Crumbling in consciousness

November 29th 2022

Through sleep state, I was with my Mam this night and we were travelling around, and we made a stop at our old family home.  We didn’t go in but we hovered (because we were simply a higher consciousness energy connected together, moving, flying around) with the ‘past’ home ‘behind’ us.

From here we were ‘focus’ed on ‘one’ other ‘home’ on the street.  We were looking at it disintegrating, literally and metaphysically.  I have met with the people of this home in sleep state recently (not close to, or active with, them in waking time in this life) and was seeing a death approaching.  My Mam and I spoke about this and some more recent health issues in the ‘home’ ‘center’, and I asked Her how the ‘other’ was.  My Mam told that ‘one’, was doing their best, yet it is taking it’s toll on them, ‘being’ in the ‘home’ situation.  There is a 'navigation' to move through.

Everything is disintegrating, more so than the usual life progression of constant change, everything is ‘crumbling in consciousness’!  No 'matter' what the 'current' state of consciousness 'is' for 'one' 'that is' what 'is' crumbling.  During this 'current' stage there is 'concurrent' crumbling, cleansing, consciousness ignition, through fuel 'source' essence, which is your individual unique 'light' within your 'dark' self.

My Mam and I, in this sleep state experience, were ‘individual consciousness in communication’ yet we were ‘merged as One’

Home Is Heart Is Center Is Individual Consciousness Is Human Is Spirit Is Being One.

Blessings & Love



November 02nd 2022

Through sleep state I was speaking with a group about Intuition.  Intuition needs to be developed.  There are times you may be tuning in to egoic states instead of soul states.  How can you know the difference?  It takes practice as you shift through rollercoaster energies.  Intuition just ‘Is’, there is no maybe.  If your Ego is very strong Ego can just Be too.  Intuition is soft.  Ego takes it personally.  Intuition is Divine action.  Ego is reaction.  Intuition is love.  Ego is fear.  Saying that Intuition can warn you about something that is fear!  You can see how it may get confusing.  Intuition isn’t confusing!

Intuition is a soul knowing, the mind most likely won’t make ‘sense’ of it.  The mind is what gets confused.  Intuition is knowing, and this soul knowing isn’t a knowing like knowledge taken in to the brain.  There is the higher aspect of the brain that connects with intuitive knowing through the pineal gland, when it is awake, clear and active.  This center also connects with other places, soul experiences, and energies, so what you are connecting with there may not be here!  Or it may!  Intuition comes through the heart and solar plexus too.  The heart loves and it hurts, and the solar plexus feels intuitive vibes yet it feels fear and anxiety too.  There are higher and lower expressions remember.  Remember!

Blessings & Love


Current energies / "The Cause"

august 05th 2022

Through the higher planes I was in conversation with some other Beings about "The Cause".  As I awoke remembering this journey and conversation my programmed brain briefly went to the euphemism for Irish Republicanism, the fight for freedom.  It is a program for obvious reasons, and it is an energy still lingering for all connected, that means all Irish borns in particular, but more than that for me it's a part of my ancestral connections too, my Dad's Dad was a part of the real IRA, and his Mam was a part of Cuman na Mban.

Then I was triggered back into what it is really about.  It is about our human right for freedom, not a human fight for freedom.  It is about our human shifting in consciousness to realise more of our true nature, our power and potential, all to be used for good, no fighting is necessary, just allowing.

Things are shifting so quickly, we have been deconstructed and reconstructed, and this process will be repeated as often as necessary.  Who are you now?  You are not who you were yesterday.  Be present.  It is the only way to walk this path.  The most important part of this path is the heart.  Listen to the heart, not the head, follow it's guidance.  This guidance will be given in small sudden snippets.  It will tell you what to 'do' when you are to 'do' it, it will be one action step at a time, you won't know the outcome, you are not meant to.  It takes trust, and courage.  It is so much more than you may realise, yet it is so, so simple.

It is about 'feeling'.  'Feeling' is a multitude, it is tuning in to the body and paying attention to those 'feelings'!  What are they telling you?  You don't have feelings for no reason - ever.  This 'feeling' is about honouring the physical - don't disregard it, that means honour your body, honour your physical human existence, your human journey!  An important side note to that though is, it is about balance.  It should not be used as an excuse to dismiss your spiritual and soul self.  This 'feeling' is about the heart, which is about love, and is about living through the heart.  You may 'think' you are living through the heart, and I am sure, you are offering love, and being kind, but that is only a droplet.  Are you allowing yourself to receive love? Are you allowing yourself to fully be love?  Again they are only droplets, they are big, but they are only droplets.  They are something to look at first.  And it is not easy because 'allowing' and 'receiving' and 'self love' all take inner work in themselves to get to them. There is so much more!.... More I will share soon.

Receiving and Allowing are extremely important on this journey - what is this journey? - it is this human spiritual soul journey.

Blessings & Love


Praying mantis message

May 17th 2022

This praying mantis leapt into my life as I sat meditating. I felt him arrive and looked down to see him at my right side. These guys really feel vibration and I was feeling him too.  I was also feeling apprehensive about forthcoming shifts I am aware of. His message was the obvious one of “take that leap of faith” it is easier said than done sometimes through right? What with the heart being involved!  I know how we are all multidimensionally, galactically, eternally connected, I truly know it, I see it, I feel it, I trust it, yet I still feel the sadness at the death I am to transition through to proceed forward. I am not afraid of death either, of the metaphysical or the physical. So what is it I am afraid of!?

I now know what it is. I meditated again, and again, until it came.

Throughout those meditations three other animals arrived in the physical world to give me strong messages. I have a strong connection with the animal spirit realm from a life as a native american medicine woman, I connect with them in spirit and in this material world too. The other three that arrived in form following the praying mantis were;

Turtles – new babies, followed by the Mammy later that day – new birth, new life, maternal, divine feminine, no matter how slow keep moving forward.

Dragonfly – gold in colour – golden age, transformation, water, emotion, magic, joy, fly.

Bat – a huge black bat circled me twice, divine feminine, darkness, death, power, intensity, the sound of her wings seemed supersonic inside my ears.

Everything is increasing, on and within this earth, within me, within you too.

The fear I felt in moving forward, with this new shift in consciousness – it's the fear of my own power and potential!

I suddenly realised it as soon as the sound and sight of that bat, the last to arrive in this succession of messages from spirit, arrived.  Funny how a big bat circling you as you stand in your outdoor kitchen in the darkness of the pre-dawn hours frees you of any inkling of fear!

"I am Powerful and I am Proud!"

Following on from that it is not just the fear of my own power and potential, there is a smaller fear underlining of how it will affect others, or of how the outcome of my personal shifts will affect others, and more so of their reaction toward me, but that is not to stop me.  It is not for me to take on others energies.  That little fear only lasted as long as the sudden realisation of it, I don't mind what others think of me, I've done far too much work around that to go there again.  Here we can remind ourselves to trust the process and that only love is real.  It doesn't matter what anyone else chooses, you choose truth and love.

It is natural to feel a little fear as we subconsciously prepare to shift in consciousness. Remember though “there is nothing to fear but fear itself” – I can't remember right now who said that but I love it and it is absolute truth. 

Praying Mantis is a part of the Grasshopper family and they can only jump forwards, not sideways, not backwards! There is no going back. What an obvious message that is. The way they feel vibration, the way I feel vibration, is powerful, and a gift not to dismiss. I am grateful for this reminder since I am 'feeling' everything so much more. The reason I feel this much is for the very sacred journey I am on here to help humanity. I coexist between worlds, I am, and always was to be, this sensitive to help humanity ascend. This sensitive energy that I am transmutes energy, and helps others awaken and remember. It is uncomfortable work sometimes, but it is very rewarding in many ways, the main one being the honour of witnessing others move through the processes they do and to see their beautiful light expand.

The energy and extra influxes of light is only going to grow.  To help yourself - meditate.  Spirit is coming through more and more watch for the signs. All it takes is some meditation! Easy said I know. It takes practice. How about you start with just one minute, and build to three, knowing it is going to set you free.

Praying Mantis message for you:

“I am vibration, I feel you, I am your inner voice, trust me, trust the process, trust you, take time in meditation, in prayer, then go on ahead and move forward, you got this, I got you.”

Blessings & Love


New Moon and Archangel michael message

October 06th 2021

There is a sense of Self Realisation with this New Moon in line with an energy in action.

The right brain, and feminine energy, is realising where she maybe hid herSelf, and made herSelf smaller to suit others.

She is shifting into who she truly is.

She already has a knowing of who this is but now She is allowing herSelf to fully Be.

It takes courage to Be.

There is a realisation of how much you can be, and do, on your own.  This is simply a reminder of how everything is within you, not that you will always be on your own, but that realisation is necessary to bring in the right aligned energies so you will be, and do, on your own with others.

You are not alone.

You are developing your Self and your Power.

Spirit 'always' walks with you.  Always.

Archangel Michael came through with a message:

He protects us.
But He can also help with our perception.
Our perception on our safety and how we are protected is important.
So connect with Him, ask Him to help with your perception of protection.

Thank you.

Root Chakra Insights

September 24th 2021

Sometimes our energy is stagnant and we need to get it moving again.

Sometimes we have limitations or restrictions put in place due to past pain and we need to remove them.

Sometimes there is repressed pain we need to release in order to move forward.

Sometimes we have the roots pulled up from under us and it changes our life forever.

Sometimes the inner child is calling to us and we are not hearing her (or him).

Sometimes we feel so displaced, unbalanced, or like we do not belong so we need to check in with ourselves.

Sometimes our energy goes too far outside ourselves and we need to draw it back in.

Sometimes a new life is just within our grasp, we feel it right there because it is so close and within our energy field we just need to ground the energies to fully manifest it.

Alltimes we need to take responsibility for our selves and our roots.

Some things associated with the Root Chakra, or, the First Chakra:

Our basic survival needs; shelter and food, money, family and where we feel we belong in the world, our whole physical manifested life.

It is our will to live!

Our passion and sexual energy.

Raw feelings from fear of death, to terror to joy.

It has the ability to 'make us unwell' in some way (illness, disease, aches and pains) to bring our awareness to underlying issues.

Some issues stemming from the root are addictions (all kinds), nervous system disorders, some things related to head (headaches, vertigo, mental chatter), sexual dysfunction,sexual abuse. (Always seek professional help if it is any of the deeper issues.  If you are currently undergoing counselling etc please check in with me about whether a Spiritual / Energy healing session or program is right for you at this time.)

It is where our programming and conditioning 'lives'.

It is 'a lot'.


Let's get to the root of it!...

If you would like a helping hand I run Group Healing Programs you can watch out for on the website, or we can do some One-to-One Distant Healing together:

Drop me an email:

Blessings and Love


Healing Insights

September 25th 2021

This healing happens in the energy body, within the astral / galactic planes.

This healing is Spiritual Healing / Energy Healing.

If something has manifested physically; an illness, a condition, a disease, then it needs physical healing, be that western or eastern medicine, or both combined.

Along with that this physical manifestation has an energy beyond it that needs healing, so whether you are in the midst of that manifestation or 'past' it, it still needs energy / spiritual healing. If you do not do that part of the healing it can reoccur as the same illness, condition, disease, or it can reoccur as a different physical condition connected.

This healing is subtle yet strong.

It will touch you no matter what, if offered to you, but, if you open to it, it can have profound affects.

To open to it you do not need to 'do' anything or 'try'.  In spiritual fact you do nothing and don't try.  You simply acknowledge in your heart you are open to receive and you will receive.

Remember this healing happens in the higher planes so no physical presence with me as the healer is necessary.  What is necessary is some silence and slowing down, 'allowing' yourself time to receive and integrate.  Receiving in sleep time is an option when silence and slowing down is a challenge initially.  In sleep time it is easy for your subconscious to receive.

There is no rush in your evolution, in spiritual fact, slow and steady is the way to go, without letting ego use that as an excuse to stop.

I highly recommend connecting with only one, (maximum two if it is a balancing situation i.e if there is illness this works well with one spiritual healer and one physical healer) teachers, or healers, at a time.  Different energies can confuse things.  Energy can get confused, remember everything is energy, you are energy, so you can get confused. 

Speaking from a teaching, healing, perspective, it is better for me too if it is just you (and no other spiritual or energy healer) since the energy can clash.  I prefer you to complete your work with the person you are working with then come to me.

There is no race, take your time.

As things unfold and shifts occur the bliss can be consuming in the most beautiful way, but remember there is always inner work to be done.  You get to enjoy the bliss but not be 'high' permanently, it is not possible, balance is necessary to remain living in this body in this material world.  Saying that you get to live in a new upgraded version of you and your world.  You don't get shiny windows without washing them.  Continue your inner work, continuous cleaning and clearing is important.

This is a process remember.

I can help you, Divine can help you, both through me and directly to you.  You have to both want the the help and continue to help yourself in-between healings.

This healing is, to me,  ultimately helping, I help you, you help yourself, we help humanity.

It is all up to you, that is Soul You.  Human you can get in the way at times if there is strong resistance and, or, human-will but if your heart and soul are in it we will get there it may just take some time.

If you would like the help, I can help you.

Blessings and Light