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Tremendous transformation

March 23rd 2023

There is an opening to Divine like never before.  There is a window open to the purest highest love, to the highest You, to All that truly Is.  

There is a Soul Cleansing occurring.

Things Are changing.  There is a natural ebb and flow to life in general, but this change, in this time, is more than that.  Be as fluid as possible.  

Emotional body is clearing.  There is communication between the subconscious and conscious minds!

As always there is a need to 'let go', 'trust' and 'surrender'.  You simply cannot take the old with you.  And as always, it is all a choice.  Tune in to that subconscious / conscious communication.  Or you can tune in this way: "what is going on between your heart and your head!?".  Observe it yet try to remain in your heart.  Soothe yourself.  It may feel like you are literally transforming into water itself.  This is truly a tremendous collective transformation taking place.  You have all the soul tools within you.  Everything is always ok, and you are so supported.

Remember, Divine manifests in mysterious ways.

Blessings & Love


Energies Rising

March 21st 2023

Energies are rising within.  It begins before and beyond the root, yet the root is the representative, and the 'current' understood.

Root - Sacral - Solar - Pause - big sun, light, energies.

This energy will take some by surprise.  Fear is shook loose.  Some chaotic energy initially, then All will settle ~ yet not to be ignored or suppressed.

For others the energy will continue - Heart -Throat - Pause - here it will stay for a while.  Words are vibration, power, height and weight!  This is 'weather' they are spoken out loud or not.  Allow All to clear.  Allow that Heart energy to Be in the Throat.

This Energy is to be respected, as you Are to Be too.

I seen a vision of two different snakes.    These are representing two different energies rising (this is not the same as, or representative of, the kundalini serpent, this is a different way, Being).  One snake is more powerful than the other and won't appear, rise, activate until the first has done it's work!  All levels, all stages, all inner work, must be moved through.  This is Rising in Spirit to Be Soul.

Blessings & Love


Monumental shift

March 20th 2023

Old thought forms are being abandoned.  There is an internal purging leaving just a shell.  I'm personally feeling this, some moments I am nothing but a shell, some moments I Am, 'no''thing' at All.

As we are in a monumental collective shift in consciousness the ego is rising as we are.  The ego is just like a warrior, both wise and wounded, is there to protect us but is sometimes 'over' protective, and due to it's wounds can sometimes be in fear and act in misaligned ways.  How is that playing out for you?  The signs are clear.  It is in how your mind is acting, and reacting.  It is in how your physical body is responding.  It is in how old programs are presenting themselves to you.  It is in your feeling, and true knowing.  

If you are in the early stages of letting go it can seem strange, freeing, maybe even euphoric.  If you are in the end stages of letting go this can be the most challenging, especially when it comes to those you love.  It is like moving through a literal death.  Soften, surrender, accept.  Then death.

I seen these magnificent trees, living within an abandoned old (thought) structure, their trunk was One but had the appearance of many trunks twisting around together.  There Is Life within Death.  Also, 'different'.  Be different, without trying, be the You that seems to Be different, continue to Be your individual true self, and allow your growth as you grow in your own way.  Having a strong, solid base and roots can see you through.

Chaos will manifest more in the world outside.  It is a part of the process.  You don't have to go into it.  Remember that saying "Be in the world, not of it."

We each play a small role, but that doesn't mean it is not an important One.  'No matter' how small your role appears to Be I promise you it is not!  Each of us are needed in the smallest biggest way.  Work on your self, serve others by freeing them and loving them 'no matter' what.

Blessings & Love


being in Balance in power

March 13th 2023

Through sleep state in Higher Realms I gathered with a group, all females, who were, are, or are to Be, in leadership.  Margaret Thatcher was one of them. While I was there I was looking at her and wondering why she was a part of this.  She is taking a small role in this higher dimensional energy work.  She represents an imbalanced woman in power and is helping with this.  This is All about empowerment for women, and healing of the wounded masculine (within and without).  Margaret was very much a brilliant female in power in her time in that role but her personal power was out of balance, she was trying to fit in, she was very much in her head and knows through this experience where she can help.  We are working on balancing this energy, and bringing you more into the heart, yet again - since this is a continuous process.  How this Is in your personal day to day living here you will know.  It doesn't have to be any 'big' type of role on earth, it is all the apparent smaller roles that make up the whole!

Blessings & Love


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