This is High Vibration Energy

This is Light Healing of Starseed Origin

This is Transmutation and Transformation

This is a Download, an Upgrade and a Full Integration


In the 3D plane, the physical, there is a limited vision
you are on your own path
you are meant to discover the truths of your own soul
you are meant to have a spiritual awakening (or two or three!)
you are meant to remember who you are, where you have come from, what you are here for
you have a right to passage to connect with yourself and higher vibrational energies

galactic consciousness evolution is a high vibration energy from another galaxy
connecting with this energy will activate a new vision within you
you will shift in consciousness no matter what or where you are at right now
if you are new on the path of ascension you start here
if you have been on the path for a little while, or a long while, you will advance from here
by consciously connecting your PHYSICAL and spiritual realities you will lead a full life

you will awaken to the truth of you
you will remember spiritual gifts
you will break free from blocks holding you back
you will experience in a new way
you will align to high vibrational beings waiting to align with you
you will move through ACTIVATION'S that will see you on your way

if you feel drawn this is part your destiny
if you feel drawn you are being called on a subconscious level

time in retreat is something so important
especially for anyone in any way sensitive
For empaths, lightworkers, teachers, healers
For anyone feeling any way stuck in life
sudden realisation of your spiritual nature
seeing you simply need to stop
For those CONSCIOUSLY continuing their inner work to lead a Light filled life

in retreat you will recharge, revive, receive
this time will give you strength, lightness, clarity and take you home to your self
There is a constant flow of Galactic energy throughout our time together
through wake time and sleep time!
I travel out of body easily, both here and through other vibrational planes (multidimensional), so you may suddenly become aware of my presence in your dream state or as you sit and meditate, no matter where i am physically
we will have time together in the following ways:
silent sunrise meditation
mantra meditation
simple asana practice accessible to all (floor based) to assist in the subtle energy flow
focused group healing
light frequency sound transmission
you will also have plenty of free time
there are two retreat locations for these gatherings
Ubud, bali and rishikesh, India
there is very special vibration in both places
you will be drawn to one or the other  or both for an energetic reason
it could be the energy of these locations
it could be to connect with energy you left there (another life)
it could be to heal a trauma experienced in another life there
it could be because you always wanted to visit
awareness is important
but without spiritual action
it becomes redundant
Payment options by credit or debit card, by paypal, or by bank transfer