"Ashlings work whether be Energy Healing, Yoga Classes,Teacher Training is based all through the heart.

I went to Rise Spirit Soul with Ashling to do a 200HR Hatha Yoga Teacher Training & 40HR Yin Yoga. I couldnt ask for more. The self and soul journey doing these training is life changing.

Thank you, Ashling for sharing your gift, your light and love to us. "

"I am immensely grateful to have known Ashling and to have been able to continue participating in her works, from the meditation teacher training, thanks to which I managed to let go of a bond that kept me stuck in my path and to find myself again after 2 years, to distant healing, after which, I feel peace, mental clarity, which allow me to go on with much more strength and serenity, in a difficult emotional period. For me her works are a fundamental tool to stay connected with myself and I recommend it to anyone who is going through a difficult time or anyone who simply wants to take care of himself, at a deeper level."

"As the saying goes : " when the student is ready the teacher will appear" and so it has been in encountering Ashling.  I felt an instant trust in the care and support I would receive from the journey with Ashling: the one to one in person healing sessions were ineffable experiences suffice to say I experienced a lightness after each session accompanied by ever deepening sense of connection with Source.  Distant one to one healing sessions have been no less powerful and the benefits continue to become known to me.  Groups distant healings have similarly brought great insights.  I cannot recommend Ashling highly enough. This is for me but the start of my journey with her as a spirit guide and healer"

"I have known Ashling for two years through yoga practice and teacher training, and now one on one and group distance healing.  In the healing sessions I have connected with my angels and spirit guides.  Unconsciously I always knew they were there.  Ashling has created a bridge to help to connect me with them.  After each session I sleep like a baby and feel very grounded and connected spiritually."

"A couple of months ago I came across the term and understanding of 'spirit animal'  I wondered what mine was so asked the universe and between synchronicities got a feeling it might be a bee!!  I didn't think too much into it until again a few days before I decided to do the distant healing that the thought came back to me. 

During the healing session, a 'bee' buzzed right by my ear like it would do on a summers day.  Very loud and clear.  I didn't jump or move my head though.  Even though there were no bees in my room and it was unexpected it just came very loud and quick then left. 

I feel it was confirmation to me that my spirit animal is indeed a bee. 

Some time after the healing session, I opened my phone and 2 articles came up about.......bees!!"

"Ashling has brought so much awareness and insight into my life. I feel a sense of childlike freedom. I feel she guided me back to my path. The path leading me on the journey that feels good for ME. Long road to go but now it feels I'm in the right journey, so it's ok and I'm so excited! I got all of this from just being a student of her Yin Yoga teacher training course. Thank you Ashling xx"

(All Client Privacy is maintained and I truly appreciate those who choose to share their experience with others this way)