Again in what way will depend on you individually and how much intensity depends in how much you 'feel', or that intensity could possibly be in relation to how much you previously have not let yourself feel, or you will most likely be witnessing that in someone else.  For me it came out in an overwhelming grief, and I witnessed it in another as stress, frustration, and anger, and in another as profound fear.

There is an inner strengthening process occurring, there are revelations coming to light, there is ancestral healing occurring at a high scale.... scales can balance.

What's hidden can't stay hidden.  It's one of the laws of the universe.  Just as what's suppressed, or repressed, beneath the surface, or internally, can't stay that way.  Energy is made to move!  'All' energy.  The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful too.

There is energy by location, including by country, and I am in Hungary.  There is such fear shifting here, I'm feeling it intensely, and pain too, and a beautiful heart energy that wants to heal and open itself up.

I have to be here to work, it's the work most don't understand, or even know that I do.  I am helping.  I am here to help in humanity healing, in the ascension process of the earth, I transmute energy, allow new energies move through me from higher vibrational planes and anchor them in the part of the earth where I am, this also includes a higher vibrational inner earth where energies come up, so to speak, which I share here.

There is an energy of darkness, depth, and death, which is all divine in nature!  We don't have to hide ourselves, I've tried, and I still watch that, it's the empath in me.  As a Highly Sensitive Empath it seems easier to hide away but Spirit won't let me.  It's important I retreat though, yet there is a fine line I find myself hovering on occasionally.  I've learned how to distinguish my energy to others energies, how not to allow others pain to affect me, how to allow energy to transmute easily and simply flow through me.  That entails allowing emotion which I absolutely do, and it's intense at times, and when someone sees that through ego, and doesn't understand it, or has preconceived, or preconditioned notions as to what it is, it can cause a divide.  Some have said "it's not right to cry that much" "you shouldn't still be grieving" "you should get some help" and yes we all need help at times but the way in which that was said was more in a "i don't want to know" type of way because it was uncomfortable for them.  Well what helps is simply a little love.  I know me, I know the journey I am on, and you know you too, and the journey you are on.  I have an abundance of gifts I've tapped into to help myself, and others, and that comes with the polar opposite at times and that is the truth of it.  For me that means some periods of time in grief, because that is what I am helping heal in humanity, paid work or not.  A friend said to me a couple of days ago in a text "it's such a big brave step you have taken and you know you have got this", that right there was all I needed, cause I needed something over a couple of intense days, to help me, and to remember yes I have. And more importantly I felt love from her that I forgot in myself that day.  It's the way you share things you see, she meant it and sent such love with those few words that I felt it immediately.  Us empaths feel into every word and truth (or falsehood).

I cry, to an extent some have no clue of, and could never understand, and its not for my parents, who's death triggered huge grief in me personally that helped me expand in consciousness, although I do still cry for them, I miss that unconditional love and support I was blessed with in manifested form.  This crying is a soul crying and it is a crying that is clearing deep rooted earth trauma, ancestral energies.

There are others doing this work too who don't even know it.  Grief absolutely can go on for years yes but if you feel like you are grieving the same grief over, and over, and over again this could be you.  What happens is, until you get to a stage of opening your third eye (naturally!), of shifting into higher states of consciousness, of mastering your energy, it's the only way the human, ego, mind can try understand this feeling, this energy, this releasing.

If you would like a helping hand, I can help you.  I am helping you though, you are doing the inner work, taking the opportunity to shift in consciousness and realise.  You can most definitely have a quick blast in a distant healing once a year, maybe that's for the particular life experience you are on but what I am talking about here is the path of the spiritual warrior, and you need to learn to continually heal yourself.  Drop me an email ( if you feel drawn and we can discuss what is right for you.  It will take work and it will take more than one session together but that work will work.  We are all healers and you can heal yourself too. 

For now chant the Kali Ma mantra (on Rise Spirit Soul you tube channel), it is powerful, as you are too.

Blessings & Love


NEW Moon solar Eclipse dec 4th

December 01st 2021

Trust in Self.

When you open and follow your heart
There is a natural opening of mind and space.

There are multiple energies
multiple paths
but there might just be that particular one that your soul calls you to knowing it is your current highest calling.

There are also multiple energies
in that there are multiple timelines
those that have already happened
from a higher perspective
in a 'future' place
that may be calling you .

There is a sense of
having already checked out
needing to be somewhere else
with someone else
of catching up with yourSelf
going to meet yourSelf.

And sometimes
that sense
makes no sense.

That is the call of your soul.

There has been some uncomfortable slow moving energy and you may have felt it as painful progress; all that inner (and in turn outer) work and yet still waiting 'to see' the manifestation, and so aware of the desire to catch up with yourSelf, 'to be' the manifestation.  That is one of the, at times, uncomfortable gifts of awareness; 'You' are already 'there' before 'you' are there.  With this you can work on higher levels of trust, patience and presence.  While we are here; alive on this planet earth place, there is always something to learn, and some soul growth to gain.

With this Solar Eclipse Energy there is a significant ending to an energy
and in line with that an enormous shift in consciousness.

Allow an awareness of your soul growth to surface.

You have awakened to, and remembered, a lot.

You have learned a lot on your own and that equates your individuality and independence.

You have healed so much that there is a softening, acceptance, appreciation for any harshness.

You are ready for more
for a new beginning, for some new energy.
There is a new you being born.

There is support from Spirit for these shifts

Blessings and Love

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Nov 19th

November 17th 2021

Before you know it you can, energetically, be carrying or holding what isn't yours.

You are not doing yourself or the other any favours by allowing this. You are restricting yourself and the other, and not allowing their growth. Once you realise this hand it back.

I was shown in a vision where I was handing grief to someone.  It was shown as a small casket and as I handed it to them they were in despair and didn't want to take it so I placed it beside them, for when they were ready.  They were sitting on the floor the their head in their hands, difficult to witness without helping and holding.  As I placed the casket on the ground a small ignition of light came from it and exposed where it had 'burned' me.  The burn was across the chest, upper back and arms; along the heart meridians (energy lines).

I turned and walked away, knowing I was doing the right thing for us both.

This was a what came to me in a vision, as I was doing some self-healing, but this is also in my manifested physical life. I have had to let go and walk away. It is playing out slightly differently in a parallel place but it is playing out here too. This return of energy, and separation of energy, is humanly being seen by them as abandonment and rejection (two things we all have the opportunity to heal here if we choose).

At some stage, whether it is in this life or beyond, it will be realised by them as a gift of growth, which in turn, in truth, is love.

This is all in line with this Eclipse Energy.

There is an opportunity for heart healing right now.

This Eclipse supports us in bright light, and love.

Eclipses are literally that, energetically they eclipse things out, but this one is working like lightning.

By that I mean it is working quickly, it is striking things/people/situations/dis-ease out in a flash.

That may also mean that lightning could strike for you like it or not (human you like it or not).

Not only that but it actually could strike twice!!

Feel your way

and listen

through your heart.

It won't lead you astray.

1111 energies

November 09th 2021

1111 is a master number in numerology.

Everything carries vibration and numbers carry a powerful vibration, even more so than words.

There is a message in the vibration of 1111 and there are many posts online you can read about 1111 but for me, and I suggest for you too, to feel into what that message is for you. You can do this by stopping at the moment you see 1111 (or any repeated number) and ask yourSelf:

What was I just thinking? What was I just feeling? That's where the message is for you. Over time it will become very apparent. Remember you need to stop when the universe is sending you signs otherwise you may miss them.

Just like the heron in the photo above, stillness and patience is what works wonders. It seems like the heron spears it's fish suddenly, yet the heron has been standing, for hours, observing, waiting until the right moment to take action.

1111 is ultimately it is about awakening, remembering, coming into knowing.

In regards to this upcoming healing program 1111~1212 Portal Program 1111 is the official start date because this is an opening!

At certain 'times' throughout our human year portals open to offer us more Light. Light Codes are within us, some may be awakened for some, a lot are still sleeping, which we can awaken or activate. This time is an opportunity for this. Additional light codes to the ones already in us are also 'offered'. I say 'offered' because with our human free will we have to accept and allow.

1 is the number of new beginnings. 4 is the number of heart.

This is all about the heart, all of it, even the most painful, dark moments are about the hearts!

We are

Shifting into a new Higher Heart

Uniting with more of ourSelves

Realising more of our potential.

There is so much more magnificence manifesting.

Be Open

To Receive.

current energies

November 06th 2021

Right now it seems like we are coming face to face with 'a lot'.

Primarily fears.

Ultimately trusting ourSelves.

Those two things 'fear' and 'trust' both encompass a lot.

We can look ourselves right in the face and


what is:

not working

taking our power away

overwhelming us

undermining us

hurting us.

There might be a deeper cycle of fear that has consumed you, either constantly, or recurring at certain times in your life.

Fear can be an awful feeling yet we have the power to realise fear for what it really is. What it is will depend on your personal feeling, your personal journey, but basically your body is speaking to you and asking you to listen.

Give it space.

It can be a gift.

There is such strong energetic, spiritual support to help you right now.

Simply ask.

Say thank you.

If you feel drawn you can sign up for the next healing program until Wednesday 10th 17:00.

Some more insights on that below.

New moon Nov 4th energies

November 03rd 2021

There is a sense of depth and privacy to some inner stirrings right now.  It may be something that you simply want to keep to yourself, something to work through quietly.  It may be that you have been processing in private and are ready to share it with someone, or a small trusted circle.

Openness, Trust and Safety in relationships is important right now... and in general.

When you are vulnerable it is important it is with the right aligned energies (or, people).

It is important you trust your intuition on who you can be around at these times, and who you cannot. 

On the other side of that, if you are feeling vulnerable and do not want to share, or simply don't want to let someone in, and you put an energetic wall up to be physically around that someone, then the energy of the relationship can get confused.  If you can't be fully with another then it is better for you both not to 'try' be together right now, unless you are blessed to have some other in your life who you can just 'be' with, without any need for anything.

So be, and do, what is right for you, whilst being true, and considerate.

When energy isn't meeting or matching it is clashing.

current energies

October 29th 2021

There are a lot of energy shifts occurring and if you choose to 'allow', these energies are particularly supportive of your higher knowing, your soul intuition.

This means you may not make any sense of what you feel is right for you, or wrong for you, but you can trust yourSelf to take your own intuitive guidance anyway.  Logic doesn't fit in this energetic space so simply be aware if the logical mind tries to chime in, allow it it's movement just observing, and come back to trusting Self.

This is a continued practice for many, which is OK, awareness is your key, and to continue with your practice.  This is very new to others so know it takes time and becomes a practice, and is linked to many other facets like trust and faith, courage, strength, self-love, compassion.  An important part of your practice is silence and stillness to be able to connect with yourSelf, that is your Soul Self, and to heighten your intuition.

A part of all that, yet again, is clearing layers of old energies, and being that we are in this energetic time of year, it is typically deep and dark stuff.  It is uncomfortable yet if you acknowledge it you can let it go.  What is the lesson?  What is the love?  Work on forgiveness, of any others, the situation, yourself.  Then let it go. 

There is a hoponopono recording, for forgiveness, on the mp3 meditations page hereon the website if you would like some company on repeating it.

If you feel you cannot let it go then continue to ask yourself the above questions along with "what am I holding on to?" "why am I holding on to this?" "how can I let this go?".  You may be surprised at the answer that comes.  Trust yourSelf.  Sometimes it seems easier to hold on, than let go, but it becomes 'harder'.  You can do it, with a lot of big exhaling breaths.  You don't want or need 'hard'.

A lot of times you will find, and a theme right now is, beneath any painful energy is grief and, or, fear.

Let it all flow.

Things seem slow. That will include you, others, and situations.  That is for a reason.  Do not push, now is not the time.  Intuitive gentle action is what is called for right now.  Continue your practices and inner work and you will know what that is for you, and when too.

There is always a process.  To everything. The ascension process is a continuous journey of spiritual (in turn human) awakening, remembering, transformation.  The grief process is a roller coaster of healing opportunities and realisations.  The process of endings and beginnings in general in life are a lot of times wanted yet you can still move through a sense of loss at the ending to get to the new beginning.

I am in the process of packing up and clearing out my family home which I am very ready for and I am excited for my new beginning, yet there is some sadness surfacing too.  It is simply a part of the process.

Those feelings surfacing are only passing through, all that is real remains;


Of which I am sending a pumpkin load.

current energies

October 25th 2021

All of our bodies talk to each other; physical, mental-emotional, spiritual, energy.  Sometimes they agree with each other, sometimes they don't.

Right now there is a slight disagreement between body and mind, they seem to both be moving, but in different directions.

If that continued it could, like pulling on an elastic band, cause a snap, or tear, or rebound.

It is a strong energy but it can be as simple as stopping, even for a few minutes, and reminding a particular part of yourself:

"Slow Down"

"You Are Safe".

Each part of us has its own consciousness with higher and lower aspects.  This is simply a part of being human, I am this, You are this, We All in human form are this.

As we shift into overall higher states of consciousness the levels of consciousness within each aspect of us naturally shifts; so the higher is higher and the lower is higher.  (Here we are using 'higher' and 'lower' as simple human words to describe dual aspects.)

The fiery energy with the most recent full moon may have inflamed, or brought out pain / fear, in the ego parts of your consciousness.

Slow down so parts of yourself can catch up with each other.

In allowing yourself do this some clearing will occur, but it us only very temporary, and...

all the parts of yourself will come together.

light will shine on the right steps for you.

the transmuted fire will be pure power.

then everything is in ease.

Full Moon Energy

October 20th 2021

What are you calling back to you? Through your sense of Self. Most times we do this at a subconscious level until it arrives and we're like “whaaat?”

Maybe it's your power you gave away.

Maybe it' s a desire from way back, you let go off, and here it is arriving into your life.

That's how it happens:

If we give away something we do not want to from a higher perspective we call it back.

If we call something in we want from a higher perspective we get it.

Human timing is different than Divine timing.

Return to who you are

and what you need.

Keep on doing that.

The world can draw you out, away from who you truly are, and what you actually need.

Sometimes it is easier to give than to retrieve or receive.

There is inner work, and outer work, we need to take care of.

It means transmutation and transformation, and it (the change / you) may be uncomfortable for others around you. Just keep loving.

There is an shift of energy, momentum, in preparation for forward movement.

Be aware of yourself.

Be responsible for yourself.

"Steady as she goes."

I am definitely feeling the lunar pull on the emotions, this is the start of a more high energy couple of months, if you can believe that is even possible.

Mind Blowing...

And Heart Blowing too!

I had the vision of a geyser so feel into that for yourself. A geyser is a combination of water, fire, air and earth.

It's all energy.

Spontaneous Spiritual Shifts for some!

“The little space within the heart is as great as the vast universe. The heavens and the earth are there, and the sun and the moon and the stars. Fire and lightening and winds are there, and all that now is and all that is not.”~ The Upanishads

The heart holds a lot, take care of it.

Current energies

October 15th 2021

There is a merging of Light between you and another; being, person or way. The merging is happening in the astral, having happened in higher vibrational planes but slowly making it's way in to this vibrational plane, so it will take a little time to see it manifest here. Saying that, signs are subtle yet strong!

We are moving forward in a more conscious way, having cleared karma, released pain, forgiven, and moved away from repeating patterns.

Remember, this, being here, is about so much more, it is about Soul Experiences and realising this more fully helps you understand some of the more 3D type discomforts and human experiences you move through, and it helps you actually 'move through them'.

'Remembering' also helps us tap into gifts that are within us, and realise new ways of Being.

Remember it all starts with you; choices, what works for you, boundaries.

Be your own Truth!

It is so important to have a healthy Self First attitude, not the toxic kind that is making it's way around, stay clear of those energies.

Be clear in what works, be kind as you go about your personal life. This way it helps all.

Stand in your inner strength!

It is so important not to forsake yourSelf! This type of energy does not help you, or the other you are attempting to suit. This is an old way yet when you are an empath or similar sensitive energy it can be easy to fall back into this old way. It truly does not help the other, it in spiritual fact takes from their journey and growth.

And growth is to continue!

The last couple of months of this year give opportunity for us to ready ourselves for the increase of vibrations in 2022.

You may feel drawn to joining:

1111~1212 Portal Program

(2021 / closed off now)

Energies and Insights:

Continuous Change in Relationship in line with Rooting Up and Rising Up.

September 27th 2021

You will find you either grow together or grow apart.

It is deceptive because together is also apart because 'apart' is 'a part' of the whole, which is together!

Separating while still in physical form is a necessary 'part' of your soul growth, your evolution, their evolution; humanity evolution.

There are those who will accept and appreciate your changes and there are those who will not.

There are those who will accept and appreciate the separation and there are those who will not.

Out of those there are those who will remain in your life or will not.

Remember your 'life' is also your 'energy'.

Even if someone is not around physically they can still remain in your energy field, so where are your energetic boundaries? Tap into that. Clear that. Draw your energy back in and put an energetic boundary in place.

When people are not fully aware and are in pain they can project negative energy your way. This can hurt you, it can drain you and it can even prevent you (if you allow it) to move forward on your path. It can be as simple as meditating on it, if you are at that stage in meditation, clearing it, calling back your power, and putting an energetic boundary in place. If you are not at that stage than there are those like me, or someone else you are working with in a spiritual capacity, who can assist you with this.

As I walked in the early hours a fox came out of the tress and literally crossed my path. She stopped half way across, I stopped (in awe and excitement), and she starred at me. She then ran into the trees opposite side of the path. I asked her for her message and she gave it to me, two in fact. One that I will speak of here was in 'relation' to a relationship in my life. If I allow an energy to continue to come in the way it is it will interfere in my personal path (and I won't be helping the person). I had to clear some energy, that wasn't my own but in my space, and place an energetic boundary in place. I felt lighter once that was done.

Energy can be directed or projected toward you intentionally or unintentionally. This energy I cleared was directed in unintentionally and was in my space because I allowed it and because the connection was in both the heart and the root. The pain energy came in through the root.  In conversation with this person they said "it is not in my nature to do so” in regard to sending some pain energy in an others direction. That comment right there is not true. It is absolutely in everyone's nature to direct or project pain (or energy in general including love, joy, gratitude, peace). It is usually done unconsciously or subconsciously and in times of something big like grief which triggers a lot of deeper 'rooted' wounds.  Not only that but it is a guaranteed part of relationship!

It is not a bad thing, nor does it mean the person is doing something wrong, it is simply due to deeper cellular pain within them and they are being consumed by it and things get confusing.  It is a part of what we do for each other in relationship, and one reason why there is such a thing as relationship. These earth relationships are one of our tools of evolution.  When we can bring something to someones awareness when they are not aware of it themselves we are helping them, and they can then help themselves, if they choose to.  When someone is open to spiritually mature discussion great growth and greater love can come from these triggers, truths, and discussions, when someone is not it is best to leave it be, we cannot help everyone, nor can we interfere with their personal journey of realisation.

One of the changes you may experience as you grow is that you want to be in relationship with people who 'meet' you and 'see' you, the real you, in truth, in love, support, respect, and depth. It becomes impossible to be in relationship with people just because you have known them a long time or a lifetime.

Our primary support is coming to us from higher levels and as we level up that support manifests in new relationship. This is why separations and detachments are tremendous themes at this time. They are necessary to make way for the new; Aligned Spiritual Relationships.  This may mean a slightly solo journey for a while but in my experience it is beautiful because to know, feel and see spirit walk with you is the most beautiful thing you can experience. As is knowing you are setting another free.

Blessings and Love.


current energies

September 17th 2021

Cycles of completion coming about by allowing; by release and realisation.

As you release more you realise more.

Sometimes that's hard on the head.

A lot moves through the mental body along with it being touched by cosmic influences and energetic influxes. 

As you make space in one place of your of your energy body sometimes that space is flooded by other consuming energies still in the releasing stage, looking for somewhere to go.  Or sometimes you are not fully ready to let go, and, or, not fully comfortable with empty space so you fill it.  You are not 'doing' anything wrong, it can happen because all this is new to you, or you have not yet mastered your energy, or this newer energy, so go easy on yourself if any of this is the case it can all take more than one lifetime  (life being energy and time not really being thing!)

Along with that, as you release lower energies and simultaneously you have rising energy, sometimes those lower energies are carried up, that is, to the head, be that the mind or brain, affecting you mentally or physiologically.

This is where it is important to continue your inner work, to continuously clear energy, to simply (or not so simply) be in silence.

There is very much an overall energy of being more in the head right now, whenever that now is for you.

There is an action oriented drive as the inner sun strengthens.  Yet remember, the higher action steps are clear, the lower are not. Again; the higher action steps are clear, the lower are not.

Somewhere in the busyness of the mind is a soft, strong, sunny, action step forward for you.  

You can get tangled up in the busyness and you will find your way, but you will be giving yourself extra work and will become exhausted.

Or, you can de-tangle the busyness by letting it be.  Stop.  There may be a lot to 'do' but you will get it done so much easier if you 'do not do'.

Now exhale.

Some ascension symptoms are; constant chatter in the mind, questioning (this can be both beneficial and not), comparison, competitiveness, what-ifs, sudden aha moments, anxiety; feeling it in the head and solar plexus, dizziness, headaches, ear ringing, blurred vision, digestive issues, different sleep patterns from your typical and healthy, increased dream activity.

Intuition is opening more
Sometimes it is caught up in distorted energies!

Be 'higher-mindful' of this.

When it is crystal calm clear
You will 'know'.

Blessings and Love


current energies

September 12th 2021

All consuming unconscious energies are coming into the consciousness to release and move us forward.

They are really being 'felt' so that is in the physical body first for most, before they release emotionally.

Unconscious Grief is surfacing, and with this type of rising energy you do not need to have gone through a big grief in this current life experience, it can seem to come from no where, or if you have it can seem never-ending or constantly recurring. It is all part of the ascension/evolution/human-healing process. Unconscious Grief can surface as disappointment; confusion, sadness, anger (to list only a few of the feelings in the earth air right now). This can be with self, others, or with some situation, and it is really being processed in this lifetime.

There may be an unease or lethargy and either way you really need to physically move to get those energies flowing.

There may be a resistance to moving in that you know deep inside as soon as you move you will 'feel' and become aware and release, so you try not to move, making it all the more uncomfortable for yourself.

I sat in one yin pose and after 2-3 minutes felt the energy move and then tears began to flow. I felt aligned again after that. Sometimes that is all it takes. You are very able to do that too.

With that try not get too caught up in the physicality. It will distract you from spirit so try come back to balance by doing the physical thing; yoga, walk, whatever it may be, then be with spirit in silence and stillness, for even a few minutes.

Where it is felt and what is felt will, as always, depend on personal experience, saying that, collectively there is a lot going on with all the lower energy centers; root, sacral and solar plexus, and all that is healing the heart.

It is belonging and support.

It is relationship.

It is power and action.

There is space needed.

Take a step back, even from yourself, and listen.

There is silence needed.

There may be a sense of insecurity rise up but if you can try and let it be it, acknowledging it is there and simply surfacing to bring you to a place inner security, it will do it's work and leave. Watch for patterns of looking for security outwardly in whatever way that is for you.

Repeat: “I am safe”.

Because in truth you always are.

Let the past go.

Practice releasing what is complete in a conscious and compassionate way.

Blessings and Love


current energies

September 3rd 2021

It feels a bit like walking around in the dream state to me right now.

I am watching the world around me;
I 'see' them they do not see me.
And if they happen to, they hide,
because they do not want to be seen.

Being 'seen'
showing Truth.

Truth tears things apart.

You can truly live that phrase;
"Be in the world but not of it."
I am witnessing the ways of the world around me.

There is a disconnect between us;
between old us and new us.

That also means a disconnect from old energies;
which includes other people, because that represents an old part of ourselves.

Some of the current ascension symptoms are grief; anxiety, fear; all seemingly sudden, physical aches and pains in sacral area; hips, lower back, womb, intestines.  (Always tune into your intuition whether you need physical medical checks.)

For me there was a full day of great grief;
Soul tears
Pure pain.

I took the day to grieve, then I felt 'fresh'.

There are good energies in all of this.
There always is.

Whatever You want
It wants You!

There is a fresh start.

You are getting ready.
You are pushing yourself.
Trust the process.

Be aware;
Of feeling like a victim.
This is a disconnection
from yourSelf.
Be with your Self.

Be Truth.
Speak only Truth.
Falseness is, in the very least, felt.
Following that, actions prove what is spoken, or not spoken.

“(In Kali Yuga men) give up even the last vestige of dharma by making their speech totally devoid of truth.” ~ Mahabharata

No 'matter' what;
To yourself,
speak only Truth.
To others,
speak only Truth.

Truth is an expression of Love.

If another does not want to speak in Love with you
This is where you let them go
In love
Which is
In Truth too.

Blessings and Love


current energies

August 28th 2021

Things are moving at rapid rates now, it is like there is no break in the energy. Our human bodies (and hearts and minds) can only keep up so much until they crash....

Fatigue hit me for a few days which was in line with this. There have been big shifts with the last full moon, and just in general going along day to day, so if this has not hit you yet, it may. This fatigue was a tiredness I have not felt in a long time and has only ever come with big shifts. A lovely side affect was I slept long deep nights sleep, but then I as I went through my day it was like I was pulling a weight behind me.

We need to really look after ourselves, like 'really'.

I had no energy to move but I dragged myself, extra weight and all, into nature, and once I did that the shift was very noticeable. I simply asked Mother Earth to help me and clear some of this fatigue for me. Then I thanked her.

This is not a self indulgent looking after ones self but truly tuning into what can help us and what is right for us now.

This energy 'will' move us forward, so moving in harmony with soul, spirit, mind, body will make this process smoother. Separation from so much will occur; things, people, ways, old self.

Separations from people can be the most difficult, especially if this is a new stage for you, and some of these current separations are seeming to be quite startling.

We are all moving in different directions, or at different paces. It does not mean there is no love there, it just is as it is and as it has to be. There is a gift in everything.

It is really clear that we have to make choices right for ourSelf. Mind that ego; if we can catch it and be true with ourSelves we can shift more easily out of patterns. But! That means being 'really' truthful with yourself, without being judgemental, on yourself or on others.

Being judgemental will try to justify itself.

As we see surmounting shifts in spiritual awakening around us, and in turn shifts away from and (hugely) toward the ego, remember it will also be the ego that will try to tell you; you are right and they are wrong.

Make judgement


your Self.

Do not be judgemental


yourself, or others.

We all have our own experience to move through.
We all have different energy.
We are all, at a higher consciousness level, making decisions for soul growth.

So even as you may be the witness to others moving deeper into ego ways make judgement as to what is right for you but try not be judgemental on them.

Let them go their way, they will find their way.  Everyone can grow from where they are.

Just as the sunflower looks toward the sun as the earth moves those who are meant to will join you as you continue to bring light into each new earth day.

current energies

August 14th 2021

including Full moon

August 22nd 2021

Things are shifting to the extent of, and because of;

the inner work you have done (so far)

what you have been through in life (so far)

and what you have learned (so far).

For some there is a jump into a future timeline (not yet fully manifested).

Trust what is calling to you.

(for those unaware of a 'timeline', we can keep it simple for now and say; it is a new 'life')

Let go of those who are not a part of this new timeline (whether or not that is full separation there can still be a letting go energetically). It will be uncomfortable for you both if you do not let go. And because it is meant to be this way, if you (both) do not let go the universe will find a way to make it happen in a way to ensure the detachment.

You will come across those who will not let go, in form or energetically, just focus on you following through on your side.

You must walk your path and not hold yourself back for others.

And you cannot take responsibility for them.

There may be some times you walk your path solo but there is power and growth and lessons in this and it won't be for long. The new aligned energies will enter and continue the walk with you.

Trust yourSelf.

Be who you are; Be it fully in this world.

Freedom comes from within, but it can be an expression and manifestation without.

There is momentous energy rising.

Let yourSelf take flight.

Blessings and Love


current energies

August 12th 2021.

We can tune into what is in line with our current personal energy, it is as simple as sitting still and tuning into it (simple right?, or not so simple sometimes, or all times for some). So get to that place of simplicity you have to find the way that works for you to shake off the distractions and the disturbances.

Energy speaks to us, so we need to take time to listen.

You can understand more of who you are.

You can be sure of the steps to take.

You can achieve a steadiness in your self.

You can reveal your Self to your self!

You can show your true Self; and allow yourSelf be seen.

Things are being Lit up more!

This is igniting in the solar plexus and heart primarily, leading to the throat.

Can you allow yourself open up, or open up more?,

whilst leaving the ego mind out of it!

No being hard on yourself, no judging yourself, no trying to find logical reason to open up, or not to open up.

No fear!

Or at least catching yourself if that begins to trickle in and telling it “No”.

Ultimately this 'opening up' is about the heart.

Let yourself be seen by your Self first, then you can let yourself be seen by others.

What are you ready to open up to?

Who are you ready to open up to?

Because you cannot connect with it/them unless you open up to it/them.

'Wanting' to open up to it/them is not enough.

You need to open up first.

Not a little, a lot.

It may seem like a risk, but if it seems that way are you will to take it to live a life of Love?

Take a risk.


and Be


Take a step where you are 'ready' to take a step.

If you are not ready prepare yourself; do the inner work.

This is not about jumping into a bonfire; that might be far too much fire and light!

Be realistic.

Take it at 'your' pace.

But there is a pace, and that means movement, so do not take "your own pace" as an excuse to keep yourself locked up.

This all comes back to tuning into your personal energy.

Do what is right for you.

Use that “No” more.

Say 'No' where you need to say 'No'. It is a simple word, that can be used in a loving way, and it is empowering for you.  It w

Lions Gate and New Moon

August 8th 2021.

There is a powerful energy preparing us to move forward. It is 'time' to enter a new phase of 'life'.

There is a 'burning' away of lower, outdated belief systems, cords, and karma!

That burning is 'beginning' in the solar plexus. This is in preparation of activating more Light already within us. This is tiring.

The ego is breaking down more.

For those who feel (empaths) this is intense, otherwise the 'feeling' and 'experience' for you will depend on where you are at, and where you are going, on your personal path, and the path you are subconsciously, and consciously, choosing.

There is a new awareness rising up, which will become clear once the debris clears.

Lions Gate energies are cosmic energies, (additional cosmic energies pour in at different 'times'), these are Light Codes – Frequencies of Light Energies – that will assist in expansion of consciousness, an evolution of self.

These high vibration energies will bring activation within the Third Eye, Higher Heart, and Higher Solar Plexus!

All throughout August Love is a theme in a high vibration way, with all connections and situations; with 'life'. For those tuning into this, anything that is superficial, or not true, is disintegrating.

This is a part of the cord clearing. These connections could be someone who is just there, but it's not aligned. They could be someone who is in your energy but not physically in your presence. Remember soul mates come in and then go, and they bring both energies, energy you want to keep there and energy you do not. They come in to give lessons to help, then (and especially if you are on this particular spiritual path, whether recognised or in denial) 'go'. This is going to be very difficult on some, even those with awareness. But 'remember' it is only temporary.

This is enormous energy, that will move us along our chosen path.

I suggest staying grounded as best as you can, knowing you may feel off balance and that is ok, it is continuous work at the moment, and also staying in your own energy as best as you can up until the second week in August.

Blessings and Love