Clean Slate, Clear space, connected state

april 12th 2023
#3 #7 #77 #5

As I travelled through sleep state I was with a Dome Pyramid type geometrical structure as it ‘rose’ from the Earth Centre through an ocean of water.  The Upper part was in a Circular Pyramidic type shape and it was a strong material that looked like a platinum, metallic type material.  There is a lot of light within.  The bottom part is still within the Earth Center and within the water.  This Upper part is surrounded by water, some shallow waves from the deep ocean washing up on the outer edge gently.  I walk around this structure and the water is so soft and clear, yet dark, as it gently waves in and out.  We are also in Space.  As I look around I Am so close to the endless pure dark sky which has some light, stars, dotted around.  It is easy to see in this darkness, this space.  There is no One and no thing else around… as yet.  There are steps up this Dome Pyramid.  It seems to be only few, non linear type steps, yet as I take one step and look up the height and space is endless, as are we.  I come back to focus on this one step and I begin the journey up.  Then I Am suddenly standing atop this Dome Pyramid and I feel open, powerful, free – fully aligned.  I stand in a power type stance and feel the energy and simply look around, at nothing. 

Nothing is Everything.

This is a Rising of Spirit to Be Soul.  This is what some call a New Earth, and how you will experience that is how You will experience that.  This is a rising of Sacred Dome Pyramids only some will see. 

This is the beginning; of creation, of You as You Are in truth, and of who you are yet to Be!  This is You following your individual path, taking Soul Steps, trusting your individual Soul Self.  This is All brand new, and it is brilliant, and it is exciting and it is meant to Be for you.  Yet remember the ocean is energy in motion.  Allowing the waves, and the natural movement of water, this e(nergy)(in)motion will gift you a clean slate, by clearing out space, for you to be in that new space, to rise into that newly connected state .

Blessings & Love


New life

april 08th 2023
#444 #3 #1

This is a big few days energetically.  How this presents itself may be different for you but from what I have experienced and observed we have entered into a new life!  I know we are always shifting and evolving but this is different in a surreal highly spiritual evolved human way.  The physical will most likely take some 'time' to fully Be in that life, yet not as much time as changes like these used to take.  Through the night I was giving birth unexpectedly (which makes sense because a lot in my life here happens that way - unexpectedly, sudden unexpected changes, packing up and going with sudden soul calls) but this was otherworldly remember.  It was an  En Caul Birth where the most beautiful baby was still fully in the amniotic sac and I could see the 'cord' - the connection.  The Caul is like a protective, powerful, spiritual veil.  I have known new life was coming to me this last few days yet this experience is bringing more than I realised what that is going to Be.  This is for you too.  This is for those of you out there on this spiritual path who are going to continue rising in spirit to merge with soul.  

As I sat in meditation later I had a profound experience where "The Hand of Christ Consciousness" came to me.  With this there is sacrifice, yet sacrifice has been made simple, there is new life force energy, there is support, and there is so much love.  More to share on this as it unfolds further.  Just wanted to share a little encase anyone pops by feeling flat, or fatigued, or griefy, or confused, or inpure love and awe.  This most likely will be why.

Much Love.

Blessings & Love


#2222 #1212 #33

September 22nd 2022

Through recent nights I have been seeing numbers a lot in different ways.  In one instance I seen two males who were “checking their numbers” there were two females assisting them, one being me.  There are to be regular check ins.  Numbers are a higher vibrational energy than words.

Sometimes it may appear, to the human eye, that things are going more out of balance, when in fact they are coming into balance.  Chaos is a part of clearing, at certain stages, for individuals, and for the collective.  Collectively will we see this more.

The balancing is within, and within the deeper recesses we are already in balance, we simply allow it to be brought forth.  

There has been a 'flatline' to the energy in the last couple of days.  With this there is a fatigue that may feel foreign!  Aligning can be exhausting!

As with any shifts, as we shift in frequency we see anything that does not match, to some degree, fall away.

This has been, and continues to be an important year, 2022.  This is setting a new foundation.  Allow all to flow.

Allow your feminine energy within work wonders for yourself.  Where is the selflove for yourself?  If you don't have it for yourself how are you giving it to, or sharing it with, others.

It is ok to be different, and vulnerable, feminine within us all, woman and man, is rising to be recognised.  It is not a fighting feminine, it is a soft, caring, compassionate, resilient resonance.

Tears will flow, pause, look around you, feel around you, look within you, it is ok to let go, to let the tears flow, to feel how you feel.  Emotion is energy in motion, all emotion, the beautiful emotion, and what appears to be not so beautiful.  Beneath it all is the heart!

What is at the heart of it?

Only love is real, all else is not.   It may feel very real but feeling is healing, feel your way through any emotion and you will feel your way to your heart, and to the heart of it ‘all’.

Blessings & Love


Current energies & Vision for the Power of 2

January 20th 2022

These higher frequency of energy are coming in, and moving through.

How sensitive you are will depend on how you feel that.  And in what way you feel that will depend on you.

Saying that it is most definitely moving through the whole nervous system.

I personally went into high alert for over a week, not much sleep, and not getting tired, (yet I began to really look it - one of the side affects on our human body).

So in line with that nervous system being hyped up you may have high anxiety, feel fearful, with solar plexus and mind on overdrive.

The higher Divine purpose of this will open you a little more, or a lot more!

The main thing you can do is go with it, be, allow.  In line with that grounding and moving are both equally important.  That means slow things down; like the breath, calm the nervous system by moving into meditation (it will absolutely be uncomfortable as you first sit but it will come - the calm), get into nature, walk fast, then walk slow.  Move with the energy consciously; yoga asana practice, physical exercise of your choosing, acupressure, acupuncture.

Look at how you can manage your own energy system, right now, because that can and most likely will change.

These energies will most likely come and go, keep checking in on yourself, and what you need each and every day. One day you will feel it intensely, then next day you will feel in balance and at peace, then you will feel it again. As you become more 'experienced' in these energy shifts you will move through them quicker.

There is a lot of emotion and a lot of heart shifts happening. Last night as I journeyed I was with a group. We were moving across a lake in the darkness. We were on these rafts that floated just below the top level of the water so we were immersed a little in the water. We were 'two' on each raft, a male and a female. The water was deep and clear and had a strong yet soft movement to it. We used our hands and arms to move ourselves across yet there was a divine power beneath the raft doing all the work. When we got to land we lifted a little and flew in, Aladdin style! We met in a room, in a wooden lodge, brightly lit, and warm and welcoming. Most were crying. The heart energy was very strong there was pink clothing and pink light, and gold too. Even as I was there I could feel it physically in my own heart here.

This is connected to what is happening in the current collective energy but this is more so what is happening in February's Healing Program:

“The Power of "Two”.

If you feel drawn this is for you, you can sign directly up by clicking the button above, or drop me an email with any queries.

From my heart to yours.

Blessings & Love


Vision and Prophetic Insight:

biden and Putin / Us and Russia

September 30th 2021

Firstly, I, as in this human girl Ashling, has absolutely no interest in politics, zero interest. That is not to be disrespectful to anyone who does I simply know that is not an area for me to go into in this life experience, I am to keep my focus and energies elsewhere.

So saying that as I am to share more of the prophetic type psychic insights I have, this one happens to be about the world of politics, in particular related to International Relations.

I see Biden and Putin meet in a neutral location, it is a sunny, resort, holiday (vacation) type location. It seems they have met before in public and in secret. Just for further info for anyone who does not know me I do not read, watch, or listen to anything to do with any of this anywhere, I stay away from news etc.

I am there to witness this event and I am bringing some healing. On my arrival I speak with a C.I.A agent already present (Biden and Putin are not yet there). This agent is in fact a Lightworker and he is briefing me on what is about to take place.  (See how Lightworkers are placed in every single area on the planet.)  It is something now in this meeting and something big will come in the 'future'.

This energy will most likely transfer over to this earth plane in a slightly different format than I have just explained there since I am experiencing this in a parallel place. There is a lot going on behind the scenes with International Relations and since this affects every single human being things are to come to Light!

As we shift more and more in consciousness the whole earth is moving through this experience and all sorts of energies are rising up in a releasing way, we are about to witness a lot more happenings in Politics and Diplomatic Energies.

This will bring big changes to the world.

Blessings and Love.