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system(s) overhall

July 11th 2024

All systems are being upgraded or abolished.  Those are the systems within us initially, our bodily systems, beginning with our nervous system, and any other 'systems' that were installed that are no longer, maybe never were, necessary.  As within so without!

For me, over the space of 8 days, I had a nervous system upgrade through sleep state.  I had one night on, one night off.  The night on was the work being done and I slept 2-4 hours, the night off was rest and integration and I slept a minimum of 10 hours.  A repetition of 4.

Following these 8 days, once I had integrated and centered, I seen a geometric vision of cubes.  They were the most beautiful pink with a hint of gold and the message that came through with this vision was as follows.  Divine perfection, and it is not what you may think it is.  Pure divine love, and it is so much more than you have experienced before.  The cube is completion.  The cube is '4' and is multidimensional.  The cube is connection.  The cube is stability.  This cube is coming through as heart energy and is filled with love and a higher state of being.

This is all in the lead up to lions gate energy and that number '8' which deepens around 888, 8th August 2024, and propels through the rest of the year.

The masculine energy within us all, male and female, is at work, at love and at loss.

The masculine energy within us is our ‘doer’ it is our ‘action’ and there is a push to ‘do’ the inner work.  Even when not intentionally doing or moving we are somewhat doing and moving.  There is always natural movement.  When we sleep we are doing and moving, physiologically the body is breathing even if you do not stir in your sleep, and metaphysically our soul is moving elsewhere, being, and doing, other 'stuff' as our human body regenerates.   That older masculine patriarchal energy is still about, within, without.  If there is any of the distorted masculine energy within not dealt with, or that has been dealt with mostly but not fully, it is surfacing now.  And with it surfaces the wounds of the feminine.

Don’t mind what is going on without, you can observe that, but don’t ‘mind’ that.  Come into yourself.  It is imperative we are so honest with ourselves.  Truly thank any triggers, whether they be situations, memories, or people.  If there is any anger it is a natural emotion and one that is very connected to that old masculine and feminine energy.  We are all a part of it All.  What works for you, in ways, and being and doing, and what doesn't?  If you have let anything slid, reign it back in, if you have given an inch and someone took a mile, take it as a sign.  Time to refine.

There is so much light entering.  It is entering our earth plane, our atmosphere, our bodily systems.  There is so much love with that.  All of this light and all of this love need room to Be so there is a push occurring.  Allow the refinement.  Diamonds need to be polished to shine.  Know your worth.  Diamonds are valuable.  Be yourself.  Diamonds emit light and frequency just as they are!  Take care of your heart.  Diamonds are precious stones.

Blessings & Love


Nervous system

July 04th 2024
#11 #1 #77 #888

Big shifting since yesterday July 03rd building through the very early hours of 04th.  My nervous system feels shot, shook, and spun.  I don't have all the details yet I know it's continuing for the next few days and is in line with 888 energies of Lions Gate and Lyra for sure.  More I will share when I have it to share.  Ground.  Rest.  Eat what is aligned for you in this given moment.  Extra hydration and minerals are very much necessary for all right now.

Blessings & Love


spin cycle

June 24th 2024
#66 #3333 #3 #2

I feel energetically spun and beaten on a fast cycle!


More is coming.

My nervous system feels like it is in shock and is taking time to adjust to some new frequencies. 

They are my only words for this moment, I will be back to share more on this. 

spin cycle continued

June 25th 2024
#7 #3

This sun energy is triggering us on all levels, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically.  It is very physical because there are such physical changes occurring to our dna, and also anything that has risen up through the different layers and hasn’t yet been seen or acknowledged emotionally or spiritually will move through the physical, the final layer. 

These energies can be highly triggering in all ways.

I am seeing more big flashes of light.

Solar flares, and schumann resonances are shown in scientific data, but what about the energies, the light, that there is no scientific proof off, because there is so much of it.  Remember there is so much yet unseen and unknown.  Can you trust in that, in what is unseen, and yet unknown?  Can you have compassion for yourself, in that you are most likely so sensitive that you are subtly aware of something more, and this 'something more' is helping to shift you in so many ways?  Your head will not make any sense of it.  Can you surrender to it?  Surrender doesn't mean flaking on the couch, although that is enjoyable, it is a spiritual action of the non-action of allowing!  

You may be currently challenged with old thoughts trying to take over, pain surfacing, patterns showing up.  There are reminders not to listen to the old thought forms or go into the old patterns, whilst allowing the pain to pass through.  You are not them.  They are not you.

This is all a gradual process, that is how it is meant to be, no forcing, no pushing, yet as gradual as it is, it will intensify.  As much as it will intensify it will be become easier at the same time.  It becomes swifter, smoother.  As you learn to let go, more and more, and to fully surrender it is passes quicker. 

Get out of the head and into the heart.  I am a feeling person, who follows her heart, yet I am practical about it.  This is a grounded way.  It is centeredness.  The heart is in the center! 

Follow your heart.  3 simple little words that can be so easy yet sometimes hard.  In little things, and on the more surface levels, it is easy to follow your heart.  It’s when it is the deeper levels that it can be harder, initially.  It means a letting go when you follow your heart, letting go of ‘a lot’! 

It also means new levels of love, life, and freedom.

I had a full 24 hours of intensity then I completely centered in my place of peace again.  It was intense for sure yet as soon as any discomfort passed and I integrated the energies fully, I had new realisations and clarity.  This is how it happens.  Whilst you are in it you usually can’t get a clear picture, and it is best to hold off on any judgement.  Just Be in the experience you are in.

There is an activation of more of the soul dna within you, and it takes a minute to process, or an hour, or a day, or a week, sometimes a month, or a year!

Cleansing of the space you are in, cleaning is cleansing, and allowing fresh air in every single day is important.  You can also use sage, or palo santo to help clear your space energetically.  Clearing our personal energy fields is important.  What is yours and what is not yours, energetically?  Remember, when you are in a vulnerable, open state, you can pick up others energy.  

Calm the mind, sometimes you need to process something, sometimes you need a distraction to take you out of the mind, like a walk, or drawing, or knitting, or kicking (the air, not a person, as tempting as that can feel sometimes!).  Chanting mantra is very healing for the mental body.  Allowing all emotion to flow is very important, suppression has no place here.

When deeper activation and integration is occurring be conscious of where your energy is, and who’s energy you are around.  I forgot for a minute, can be easy to do when you are on this path a long time, and whilst I was around someone I tuned in psychically to something that I really didn't need to.  Nice reminder for me.  

On reminders, may I remind you, as I also reminded myself, Be fully you.  It is a practice for me to be more fully me since there are times I am met with ridicule and judgement (not mirrors in this case!) and honestly it hurts sometimes, I am human, like us all.  It is something that is teaching me though and I continue to Be the student as much as I am the teacher.  What is it teaching me?, well a whole lot, but ultimately it is about the true state of love.

Blessings & Love


amplified light

June 18th 2024

Some intense energies streaming in and the schumann resonance chart below is science showing us this proof.  For anyone who is even the slightest sliver of sensitive they should surely be feeling this because it is quite high frequency.  I was guided that this whole week is to be like this and it is proving itself to be.  Anything that needs to go is to go.  You may well feel it being squeeeezzzed out of you.  If there is something you are to allow and do as Soul you will be pushed into allowance and that divine doing.  The Human may hurt a little.  It is mostly heart hurt since there is an expansion of the higher heart.  A grief may pass through, and you may not know what it is, or relate it to a grief of a loss of a loved one in this life, and maybe it is partly that for you, and, or maybe it is for something else that the human can only understand through attaching it to that loss, that grief.  There is also a grief for self, since a part of the old you is dying, and a grief in relation to letting go of lower vibration energy, ways, and people, like that Stockholm Syndrome – it can be sad to let go of what you know, even if you are aware that what you know is really not aligned for you, or of your true state of being, or of love! 

Let it all go, follow your heart, what’s the worst that can happen!?  Society programmed us into thinking if we don’t pay a bill on time we will get into trouble.  Our family’s conditioned into what they were conditioned into and programmed by, they did their best and what they knew, and if you were blessed enough as I was you were loved and supported with that too.  They (who are doing the conditioning, and programming, family, teachers, society) only know what they know.  It is up to us individually to continue to change that, and that change begins within ourselves, for ourselves, and for that change to occur we need to remain open.

Allow all grief to pass through, all tears to pour, all feelings to flow, remembering “this too shall pass” and nothing lasts, nothing.  As much as nothing lasts, 'no'- ‘thing’ lasts, we are infinite beings, we always live on, and are always moving into higher loving feeling being.  Not just in this life time.  That is over many, many, life experiences, over many dimensions and realities, and illusions, and delusions, and enlightening experiences.  That is all soul evolution.  We have a spiritual awakening,  and with that we remember more of who we are, and come to know more of what is real and what is not.  In a conversation with a friend yesterday I said “I know what I know and after that I don’t know anything" and we both said “ooohhhhh that’s good” I heard it the same time she did and we laughed.  That happens a lot I share some wisdom and human me is surprised, most especially when I am deeply connected in my soul state.  We can all connect more deeply into our soul state.  Allowing that heart to break open, and all that needs to melt away, melt, we come into more of our true soul state. 

This current heart expansion is like any, there is a death and there is a birth, there is grief and there is love, there are labour and birthing pains, and there is bliss.  None of it lasts.  Remind yourself of that as you allow it.  You will always find the space being given to you by spirit, or maybe seemingly forced upon you by the universe! (anyone fall recently!?, or have friends or appointments cancel?, or have a condition flare up to stop you in your tracks?).  You will always find yourself being held in the arms of angels as you move through anything like this.  This is absolutely, without doubt, in full faith, the truth for everyone.  As the clearing comes to a close you will feel the freedom within, and how you have risen into a new state of heart, and experience that unconditional pure divine love, where nothing else matters, where judgement falls away along with all else that has fallen away, where fear doesn’t exist!  There is only a love that becomes a-live, and that love is you.

Blessings & Love


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