200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation is the Anchor... a stable connection the steady stream of consciousness raising & remaining in your vibration receiving guidance and downloads allowing quietening the lower mind hearing your answered prayers linking the heart with the higher mind the transformation of our evolving cells...

Meditation is the Anchor!

Alchemical Anchor Meditation Teacher Training is the drawing in of the Golden Light of Consciousness and grounding it through our hearts and core!

In Meditation it is important to clear through and remain connected to all our bodies; physical, emotional, mental, psychic and spiritual, therefore this Meditation Teacher Training is more than the typical image of arriving to sit in a meditation position and closing ones eyes.  This is a chemical energetic realignment for your soul self to lead you to a deeper connection and meditative practice and in turn guide you to sharing the same with others.


Connecting to the Higher Self & the Golden Light of Consciousness

Chakra Purificiation:

The first partof this training is solely for soul!

A purification of the deep cellular body

There is a personal one on one Chakra Reading with Ashling where we'll begin an activation process for your healing, opening journey.

Chakra Chemistry:

This is a clearing and transformation of lower chakras into Golden Light energy; alignment of lower chakra centres with higher chakra centres; activation of the magic within the chemistry and finally the Achor that connects and fully stabilises you.

This is primarily about 'you'

This is necessary for 'you'

Self Love, Self First, Self Heal only then may yoube of Service & Love!

Only then can you pass guidance on to others.


Active Meditative Asana practice suitable to 'all'

Purification Practices

Passive Meditation Sittings


  • Earth Evolution - Physical Body
  • Water Falls – Emotional Body
  • Fire Flames – Mental Body
  • Air Abounds – Psychic Body
  • Light Leads – Spiritual Body
  • Simple Meditation Practices
  • Silent Insight Meditation
  • Sunrise & Sunset Meditations
  • Full Moon Meditation & Ceremony

Group Energy Healings

Theory class

Talks & Guidance 

Meditation Teaching Methodology

What's Next!


Winter 2019

Full Dates & Prices to be Confirmed and Listed Soon!




Price Includes:

Teacher Training

Course Material & Manuals

Registration & Certification Fees with Meditation Alliance International

Price Does Not Include:

Books from suggested reading list



Travel Insurance  


Application Process:

This training is open to everyone, only prerequisite is a somewhat open heart and mind, I'm here to guide you the rest of your way, to you.

Simply pay your deposit by clicking the link to the online store 'Book Here', or click on 'Express an Interest' with any questions and to have a one to one chat with me. 

Light Shining Through in  BeautifulBali!