One-to-One teacherTrainings

in Dublin, Ireland at 'Baskin Hub'
in rishikesh, India at 'Rishikesh Sadan'
Open for registration
These are personalised programs to work within your energy / level
all of these trainings are very much based on the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga
PRICE in-person one to One Teacher training continued from 2 week retreat:
€2900 7 day training
this price includes center hire in dublin, or accommodation in india

PRICE remote one-to-One Teacher training continued from 2 week retreat:
€1400 7 day training
this price is for online training

option available for full (200 hour / 500 hour) one-to-One Teacher training
(with personalised one-to-one retreat, not group retreat)
email to express an interest and we will discuss all options and prices

one-to-one training is in:
transformational hatha yoga
yin yoga
Advanced teacher training
a day is 2-3 hours together along with self study and self practice
Initial Deposit - €300
(Deposit payable to confirm space)
Certification with Rise Spirit Soul
(additional €200 for certification with YAI and MAI)
Deposit Is Non-Refundable but is transferable
transformational hatha Teacher Training
'the light and soul of yoga'

This is ideal for the beginner and/or for continued study with the spiritual and healing aspects of yoga being a focus.*

updated 'further information' link added soon
yin yoga Teacher Training
'yin the doorway in'

One other beginner yoga teacher training (any school) must be completed to take this training.*

updated 'further information' link added soon
meditation Teacher Training
'Higher consciousness connection'

It is best that a Yoga Teacher Training have been taken and to have already been on the path of ascension (healing, realisation, spiritual awakening).*

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aDVANCED Teacher Training

The Meditation Teacher Training with RSS, along with one other training (any school) must be taken to progress onto the Advanced Teacher Training.*

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*This will depend person to person and we will assess the best options together.

on teacher training certification:

These Teacher Trainings are Heart Centered trainings.

Certification is by 'Rise Spirit Soul; School of Spiritual Teachings & Practices'.

These gatherings/programs are open to all.  It is not required that you be on the path of certification to attend these teachings.  Each gathering is an expanded heart journey for self first.

If you would like a YAI or MAI certification due to requirement for a teaching placement at a yoga studio etc you can pay an additional fee of:
€200 - Full 200 Hour  Certificate  (or 500 hour for advanced training)
you will be registered with either 'Yoga Alliance International India' or 'Meditation Alliance International' both of whom Rise Spirit Soul is a registered Yoga and Meditation School with.
Full training Pricings listed above with each individual training option.

There is no 'correct path' to becoming a Yoga and Meditation Teacher. In fact I have questioned as to whether a yoga certification is even necessary. To put it into perspective, did any of the great gurus, sages and avatars get certified and insured!? A Teacher of any kind is a calling and I believe guiding you to tap into that inner knowing, inner wisdom is what is of the utmost importance.

Saying that I am aware we are living in this current time and place and so requiring liability insurance is standard when working freelance for yoga studios or when hiring your own teaching space.  This is one reason where certification is required, the other reason I feel is;  this journey is simply a very special achievement, and on these trainings, an attunement to higher state of consciousness, so it is nice to acknowledge, honour, and celebrate that.

Each training/program is of a different Vibrational Energy Frequency, therefore, depending on your stage on your Spiritual Path one may be more benefit to you than another at a particular time. If you are unsure drop an email to arrange a mutual time for a chat. Typically I will say if you're strongly drawn to one, that's the one for you. Our Soul always leads us to places/people for a reason and you simply already 'know'.

For our training time together I thank you for keeping yourself available for the time we schedule

Full training must be completed to receive certification.  There is no 'exam', yet you will create and guide your own class / teaching.  this is a Spiritual right brain journey. There is plenty of sharing and support, whether that's in the transformational Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Meditation Teacher Training, or advanced teacher Training.

If days are missed due to unforeseen circumstances I will do my best to accommodate. If additional guidance, mentoring, or space is needed it will be at an additional fair fee when time and space permits.


Private small group rates available just drop an email with your requirements and details
Our Training Centre at:
Baskin Hub, Dublin
44 Ashgrove, Baskin, Cloughran, Swords, County Dublin, K67 RR64
(Bus Route from City Centre, Malahide and Swords - Number 42,43)
Our Training Centre at:
Rishikesh Sadan, India
"A teacher that teaches from the heart both on and off the mat.  I  completed my 200hr teacher training with Ashling of Rise Spirit Soul in July 2017.  Having practiced with Ashling in different capacities since i began my yoga journey, she has been a wonderful guide and friend.  Ashling's training has been a period of transformation in my life and travelling to India with the group for training was profound in every way.  Ashling nurtures each and every student to bring who they are to their yoga mat, respecting themselves and the students they teach always.   As the group was small everyone became great friends and made connections that will last a lifetime.  I cannot thank Ashling enough for everything she has taught me and continues to teach me on my yoga journey. If you are looking for a teacher training that enhances your practice, being and life this is the one you have been looking for." ~ Niamh Gray