The Next Levels

Meditation Teacher Training



and guest teacher Caroline Carthy

offering an introduction to restorative yoga

September 22 - 27 inclusive (part 1)

November 10 - 15 inclusive (part 2)

Tuesday - Sunday Inclusive

Tuesday ~ 9am - 5pm

Wednesday ~ 9am - 5pm

thursday ~ 9am - 5pm

friday ~ 9am - 5pm

saturday ~ 11am - 7pm

sunday ~ 11am - 7pm

at Baskin Hub, Dublin Northside

12 day training with continued self study and practice 6 days a week in between each block

This is a Full Teacher Training / also known as 200 Hour

Level 1 must be completed first to continue to The Next Levels

You cannot separate Meditation from your life.

Meditation is a part of your life.

Meditation will change your vibration.

When your vibration changes your whole world will change.

By developing your Higher Faculties by Meditation you will make your own life a Higher Vibration way of living and in turn cannot help touch others. These others will be in your personal life, strangers you chat to on a queue in the supermarket, and maybe those you teach by purpose.

At this time here on Earth, at this time of Ascension and Spiritual Life, we are not here to 'repeat' what others have done, a lot of which was done to the best of ability and awareness at the time; we are here to become aware of a Higher Wisdom and of New Ways.

You will not find any of the teachings of this gathering in any books.

It comes from Divine.

Ashling, as the teacher, is a link to Divine Consciousness for You.

These Next Levels are about Realising Divine and about Illumination.

Divine will flow down through the link offered to you (your teacher Ashling) it will fill you, despite any shortcomings or pain; which means it will clear these shortcomings and pain; which in turn means some discomfort (but with the teacher Divinely offered to you these will be transmuted and cleared instantaneously and you will experience the High Vibrations now being activated in you).

brief synopsis:

Meditation on Divine

There will be long periods in Silence

Satsang ~ 'sat' means 'truth' 'sang' means 'seekers' ~ we sit and share Sacred Truths

Jnana Yoga ~ Union of Wisdom

Japa ~ is a Sanskrit term referring to 'mantra repetition' in a Devotional way

Devotion and Prayer

Truth and Faith

There will be continued practice and self study between the two blocks.

Restorative Practice and Intro to Teaching Restorative Yoga with Caroline.

This is a High Vibrational Gathering, so time in Restorative Yoga Practice will calm the nervous system, which will be altering throughout this time together.  Restorative is a special soft, healing practice which Caroline infuses with her Angelic Energy.

There is no reading or study list for this training.

The preparation will be in the form of two ways:

Some continued practices from Meditation Level 1

Energetic transmissions and healing at a distance with Ashling

Details of both will be shared by email communications.

This training is Open to All who have completed Level 1 Meditation 'May I Introduce You'

On signing up, or expressing an interest, Ashling will connect with you energetically and with Divine too. She will be guided here if this is absolutely right for you and for the group energy. If it is not She will let you know straight away and refund your deposit if one has been paid.


Any additional personal costs; travel, accommodation, food, personal insurance



Deposit: €200

(Deposit payable to confirm space and is non-refundable)

Certification with Rise Spirit Soul

(additional €200 for registration & certification with Meditation Alliance International, for 200 Hour MAI Certification)

Deposits are paid through the online store using debit or credit card or Bank Transfer
just click the 'express an interest' button below to email for bank details if you prefer

Our Training Centre:

Baskin Hub

44 Ashgrove, Baskin, Cloughran, Swords, County Dublin, K67 RR64

(Bus Route from City Centre, Malahide and Swords - Number 42, 43)