Just sit and listen
This is a 6 minute soothing concentration meditation
I created these sounds using the Chakra Hang Drum

Chakra Music 6 min Meditation.mp3

Join me in chanting 108 Oms (or sit and listen)
(30 minute meditation)
This version has background flute music

Om (with flute music) Meditation.mp3

Join me for this 6 minute Om Meditation
(turned out to be 21 Oms)

Om (6 min) Meditation.mp3

Join me for this Special Prayer of Forgiveness
It starts with taking 3 long deep breathes then a continuous stream of repetition of the prayer
Just listen or repeat silently or aloud
Ho'oponopono  is a very powerful, life-transforming meditation that originated in Hawaii.
It has proven to assist in healing the individual and reuniting  families, as well as healing the collective.
(this turned out to be 9 minutes - the number of 'endings')

Ho'Oponopono Prayer.mp3

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