'Community' - 'Comon''unity'

February 14th 2023

There’s always more than One.

There’s always more than one reason, there’s always an opposite, there is always something for you when there is something for the other.  There is always more than One. 

That Is Unity.  It takes more than One to unite.  There is always more than One.  Yet ultimately it is only One!  Unity.

Separation causes pain.  Union causes harmony.  There is only One.

One of my purposes for being here in India is healing the wound of separation.  You will see from my below post that helping individuals with grief, in passing, has been a thing during this last two weeks.  It is also a thing I allow All the time.  And that began within myself.

At a planetary level I have been helping with ‘cultural integration’ and what ‘community’ truly Is.

For 10 days I stayed in a place that is classed as ‘community’, when I say community it is approximately 20 sq kms.  It is a purposely created ‘township’ where it is said all are welcome;  Auroville.  I have been here before, six years ago, when I was spending some time with a Swami I used to study with, but my purpose for being there then was different than now.  This time I was to come back and stay in the area solo.  I personally have no interest in community – in the way that it is (mostly) out there – so I, in spiritual fact, do have an interest in community it is just a different perspective on what community Is.

Like in everything, there is a fine line in what community Is.  Rules were present in Auroville, I don’t like the rules, it feels more controlled, and fear based, yet I respect others ways and will quietly adhere whilst present – but will bow out, quickly, and not return.  Some of the residents of Auroville are lovely, open, smiling, and some are very linear and solemn. Some are very disgruntled with people like me passing through.  Disturbance is uncomfortable, yet it is ultimately disturbance that brings change and growth. The township is both Indian's and Westerner's who give themselves the label of “Aurovillians”.

Community to me is freedom, love – pop in pop out again, no pressure, no judgement.  It is no restraints, no fear.  I understand this depends on levels of consciousness and takes time to achieve.  I also know there is huge healing occurring everywhere, and spiritual community is at the center of it.  Everything is constantly changing, it is meant to.  Everything is constantly transmuting and transforming – same thing. 

For a peaceful community, I personally can’t understand why there is so much police presence when the chairman of the town arrives for a meeting.  Is that not fear?  I am aware there is more beneath the surface than I am choosing to not tune into.

I am now in Chennai, a very busy city merging old and new, and I can honestly say I felt more welcomed here than I was in fact in Auroville (maybe it’s partly because there are a lot of people healing there).  I was welcomed into a local temple and received a blessing, by local people living their day to day lives, taking time for their daily devotion and prayer.  This is where Spirituality Is to me, now this moment, and in general.

Another purpose to be here (in India) Is ‘Cultural Integration’ healing at a planetary level.  The location in Auroville was an apt aligned area for this energy work, that is to do with the earths energy lines, what is taking place humanly there now, and also what ‘was’ there before – lands before time.  My One purpose is peace, that began within myself, and continues to Be that loving way, as I pray I may help others along my way.

Take my left hand, my sister,

Take my right hand, my brother,

Let new community Be,

In peace,

In love,

The cycle of letting go, and coming together.

Blessings & Love


multidimensional healing

February 12th 2023

We have so many aspects to us.  We are multidimensional beings.  We are in the process of integrating more aspects of ourselves into this ‘Being’ here and now.  Within this process is clearing of pain and grief, and all lower vibration feeling, from here and parallel places of existence.  This earth place is a powerful place for healing.

Through my own experiences over the years I have come to see how I am healing in this physical vessel, in this here and now, grief from other existences (some will understand them as past lives).  Not only that but realisation of how I am also through this physical vessel healing, clearing, collective grief.  Now as I work with others I am seeing a rapid increase in the number of energies clearing, through this life existence, from other places of their soul being.  I also see this as them helping the collective energy too.  These are all highly sensitive beings placed here on this earth to help with humanity healing, and evolution.  

As much as this depth of healing is magnificent it is just that, it is huge, and it is magical and it can be 'a lot'!  It is more important than every to tune in to ourselves, to allow, and to honour ourselves, and all other beings, in respect, love and compassion.

As I went out and about for a morning on a 24-hour break between healing work I met an Indian woman by the ocean and we chatted; she was grieving her husband, daughter and one of her two sons.  She cried and I embraced her.  Within two hours I met an Indian man on a morning walk with his adult son and daughter-in-law and he began a conversation with me which led to him saying “my wife (pause) death” as he felt the emotion rise.  That evening I had a huge clearing of grief through me.  That night through sleep state I experienced the death and grief of my brother.  The following morning I met a beautiful Canadian lady, whom I felt important to sit beside on a bus.  Following a chat, realising we were on very similar paths, spirit by way of her birth mother, came through with a sign for her.  Divine Love poured.

What a blessed journey, I Am on, as challenging as it honestly can be at times.  As ‘time’ disappears life is becoming so much more, more everything, including so much more ease, and peace, so much peace in all ways, most especially in Being and in Love.

Blessings & Love


Nice to Meet you

November 17th 2022

How are you when things are not clear, when you don't know, and when you don't do?  How does that feel for you?

You can be in your power, and not ‘know’, and not do.  As much as your intuition is opening there is always going to be uncertainty, change, and not knowing.  You are simply not meant to know it all.  You can strengthen your faith and trust by surrendering and being soft!  You are a 'being' who is called to 'be' more and 'do' less.

Presence is a powerful practice, and something we need to come back to day in, day out.  I go forward only to put a plan in place, only when called to do so by my soul, then come back into being present in this day.  I don’t stay in the ‘future’ where that plan is placed, I trust and surrender.  Presence takes practice and patience, and a lot of times the experience of doing the opposite, of 'doing' too much, to really come into the practice of presence.  Being, and Presence doesn't mean not doing anything at all, it being in a Higher State of Being and taking action when divinely, or soulfully guided.  We do exist in a world of duality, or 'do'ality! so there are things we have to do.  Doing is taking on a 'whole' (k)new meaning.  Presence is taking on a whole new meaning, and it takes a ‘whole’ lot of self love too.  You can empower yourself with your own presence in love.

You are being called to slow down even more.  That may be a sudden stop, or you can choose to apply the brakes slowly too, it all depends on soul you.  Sudden stops are usually soul decisions human you may not see coming.  Soul Consciousness is talking to you.  Sometimes it will talk to you through other avenues, like Body Consciousness.  What is going on there?, with your physical body.  When something manifests in the physical body it may have been festering a long time before revealing itself to you.  You may well be already allowing, and doing, your inner work, when this appears, so you need to continue the inner work, and most likely add some more inner work, and possibly do physical work too.  I’m seeing with clients how things are clearing through the physical body more and more, these are usually sudden manifestations, sudden clearing, with no physical aid necessary, the divine energy flowing through is taking care of you.  Saying that there are physical manifestations that need physical care, so do that, take the necessary physical steps to help yourself physically.  Asides from taking care of the physical, physiological, side of things it is time to look at our physicality in a ‘whole’ new way!

Our cells are energetic and talk to each other.  We have more than one body.  Here in the 3D world we have a mental body, a physical body, a spiritual body, and usually the heart has a body, or two, or three all of its own too!  Beyond that we are existing multidimensional so now you can look at the bodies in magnificent multiplication now.  What goes on elsewhere can affect you everywhere!  At he root of all healing is spiritual healing.  You can heal the physical body in physical ways but if you don't allow deeper spiritual healing you may see that disturbance / dis-ease manifest itself again, in the same or different way physically.  The same goes for mental/emotional healing.  Asides from that your spiritual healing can transform your life in many wonderous ways.

You are given keys and codes as you are ready to unlock and open the doors!

Step by step.

These steps are like a meditative walk in nature.

Slowly, slowly.

You can't skip the steps.  

It is also time to look at our soul in a ‘whole’ new way!

Life is an adventure.  With every uncomfortable moment, there is a multitude of magic on it’s way.  Nothing lasts.  Be in love with that.  Know you are love, ‘no matter’ what.  Know you are ‘whole’, and know that to know that, you may need to experience a ‘whole’ lot, or not!  You are love and you are whole but you can’t take my word for that.  You need to experience and to know that.  You only know, when you know.

You will continue to learn about, and understand who you are, and who you are not.  Each lesson, ‘no matter’ how hard, is in love.  Take the lesson, allowing, feeling, all that comes with it.  Be present with and surrender to that.

Presence is a powerful practice yet it can’t be practiced alone, with it you need to practice surrender and self love!  Self love is not just dancing in circles with flowers in your hair, no judgement, dance around like no one is watching if that’s your thing, but bring it in to reality too.  Self love is something that is fully internal, it is both connected and grounded, high and low, light and dark.  Ultimately it is divine in nature, that which you already are.  You don’t know it until you know it.  Set the intention, and sit to practice surrender, presence and self love.  It, like everything, is experiential.  You can read these words, you can agree, but you need to take action, by not acting! and by non-action!  Just a few little minutes a day.  Everyone needs love.  It is there sitting inside you, it wants you to sit with it.  Give it some of your time.  It is time to know more of your true self.

It’s nice to meet you!

Blessings & Love



September 02nd 2022

What I share, is through my personal experience, my personal essence, which is, like all of us, of 'Source' essence.  What Is your Source, is ‘The’ Source energy. I know my essence is of a high frequency galactic essence.  That in itself is not 'The' Source Essence, it is a part of 'The' Source Essence!  We can keep breaking that down and building that up, but that is the human mind trying to make ‘sense’ of it, when it is of non-sense.  To anyone who says Galactic Beings or 'Aliens', or Angels or Multidimensional existence etc are nonsense I say “yes absolutely thank you”. 

If you are drawn to come in to any space I hold, astrally, galactically, distantly, in person, it is because your soul wants a frequency of energy to touch you for a higher purpose, to assist you on your journey here.  If you are not drawn to come in to any space I hold that is because either your soul, or ego, does not want to be touched by this energy.  Either way is always ok.

This is your Soul Journey to take.  Another cannot take it for you.  That means little and a lot.  One thing it means is no one can tell you what is right or wrong for you, when there is, in spiritual fact, no right or wrong, there is a space in between and in that space is an innate knowing.  That is You!  You Know!  What I can do is offer to hold space for you, I can help, and if that is for you it is an honour to be that help, that soul you, that source, can work through to you.  All you need to do is not do, simply be open to receive, leave all the rest to Source, that which is You.

Blessings & Love


The 'no notificiation' notification

June 13th 2022

All these notifications on your phone, they are poking at you and pulling from you.

Poking at your nervous system.
Pulling from your presence.

It is overstimulation.

It is messing up your nervous system whether or not you are aware of it.  It is a haywire type of energy, if you are sensitive enough you will feel it before the notification even appears on your phone.

It is not good for your mental health, or overall health.

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate yet it is still in it's early infancy stages here.

It is a great tool yet it used the wrong way.

There is light and dark in everything and the darker side of using technology, especially social media and instant communication is to draw us away from ourSelves.

In the early stages of this new way of instant communication with phones I went with it like everyone, heard a message ping and immediately would give it my attention, and if there was a person at the end of that ping immediately give them my attention.  I found it all too much so I soon turned it to silent.  I then found myself reaching to the phone to check it visually so I began putting it in the drawer in my bedroom drawer whilst I was in the living room.  I remember this clearly because I had just moved into my new apartment and it was just over thirteen years ago as I write this.

I realised I could turn my notifications off and since social media became busier I turned those notifications off and they have been off for years.

Now this is how I use the phone:
All notifications are kept off (mostly).

I say mostly for two reasons:

One:  I need my banking app notifications on, when I am doing something related to my bank, making a purchase online etc, since they give us no choice! with this two step stuff for security.

Two:  I may choose to put them on.

Other than that I will intuitively know if there is an important message waiting for me to check, and I will choose when I check it.

I do check in on the apps but I do so when I am ready to, and when I feel in the right place to energetically.  Isn't it much better to give others our energy when it is in its fullest.  People became (and/or have become) used to instant reaction from others and if some don’t get that they feel uneasy, react in lower vibrational ways.  See what happens when you don’t respond for two days, or a week, not to hurt someone, or that thing that is happening called 'ghosting', but simply by being off your phone and not seeing that message.  I don’t explain myself as much these days, I just am as I am.

There are also times I may be in WhatsApp for a call but I don’t look at my messages and choose to not turn my ‘last online’ time off.  I don’t feel the need to.  If I haven’t been in the app (or sometimes online at all), or if I have been in the app but haven’t read your message, it doesn’t mean I don’t care about you, it just means I am using technology different than you.  It means I am focused on my personal presence.  I don’t expect an immediate reply from you either.  I encourage you not to reply immediately but also if that’s what works for you do it.  You don’t need to pretend you’re not online, or that you aren’t looking at your messages instantly because it's what I'm doing, that is only fooling yourself.  If you want to check your messages instantly go for it.  This is just the way I choose to live, and it is the way that is right for me.  Read my message but take all the time in the world to reply.  There are times I will see a message instantly and times I will reply instantly.  If I happen to be online and a message comes in and I read it and I reply that’s what happens.  If it takes me three weeks to reply, that’s what happens.  Same goes for you.

It is all a conscious choice.

My phone these days is used sparingly and it’s more so used for everything apart from instant messaging or the phone part itself.  It is a handy gadget that encompasses my camera, maps, music, notes, and my banking app.

When I decided to use WhatsApp (and following that, general text messaging) a lot less frequently some people reacted.  Sometimes I may not check WhatsApp for weeks, especially if I'm in a high energy work period, or if I'm going through something like grief when my Dad died, or if I'm simply taking a period of time in personal retreat, which I do often.

When I went fully in with this I told those I was close with I am turning the notifications off fully now. I told those I work with I am only working through email now.  Most people in my life, and those I work with are conscious individuals so it didn't phase them.  They accepted it, and me, as it is, and I am.  I now see others doing similar in ways that work for them and it makes me happy for them ... for us.  You will find some people really react in a negative way, and you may even loose some people in your life because you were simply penpals.  I have had someone send the same message to three app locations trying to get my attention.  Because that is what that is, someone trying to get your attention, they are doing that for themselves, not for you.  Presence in our lives is very important.  As we change, ourselves, and/or our ways, other people can struggle with it.  A change like this, depending on your lifestyle and circle, could mean losses.  Look on those losses as love.

And I truly want the same for others.  I do not want, or need, instant replies from you.  I do want you to know peace and presence.

So how can you go about this?

You can start slowly if you wish by setting your notifications to silent (and maybe putting your phone in a drawer!).  Or go fully in turn those things off (notifications and phones).  I turn data off too, when I’m working, and in the evening through the night.  Don’t have any ‘g’ 3G, 5G etc turned on whilst you sleep, rest or meditate.  Don’t have wifi on whilst you sleep, rest, or meditate.  You can let those close to you know that you’re using the phone in a new way.  There are some people who may worry for example out of love (and fear too, but it is out of love) so it is kind to let them now.  Tell anyone you feel drawn to that you are in communication with, but tell them once, out of respect and care.

Observe yourself and others.  Be ok with others reacting to your new ways.  Their reaction is their reaction.  There will be one, because there generally is, who just won't give up and will try find every way imaginable to connect with you instantly. There are people lingering in your life through this means of contact who are no longer meant to be in your life.  Think about it.  Is there anyone you feel uncomfortable communicating with? Is there anyone who you feel uneasy about when you see a message come in from them?

It is all a more modern way of programming and some are very, very, programmed.  Some are also using instant messaging as a way to feel connected and/or as validation.

Everyone needs to look at this.  Connection is within.  We need relationships in our life yes most definitely, but healthy, aligned relationships, and this tool of messaging and voice/video calls is a beautiful thing for keeping our relationships alive, and loving, and growing, most especially when at a distance, like I am with my closest peoples.

Overall though this constant bombardment of stimuli by way of notifications is not good for mental health and naturally in turn physical and spiritual health.

I check my work email daily (apart from days off or when giving a retreat), because I work through email, but I don't have any notifications for when emails come in.  My email is only on my laptop.  My email is only for work.  I have boundaries in place and I respect others boundaries too.

Again it is all higher conscious choice so choose what is right for you.

Be present.
Be off your phone.
Be in your power.
Be at peace.

Blessings & Love


Heart attachment

May 30th 2022

Heart Connection means an attachment.  There is a lot of talk out there saying you shouldn't be attached.  Buddhism says it but it's really talking about lower vibration attachment, which in unhealthy, and sucks the life out of you.  

You simply cannot have a true heart connection without some attachment.  A connection is an energetic cord, going from one energy being to another.  That is an attachment!

I'm very good at letting go but I feel that's very different than a heart connected attachment.

As far as I'm concerned if being connected in love, and moving through more grief at some stage because of it, well being attached is worth it.  I'm here to experience all of this human stuff and love is included in that, and the one thing that gets us through it all.  If that means being attached I'm very ok with that.

My name is Ashling
and I am attached.

I'm thinking of starting AA meetings in reverse.
(So that means a support group to attach - we'll talk about our attachments, then we'll create new attachments to each other. Wana join?)


Fortunately it involves love!

Tap into your own truth.  Don't fall victim to disconnecting from your heart, and your human experience because some misaligned spiritual groups, or non-spiritual groups, are saying that to move through something, or connect with something, you need to be detached.  It's about higher vibration.  It's about being conscious in a new way.  It's about being passionate, living your life in love, loving yourself and others in freedom, having aligned relationships and connections.

We are souls currently having many experiences, including being attached to this body.  How else would you be here if you were not attached to this body!?

Also, you know you have an attachment to God right?  Or, the universe, the multiverse, this galaxy, some other galaxy you may have come here from... so if you have an attachment and you feel sadness at some separation, and love with union and reunion be with that feeling.  Feel into it and through it, learn from it and most importantly love from it!

Blessings & Love


Earthquake or spiritualquake!?

April 30th 2022

This morning I woke seconds before an earthquake tremor moved up through the earth and me. I was lying horizontal in bed and felt the vibration move up and it caught both my heart and breath. It was all so quick it wasn't fear, there was no time for fear, I had just awoken as the vibration was making it's way up, so I was still in that slumber type state. It felt like a pause within me, then a jump-start! There was a sensation of a bubble move up from my heart and a restart, with a powerful energy move through me. Afterward there was a buzzing and tingling through my whole body for hours. There was no going back to sleep! I heard the sound like a large gong, and what sounded like a forty foot truck passing by, there are no forty foot trucks here! And I am not near traffic. There was also the rattle of my outdoor entrance gate which is a heavy metal.

What happens within the earth happens within us. I have been in a few earthquake tremors so far, the last one, was here in Ubud under 3 years ago and I was vibrating in the same way through the day. But what happens within the earth is only felt within us to the degree that we are consciousness of feeling.  This one I felt it so much more internally. Our feeling is increasing. I was both in and out of body through this experience, I felt at one with Mother Earth in those few seconds, we felt what each other felt.

I feel, and more than that I know, there is no coincidence when it comes to the likes of natural occurrences, or natural disasters. We have had huge energy coming in this past week and we are centered in eclipse energy. 

Another shift!

Physically and Metaphysically!

Earthquakes happen suddenly, without warning. If you read my last post on the current energies I mentioned how we move through some shifts, some upgrades, without us being initially aware or choosing to (us being human us). Here it is showing us that is the truth. I feel like my heart was stopped and restarted! Here it is again, the Heart, it is all about the Human Evolution into the Higher Heart (and higher mind, but we can't get fully into the higher mind with the higher heart!).

Another shake!

Here we can see how I (and others) were awoken from sleep, so here is the sign of what is happening, more shaking into awakening! I was awake before it happened! We have many awakenings, you may be awake, but you absolutely can awaken more. It should all be a natural progression remember nothing forced, just simply living your life in your new way, whilst continuing your individual inner work, and allowing.

Another surprise!

Earthquakes catch people unaware! Unaware! Those who are unaware will be becoming aware. There is no one here now (on this earth) who won't be moving through shifts in consciousness. There are a lot moving through it already yet unaware of what it is they are moving through. Awareness will awaken in them – give them space and allow them to reach these states in their own time. A lot are caught in the clouds of mental confusion and lower conscious feeling. The multiverse is working with all.  There is only love and support for all, no 'matter' what.

Blessings & Love


Relationship changes as we evolve

April 09th 2022

Relationships are going through immense changes with the energetic evolutionary changes we are all moving through. The biggest most magnificent change is in keeping the heart open no matter what, and within that is loving unconditionally.

The 'other' in a relationship will reflect back to you what soul lessons you need to learn along with hopefully love and support, that which you are too. Soul reflections and love and support may come from the same person but they may not, and if not they will come from another.

I am being made look at what family is. This has been an increasing theme for me since summer 2021. When my Mam died family dynamics naturally changed, then my Dad died in April 2020 and since then with both parents gone all family dynamics changed considerably. Since then I have learned people I thought were family are no longer.  Family dynamics change, especially with the death of those who are at the center of it, but family dynamics are changing even more with the evolutionary shift we are moving through.  This year I am away and the dynamics with my remaining close family (brother, sister-in-law, and two nephews), have changed. How do we navigate this. We are finding our way, and we will find our way. I shared some feelings, which are partly an insecurity I have due to fear and loss, yet still valid, I allowed myself to be vulnerable saying how something made me feel and it blew up in a way I didn't expect.  Remember perception, and perspective, can be different, and along with that someones reaction is due to what is in them.  They are going through their own stuff. I am going through my stuff. We are all going through stuff yet we can come together and make an effort with each other and show we care.  

“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” ~ Aldous Huxley

Why is it upsetting me that my little family don't engage with me as much as I wish? Well they're the ones I trust most in the world and I love them very much, and I have some remaining fear of loss and heartache. I am trying to hold on when I need to let go, not fully in this case, but let go all the same.  We have to look within when something upsets us.

These are three powerful questions to ask yourself:

“why is this upsetting me?

“why am I insecure (or sad, frustrated etc, *insert any feeling here*) about this?

“what is it that I haven't worked through?”

One thing I realised is I grew up in my small family unit, Mam, Dad, Brother and I with my parents giving us gorgeous love, (and all the little family arguments that come with that) and advice that we can only rely on each other, and at the end of the day we only had each other. As I meditated I remembered my Mam saying to my brother and I growing up, on more than one occasion, “once we're gone you'll only have each other”. I then remembered my Dad sharing, close to his death, how “you are going to need each other”.  I took all this to heart, and I felt I need my brother (and sister-in-law), but he doesn't particularly need me. He isn't a phone person, I'm actually not either, but I am making a bigger effort than ever before to do the phone thing with my small group since I am abroad this time. My brother is very busy in life, between his job, a wife and two children. The two children being the busiest part in any couples (or single parents) life. I have more free time. Do I need him more than he needs me, is that the truth. I actually don't. We have everything we need within us, I know this, I guess I just had to realise it some more.  I fee as if it is a last lingering thread in that realisation.  I have to let go of what my parents embedded (great intentions and all) and open up to others. I truly do want to keep our relationship alive though, I want to share things, I want to hear their things, even down to how the bathroom renovation is going or not going.  I feel we can come together and help each other, simply by listening and loving. We can cry, laugh, share news or chat about our bowl movements!, be in some silence it doesn't matter but the connection matters.

In any relationship you need trust, respect, and love. And in any relationship you need to be able to speak out what you feel, even if it is an insecurity. If this is something the other doesn't want to hear you still need to speak it, if it is something that triggers them they need to look at that for themselves. A safe space is important in any relationship. I sat with a friend over dinner and cried and he sat in silence and allowed it, and said he was sorry how I was feeling and wished he could help more. I said just by allowing me that moment and by listening he had helped me so much. I could feel the love and support he didn't need to say anything. (side note: this is the same friend who previously felt I was too emotional, maybe we're growing together, maybe he'll be crying over dinner next!)

I am seeing other friendships growing (years of development now) become closer and giving me unconditional love, freedom, support, care and kindness. I hope I give the same and more back because I am so grateful for this right now as I move through more and more shifts in consciousness and life. We are in different countries by the way so there is proof right there that physical distance doesn't have to interfere with relationships. Physical distance is that remember, it is physical, there is not physical distance in love. Love is an energetic. Love is a heart connection and it doesn't need physical presence, yet to nurture relationships we need some type of contact and communication and eventual presence, if not, the love will remain but the relationship will not. You can have love without a relationship but you cannot have a relationship without love.

It is important to hold space for each other. You may not understand why someone is a certain way, feels a certain way, or does what they do, but you can hold space and allow them to be, and to express, and not judge them. That space is unconditional love!

You can see the other in the truth of who they are, their beautiful soul self. Then by holding that space and seeing their soul self you can grow closer.

The Soul knows true love, only the soul, so allow yourself go there.

You are worthy of love no matter what insecurity you may have or show or share.

You don't need validation in love but you also don't need invalidation.

All you need is love.

As humans we need love. It is within us by nature so we need to continue to work on that inner love (self love) to free it up to flow. There is so much of it within us that we can share it with everyone we meet.

We are humans and we will get triggered so we need to allow that and we can honour it. We are here on earth and need to learn to cope with the energies around us, not just within us. We need to be fully anchored in mother earth, and that is a daily practice. Things triggering us can be looked at as a grounding, if we allow them to, as well as growth, if we do the inner work. They are also another beautiful reminder we are human.

Sending so much of my love

and many Blessings with it.


an example of some Softening

march 25th 2022

Soften on your self.

Can you Be more allowing, more accepting of 'all' of yourself, 'all' of who you are, and 'all' of who you are not!?

Can you love your vulnerabilities!?

Can you own the parts of yourself the ego is telling you not to, or making you fight, and with that can you own your ego!?

We have all been programmed from birth, it has been a natural part of the human experience.  It is done consciously and subconsciously.  There is no good and bad, no right or wrong, no one who is perfect (yet we are all perfect just as we are in the eyes of Divine).  You are not broken, or doing anything wrong.

I have a few new friends in Bali which I am very grateful for.  One I recently let see, I won't say all, but a part of me in a vulnerable state.  He didn't like it, he told me afterward I was too emotional and I can tell it is something he does not want to be around.  My ego went in various directions, one was "well f*ck you" because I allowed him to see me in my depth, light, and dark, and my ego was then wounded with this reaction.  Another part of my ego fell silent because it's an old wound, of being judged and put down and set aside because of my sensitivity.  Another part of me thanked him because I quickly recognised all of that and went into not caring about his opinion, yet still caring about him.  I now see more of him, and our differences, and I still care for him.  This is a program inside him, and inside me.  I know this particular thing is his discomfort and not mine, and whether he can love 'all' of me or not doesn't matter, I'll love all of me anyway, and I'll love all of him anyway too, whilst not forsaking myself. By the way, he's a great genuine person, and very funny, we laugh a lot, he just has a different life experience, and has in fact never experienced any 'real' hardship in life yet by his own admission (this is blowing my mind and is so interesting) therefore he has never experienced depth of emotion, and his heart, or he himself in general, is not as opens as he 'thinks' (saying that his heart is big and I have witnessed him care for and help people in an astounding way).  Hang around with me too long and see what happens buddy! Lol.

Joking asides we each are entitled to feel as we feel.  We can appreciate that in each other knowing our individual feelings are just that; our individual feelings.   We are all here to move through 'stuff'.

Also remembering that all relationships in our lives are our biggest teachers, they help us hone in to the higher perspective on situations, and that there are lessons and blessings in every one of them.  Even more importantly is to remember that only love is real.  Softening into that will help you realise, let go, have compassion, allow for room grow.

Such beautiful insights.

Reminders are important.  Here the reminders of continued growth, the loves in my life, my little family and my small close circle of friends, who love and support 'all' of me in freedom and in union, in light and in dark, are soulful.

I Am grateful and I Am owning and loving all of myself, and others too.  This you can do too.

Blessings & Love


Angry at 'God' or 'life'?

October 18th 2021

I observed a person marching around a restaurant, a manager, they were very much in misaligned ego wanting to show their importance as well as being stressed.  Their air of anger filled the place.

The ultimate shadow self shows anger towards "God" or "Life".  This comes from a sense of separation, powerlessness, fear.  God or Life is not something outside us, it is something within us.

So if you feel that way what are you really angry about?  Do you even know?  Depending on the extent of the anger it may not matter because if you can take responsibility for yourself, and begin to allow yourself to connect with yourSelf, you won't feel separation anymore, and that may have been what the anger was all about.

Things will change by themselves naturally.

That person I observed will most likely not be working in that particular role anymore.  They will be working in something they love and somewhere they are needed.  They will know love.  They will have a whole new Life... Or God.


If you do not connect with yourSelf you will not connect with your Life.

Anger is both a limitation and a disconnect.

It should definitely not be suppressed consciously because it is not 'right' to be angry or some outdated limited belief like that, yet sometimes it is unconsciously or it is already deeply rooted in the subconscious.   It is an emotion that may rise due to some trauma you have been through for example but if that emotion rises in you and you have awareness (that person I observed did not) you can allow it to move through.  The only way to have awareness is through inner work in all it's ways, including the ultimate way; meditation.

"If one is able to check the force of desire and anger, he is well situated and is happy in this world." ~ Bhagavad Gita 5.23

With your awareness you can catch it, clear it, and be back in an aligned state easily.

When there is excess fire and air energy they need to be relieved physically before you can get to a calm meditative place to reconnect with yourSelf.

When I moved through some deeply set layers of anger years ago I first had lower back and hip pain that just appeared from nowhere (which is no such thing because it takes time to stew before it manifests in your physical body).  I didn't know how angry I was until I started working on that hip.  As the anger rose more I started doing taekwondo kicks which physically hurt so much but began to relieve the anger. The pain that had come about in my hip made it difficult to even walk up and down the stairs, so those kicks hurt.  They brought out tears, and primal roars, and it all felt so good.  Then they stopped hurting and that hip pain healed.  That particular pain never came back.

So they are just examples, that person I observed and myself.  If it's manifested in your physical body the location will be dependent on the reason.  For me it was back of right hip, so the anger was 'in relation to' men and the past and at myself.  There was another time before that it was at back of the left hip, so the anger was 'in relation to' my mams 'death' and 'the past' and a whole host of realisations beyond that.  Understanding why can help you heal, especially if it is z deeply seated and traumatic experience which grief was for me, as was relationship with men.  That 'why' can be as broad as your healing needs it to be, as in going beyond the immediate why, to earlier years, or to other lives and other metaphysical understandings and spiritual realisations.

If you are, or ever become, angry with God / Life, it is a misalignment, so take time to realign.  Your ego may not like it... But that can be given some taekwondo kicks too!

If you need a helping hand Vedic Counselling or Spiritual Guidance are currently open.

Chatting can help you realise.


"Being freed from attachment, fear and anger, being fully absorbed in Me and taking refuge in Me, many, many persons in the past became purified by knowledge of Me—and thus they all attained transcendental love for Me." ~ Bhagavad Gita 4.10

(and in turn love for self!)