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This program is your personal Mass of connection to assist you on the path of Ascension.  Through listening to these Energy Transmissions you will clear energetic blocks, bring about healing, receive insights, reawaken potent abilities lying dormant within, remember your true soul nature and be led to live a life you love.

The idea here is to maintain a regular and continual Energetic Practice at Home.  This path of Ascension is firing up and for those on this path, whether newly or more accustomed it is imperative to continue with this process both for your selves and in turn for the masses

This is a recurring monthly online program;


The Energy Transmission is in the form of Light Sounds that carry a high vibrational frequency.  These sounds generally are not understood by the conscious human mind yet carry energetic codes and a wisdom understood by the deeper subconscious mind.  All you need to do is be open, and by listening, these transmissions can bring about healing, such special shifts in consciousness and assist in Spiritual Remembering (or Spiritual Awakening).

There is one full sitting, approximately one hour, encoded with a high vibrational energy in the form of Light Language / Energy Sounds which will clear old energies and bring in / activate new.  You will have 10 days to complete your Energy Transmission after receiving your log in details, further guidelines will be provided on signing up.

The investment is:

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You can sign up by clicking the 'Sign Up Here' button above

Please ensure your email address is correct when you sign up, as you will receive your password by email to sign in to your private password protected group page on this website (password email will be sent within approximately 24 hours (excluding Sundays) - please check your promotions and spam folders -  if you don't receive it drop me a message, thank you).

By coming together in our ConsciousMass we not only raise our own personal state of awareness, we collectively do our part to raise the vibrational frequency of the 'Mass'; planet and population.  By connecting with me through these transmissions there is a continued healing carried out distantly since a part of my role as a Lightworker and Multidimensional Traveller is to guide and heal throughout different dimensions and levels of awareness.  two of the ways this may come into your awareness is through sleep time in the dream state, or in meditation. 

By doing the inner work and doing our best to live by our Divine Blueprint every day we achieve Oneness with All That Is.

Namaste, Ashling

"You must not get overdrunk with ecstasy. Much work yet remains for you in the world."  ~ Yogananda

This work is a Continuous Consciousness Calibration.

This work is a Conscious Commitment.

This quote is a reminder that the more we open, the more we realise, the more we must ground as we rise!