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remember energy is timeless

regardless of dates whenever you are drawn to read something there will be something in it for you.

Full Moon Energy

October 20th 2021

What are you calling back to you? Through your sense of Self. Most times we do this at a subconscious level until it arrives and we're like “whaaat?”

Maybe it's your power you gave away.

Maybe it' s a desire from way back, you let go off, and here it is arriving into your life.

That's how it happens:

If we give away something we do not want to from a higher perspective we call it back.

If we call something in we want from a higher perspective we get it.

Human timing is different than Divine timing.

Return to who you are

and what you need.

Keep on doing that.

The world can draw you out, away from who you truly are, and what you actually need.

Sometimes it is easier to give than to retrieve or receive.

There is inner work, and outer work, we need to take care of.

It means transmutation and transformation, and it (the change / you) may be uncomfortable for others around you. Just keep loving.

There is an shift of energy, momentum, in preparation for forward movement.

Be aware of yourself.

Be responsible for yourself.

"Steady as she goes."

I am definitely feeling the lunar pull on the emotions, this is the start of a more high energy couple of months, if you can believe that is even possible.

Mind Blowing...

And Heart Blowing too!

I had the vision of a geyser so feel into that for yourself. A geyser is a combination of water, fire, air and earth.

It's all energy.

Spontaneous Spiritual Shifts for some!

“The little space within the heart is as great as the vast universe. The heavens and the earth are there, and the sun and the moon and the stars. Fire and lightening and winds are there, and all that now is and all that is not.”~ The Upanishads

The heart holds a lot, take care of it.

Current energies

October 15th 2021

There is a merging of Light between you and another; being, person or way. The merging is happening in the astral, having happened in higher vibrational planes but slowly making it's way in to this vibrational plane, so it will take a little time to see it manifest here. Saying that, signs are subtle yet strong!

We are moving forward in a more conscious way, having cleared karma, released pain, forgiven, and moved away from repeating patterns.

Remember, this, being here, is about so much more, it is about Soul Experiences and realising this more fully helps you understand some of the more 3D type discomforts and human experiences you move through, and it helps you actually 'move through them'.

'Remembering' also helps us tap into gifts that are within us, and realise new ways of Being.

Remember it all starts with you; choices, what works for you, boundaries.

Be your own Truth!

It is so important to have a healthy Self First attitude, not the toxic kind that is making it's way around, stay clear of those energies.

Be clear in what works, be kind as you go about your personal life. This way it helps all.

Stand in your inner strength!

It is so important not to forsake yourSelf! This type of energy does not help you, or the other you are attempting to suit. This is an old way yet when you are an empath or similar sensitive energy it can be easy to fall back into this old way. It truly does not help the other, it in spiritual fact takes from their journey and growth.

And growth is to continue!

The last couple of months of this year give opportunity for us to ready ourselves for the increase of vibrations in 2022.

You may feel drawn to joining:

1111~1212 Portal Program

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Angry at 'God' or 'life'?

October 18th 2021

I observed a person marching around a restaurant, a manager, they were very much in misaligned ego wanting to show their importance as well as being stressed.  Their air of anger filled the place.

The ultimate shadow self shows anger towards "God" or "Life".  This comes from a sense of separation, powerlessness, fear.  God or Life is not something outside us, it is something within us.

So if you feel that way what are you really angry about?  Do you even know?  Depending on the extent of the anger it may not matter because if you can take responsibility for yourself, and begin to allow yourself to connect with yourSelf, you won't feel separation anymore, and that may have been what the anger was all about.

Things will change by themselves naturally.

That person I observed will most likely not be working in that particular role anymore.  They will be working in something they love and somewhere they are needed.  They will know love.  They will have a whole new Life... Or God.


If you do not connect with yourSelf you will not connect with your Life.

Anger is both a limitation and a disconnect.

It should definitely not be suppressed consciously because it is not 'right' to be angry or some outdated limited belief like that, yet sometimes it is unconsciously or it is already deeply rooted in the subconscious.   It is an emotion that may rise due to some trauma you have been through for example but if that emotion rises in you and you have awareness (that person I observed did not) you can allow it to move through.  The only way to have awareness is through inner work in all it's ways, including the ultimate way; meditation.

"If one is able to check the force of desire and anger, he is well situated and is happy in this world." ~ Bhagavad Gita 5.23

With your awareness you can catch it, clear it, and be back in an aligned state easily.

When there is excess fire and air energy they need to be relieved physically before you can get to a calm meditative place to reconnect with yourSelf.

When I moved through some deeply set layers of anger years ago I first had lower back and hip pain that just appeared from nowhere (which is no such thing because it takes time to stew before it manifests in your physical body).  I didn't know how angry I was until I started working on that hip.  As the anger rose more I started doing taekwondo kicks which physically hurt so much but began to relieve the anger. The pain that had come about in my hip made it difficult to even walk up and down the stairs, so those kicks hurt.  They brought out tears, and primal roars, and it all felt so good.  Then they stopped hurting and that hip pain healed.  That particular pain never came back.

So they are just examples, that person I observed and myself.  If it's manifested in your physical body the location will be dependent on the reason.  For me it was back of right hip, so the anger was 'in relation to' men and the past and at myself.  There was another time before that it was at back of the left hip, so the anger was 'in relation to' my mams 'death' and 'the past' and a whole host of realisations beyond that.  Understanding why can help you heal, especially if it is z deeply seated and traumatic experience which grief was for me, as was relationship with men.  That 'why' can be as broad as your healing needs it to be, as in going beyond the immediate why, to earlier years, or to other lives and other metaphysical understandings and spiritual realisations.

If you are, or ever become, angry with God / Life, it is a misalignment, so take time to realign.  Your ego may not like it... But that can be given some taekwondo kicks too!

If you need a helping hand Vedic Counselling or Spiritual Guidance are currently open.

Chatting can help you realise.

"Being freed from attachment, fear and anger, being fully absorbed in Me and taking refuge in Me, many, many persons in the past became purified by knowledge of Me—and thus they all attained transcendental love for Me." ~ Bhagavad Gita 4.10

(and in turn love for self!)

New Moon and Archangel michael message

October 06th 2021

There is a sense of Self Realisation with this New Moon in line with an energy in action.

The right brain, and feminine energy, is realising where she maybe hid herSelf, and made herSelf smaller to suit others.

She is shifting into who she truly is.

She already has a knowing of who this is but now She is allowing herSelf to fully Be.

It takes courage to Be.

There is a realisation of how much you can be, and do, on your own.  This is simply a reminder of how everything is within you, not that you will always be on your own, but that realisation is necessary to bring in the right aligned energies so you will be, and do, on your own with others.

You are not alone.

You are developing your Self and your Power.

Spirit 'always' walks with you.  Always.

Archangel Michael came through with a message:

He protects us.
But He can also help with our perception.
Our perception on our safety and how we are protected is important.
So connect with Him, ask Him to help with your perception of protection.

Thank you.

Prophetic Insights:

biden and Putin / Us and Russia

September 30th 2021

Firstly, I, as in this human girl Ashling, has absolutely no interest in politics, zero interest. That is not to be disrespectful to anyone who does I simply know that is not an area for me to go into in this life experience, I am to keep my focus and energies elsewhere.

So saying that as I am to share more of the prophetic type psychic insights I have, this one happens to be about the world of politics, in particular related to International Relations.

I see Biden and Putin meet in a neutral location, it is a sunny, resort, holiday (vacation) type location. It seems they have met before in public and in secret. Just for further info for anyone who does not know me I do not read, watch, or listen to anything to do with any of this anywhere, I stay away from news etc.

I am there to witness this event and I am bringing some healing. On my arrival I speak with a C.I.A agent already present (Biden and Putin are not yet there). This agent is in fact a Lightworker and he is briefing me on what is about to take place.  (See how Lightworkers are placed in every single area on the planet.)

This energy will most likely transfer over to this earth plane in a slightly different format than I have just explained there since I am experiencing this in a parallel place. There is a lot going on behind the scenes with International Relations and since this affects every single human being things are to come to Light!

As we shift more and more in consciousness the whole earth is moving through this experience and all sorts of energies are rising up in a releasing way, we are about to witness a lot more happenings in Politics and Diplomatic Energies.

This will bring big changes to the world.

Blessings and Love.


Energies and Insights:

Continuous Change in Relationship in line with Rooting Up and Rising Up.

September 27th 2021

You will find you either grow together or grow apart.

It is deceptive because together is also apart because 'apart' is 'a part' of the whole, which is together!

Separating while still in physical form is a necessary 'part' of your soul growth, your evolution, their evolution; humanity evolution.

There are those who will accept and appreciate your changes and there are those who will not.

There are those who will accept and appreciate the separation and there are those who will not.

Out of those there are those who will remain in your life or will not.

Remember your 'life' is also your 'energy'.

Even if someone is not around physically they can still remain in your energy field, so where are your energetic boundaries? Tap into that. Clear that. Draw your energy back in and put an energetic boundary in place.

When people are not fully aware and are in pain they can project negative energy your way. This can hurt you, it can drain you and it can even prevent you (if you allow it) to move forward on your path. It can be as simple as meditating on it, if you are at that stage in meditation, clearing it, calling back your power, and putting an energetic boundary in place. If you are not at that stage than there are those like me, or someone else you are working with in a spiritual capacity, who can assist you with this.

As I walked in the early hours a fox came out of the tress and literally crossed my path. She stopped half way across, I stopped (in awe and excitement), and she starred at me. She then ran into the trees opposite side of the path. I asked her for her message and she gave it to me, two in fact. One that I will speak of here was in 'relation' to a relationship in my life. If I allow an energy to continue to come in the way it is it will interfere in my personal path (and I won't be helping the person). I had to clear some energy, that wasn't my own but in my space, and place an energetic boundary in place. I felt lighter once that was done.

Energy can be directed or projected toward you intentionally or unintentionally. This energy I cleared was directed in unintentionally and was in my space because I allowed it and because the connection was in both the heart and the root. The pain energy came in through the root.  In conversation with this person they said "it is not in my nature to do so” in regard to sending some pain energy in an others direction. That comment right there is not true. It is absolutely in everyone's nature to direct or project pain (or energy in general including love, joy, gratitude, peace). It is usually done unconsciously or subconsciously and in times of something big like grief which triggers a lot of deeper 'rooted' wounds.  Not only that but it is a guaranteed part of relationship!

It is not a bad thing, nor does it mean the person is doing something wrong, it is simply due to deeper cellular pain within them and they are being consumed by it and things get confusing.  It is a part of what we do for each other in relationship, and one reason why there is such a thing as relationship. These earth relationships are one of our tools of evolution.  When we can bring something to someones awareness when they are not aware of it themselves we are helping them, and they can then help themselves, if they choose to.  When someone is open to spiritually mature discussion great growth and greater love can come from these triggers, truths, and discussions, when someone is not it is best to leave it be, we cannot help everyone, nor can we interfere with their personal journey of realisation.

One of the changes you may experience as you grow is that you want to be in relationship with people who 'meet' you and 'see' you, the real you, in truth, in love, support, respect, and depth. It becomes impossible to be in relationship with people just because you have known them a long time or a lifetime.

Our primary support is coming to us from higher levels and as we level up that support manifests in new relationship. This is why separations and detachments are tremendous themes at this time. They are necessary to make way for the new; Aligned Spiritual Relationships.  This may mean a slightly solo journey for a while but in my experience it is beautiful because to know, feel and see spirit walk with you is the most beautiful thing you can experience. As is knowing you are setting another free.

Blessings and Love.


Root Chakra Insights

September 24th 2021

Sometimes our energy is stagnant and we need to get it moving again.

Sometimes we have limitations or restrictions put in place due to past pain and we need to remove them.

Sometimes there is repressed pain we need to release in order to move forward.

Sometimes we have the roots pulled up from under us and it changes our life forever.

Sometimes the inner child is calling to us and we are not hearing her (or him).

Sometimes we feel so displaced, unbalanced, or like we do not belong so we need to check in with ourselves.

Sometimes our energy goes too far outside ourselves and we need to draw it back in.

Sometimes a new life is just within our grasp, we feel it right there because it is so close and within our energy field we just need to ground the energies to fully manifest it.

Alltimes we need to take responsibility for our selves and our roots.

Some things associated with the Root Chakra, or, the First Chakra:

Our basic survival needs; shelter and food, money, family and where we feel we belong in the world, our whole physical manifested life.

It is our will to live!

Our passion and sexual energy.

Raw feelings from fear of death, to terror to joy.

It has the ability to 'make us unwell' in some way (illness, disease, aches and pains) to bring our awareness to underlying issues.

Some issues stemming from the root are addictions (all kinds), nervous system disorders, some things related to head (headaches, vertigo, mental chatter), sexual dysfunction,sexual abuse. (Always seek professional help if it is any of the deeper issues.  If you are currently undergoing counselling etc please check in with me about whether a Spiritual / Energy healing session or program is right for you at this time.)

It is where our programming and conditioning 'lives'.

It is 'a lot'.


Let's get to the root of it!...

If you would like a helping hand I run Group Healing Programs you can watch out for on the website, or we can do some One-to-One Distant Healing together:

Drop me an email:

Blessings and Love


Healing Insights

September 25th 2021

This healing happens in the energy body, within the astral / galactic planes.

This healing is Spiritual Healing / Energy Healing.

If something has manifested physically; an illness, a condition, a disease, then it needs physical healing, be that western or eastern medicine, or both combined.

Along with that this physical manifestation has an energy beyond it that needs healing, so whether you are in the midst of that manifestation or 'past' it, it still needs energy / spiritual healing. If you do not do that part of the healing it can reoccur as the same illness, condition, disease, or it can reoccur as a different physical condition connected.

This healing is subtle yet strong.

It will touch you no matter what, if offered to you, but, if you open to it, it can have profound affects.

To open to it you do not need to 'do' anything or 'try'.  In spiritual fact you do nothing and don't try.  You simply acknowledge in your heart you are open to receive and you will receive.

Remember this healing happens in the higher planes so no physical presence with me as the healer is necessary.  What is necessary is some silence and slowing down, 'allowing' yourself time to receive and integrate.  Receiving in sleep time is an option when silence and slowing down is a challenge initially.  In sleep time it is easy for your subconscious to receive.

There is no rush in your evolution, in spiritual fact, slow and steady is the way to go, without letting ego use that as an excuse to stop.

I highly recommend connecting with only one, (maximum two if it is a balancing situation i.e if there is illness this works well with one spiritual healer and one physical healer) teachers, or healers, at a time.  Different energies can confuse things.  Energy can get confused, remember everything is energy, you are energy, so you can get confused. 

Speaking from a teaching, healing, perspective, it is better for me too if it is just you (and no other spiritual or energy healer) since the energy can clash.  I prefer you to complete your work with the person you are working with then come to me.

There is no race, take your time.

As things unfold and shifts occur the bliss can be consuming in the most beautiful way, but remember there is always inner work to be done.  You get to enjoy the bliss but not be 'high' permanently, it is not possible, balance is necessary to remain living in this body in this material world.  Saying that you get to live in a new upgraded version of you and your world.  You don't get shiny windows without washing them.  Continue your inner work, continuous cleaning and clearing is important.

This is a process remember.

I can help you, Divine can help you, both through me and directly to you.  You have to both want the the help and continue to help yourself in-between healings.

This healing is, to me,  ultimately helping, I help you, you help yourself, we help humanity.

It is all up to you, that is Soul You.  Human you can get in the way at times if there is strong resistance and, or, human-will but if your heart and soul are in it we will get there it may just take some time.

If you would like the help, I can help you.

Blessings and Light


current energies

September 17th 2021

Cycles of completion coming about by allowing; by release and realisation.

As you release more you realise more.

Sometimes that's hard on the head.

A lot moves through the mental body along with it being touched by cosmic influences and energetic influxes. 

As you make space in one place of your of your energy body sometimes that space is flooded by other consuming energies still in the releasing stage, looking for somewhere to go.  Or sometimes you are not fully ready to let go, and, or, not fully comfortable with empty space so you fill it.  You are not 'doing' anything wrong, it can happen because all this is new to you, or you have not yet mastered your energy, or this newer energy, so go easy on yourself if any of this is the case it can all take more than one lifetime  (life being energy and time not really being thing!)

Along with that, as you release lower energies and simultaneously you have rising energy, sometimes those lower energies are carried up, that is, to the head, be that the mind or brain, affecting you mentally or physiologically.

This is where it is important to continue your inner work, to continuously clear energy, to simply (or not so simply) be in silence.

There is very much an overall energy of being more in the head right now, whenever that now is for you.

There is an action oriented drive as the inner sun strengthens.  Yet remember, the higher action steps are clear, the lower are not. Again; the higher action steps are clear, the lower are not.

Somewhere in the busyness of the mind is a soft, strong, sunny, action step forward for you.  

You can get tangled up in the busyness and you will find your way, but you will be giving yourself extra work and will become exhausted.

Or, you can de-tangle the busyness by letting it be.  Stop.  There may be a lot to 'do' but you will get it done so much easier if you 'do not do'.

Now exhale.

Some ascension symptoms are; constant chatter in the mind, questioning (this can be both beneficial and not), comparison, competitiveness, what-ifs, sudden aha moments, anxiety; feeling it in the head and solar plexus, dizziness, headaches, ear ringing, blurred vision, digestive issues, different sleep patterns from your typical and healthy, increased dream activity.

Intuition is opening more
Sometimes it is caught up in distorted energies!

Be 'higher-mindful' of this.

When it is crystal calm clear
You will 'know'.

Blessings and Love


current energies

September 12th 2021

All consuming unconscious energies are coming into the consciousness to release and move us forward.

They are really being 'felt' so that is in the physical body first for most, before they release emotionally.

Unconscious Grief is surfacing, and with this type of rising energy you do not need to have gone through a big grief in this current life experience, it can seem to come from no where, or if you have it can seem never-ending or constantly recurring. It is all part of the ascension/evolution/human-healing process. Unconscious Grief can surface as disappointment; confusion, sadness, anger (to list only a few of the feelings in the earth air right now). This can be with self, others, or with some situation, and it is really being processed in this lifetime.

There may be an unease or lethargy and either way you really need to physically move to get those energies flowing.

There may be a resistance to moving in that you know deep inside as soon as you move you will 'feel' and become aware and release, so you try not to move, making it all the more uncomfortable for yourself.

I sat in one yin pose and after 2-3 minutes felt the energy move and then tears began to flow. I felt aligned again after that. Sometimes that is all it takes. You are very able to do that too.

With that try not get too caught up in the physicality. It will distract you from spirit so try come back to balance by doing the physical thing; yoga, walk, whatever it may be, then be with spirit in silence and stillness, for even a few minutes.

Where it is felt and what is felt will, as always, depend on personal experience, saying that, collectively there is a lot going on with all the lower energy centers; root, sacral and solar plexus, and all that is healing the heart.

It is belonging and support.

It is relationship.

It is power and action.

There is space needed.

Take a step back, even from yourself, and listen.

There is silence needed.

There may be a sense of insecurity rise up but if you can try and let it be it, acknowledging it is there and simply surfacing to bring you to a place inner security, it will do it's work and leave. Watch for patterns of looking for security outwardly in whatever way that is for you.

Repeat: “I am safe”.

Because in truth you always are.

Let the past go.

Practice releasing what is complete in a conscious and compassionate way.

Blessings and Love


current energies

September 3rd 2021

It feels a bit like walking around in the dream state to me right now.

I am watching the world around me;
I 'see' them they do not see me.
And if they happen to, they hide,
because they do not want to be seen.

Being 'seen'
showing Truth.

Truth tears things apart.

You can truly live that phrase;
"Be in the world but not of it."
I am witnessing the ways of the world around me.

There is a disconnect between us;
between old us and new us.

That also means a disconnect from old energies;
which includes other people, because that represents an old part of ourselves.

Some of the current ascension symptoms are grief; anxiety, fear; all seemingly sudden, physical aches and pains in sacral area; hips, lower back, womb, intestines.  (Always tune into your intuition whether you need physical medical checks.)

For me there was a full day of great grief;
Soul tears
Pure pain.

I took the day to grieve, then I felt 'fresh'.

There are good energies in all of this.
There always is.

Whatever You want
It wants You!

There is a fresh start.

You are getting ready.
You are pushing yourself.
Trust the process.

Be aware;
Of feeling like a victim.
This is a disconnection
from yourSelf.
Be with your Self.

Be Truth.
Speak only Truth.
Falseness is, in the very least, felt.
Following that, actions prove what is spoken, or not spoken.

“(In Kali Yuga men) give up even the last vestige of dharma by making their speech totally devoid of truth.” ~ Mahabharata

No 'matter' what;
To yourself,
speak only Truth.
To others,
speak only Truth.

Truth is an expression of Love.

If another does not want to speak in Love with you
This is where you let them go
In love
Which is
In Truth too.

Blessings and Love


current energies

August 28th 2021

Things are moving at rapid rates now, it is like there is no break in the energy. Our human bodies (and hearts and minds) can only keep up so much until they crash....

Fatigue hit me for a few days which was in line with this. There have been big shifts with the last full moon, and just in general going along day to day, so if this has not hit you yet, it may. This fatigue was a tiredness I have not felt in a long time and has only ever come with big shifts. A lovely side affect was I slept long deep nights sleep, but then I as I went through my day it was like I was pulling a weight behind me.

We need to really look after ourselves, like 'really'.

I had no energy to move but I dragged myself, extra weight and all, into nature, and once I did that the shift was very noticeable. I simply asked Mother Earth to help me and clear some of this fatigue for me. Then I thanked her.

This is not a self indulgent looking after ones self but truly tuning into what can help us and what is right for us now.

This energy 'will' move us forward, so moving in harmony with soul, spirit, mind, body will make this process smoother. Separation from so much will occur; things, people, ways, old self.

Separations from people can be the most difficult, especially if this is a new stage for you, and some of these current separations are seeming to be quite startling.

We are all moving in different directions, or at different paces. It does not mean there is no love there, it just is as it is and as it has to be. There is a gift in everything.

It is really clear that we have to make choices right for ourSelf. Mind that ego; if we can catch it and be true with ourSelves we can shift more easily out of patterns. But! That means being 'really' truthful with yourself, without being judgemental, on yourself or on others.

Being judgemental will try to justify itself.

As we see surmounting shifts in spiritual awakening around us, and in turn shifts away from and (hugely) toward the ego, remember it will also be the ego that will try to tell you; you are right and they are wrong.

Make judgement


your Self.

Do not be judgemental


yourself, or others.

We all have our own experience to move through.
We all have different energy.
We are all, at a higher consciousness level, making decisions for soul growth.

So even as you may be the witness to others moving deeper into ego ways make judgement as to what is right for you but try not be judgemental on them.

Let them go their way, they will find their way.  Everyone can grow from where they are.

Just as the sunflower looks toward the sun as the earth moves those who are meant to will join you as you continue to bring light into each new earth day.

Blessings and Love


current energies

August 14th 2021

including Full moon

August 22nd 2021

Things are shifting to the extent of, and because of;

the inner work you have done (so far)

what you have been through in life (so far)

and what you have learned (so far).

For some there is a jump into a future timeline (not yet fully manifested).

Trust what is calling to you.

(for those unaware of a 'timeline', we can keep it simple for now and say; it is a new 'life')

Let go of those who are not a part of this new timeline (whether or not that is full separation there can still be a letting go energetically). It will be uncomfortable for you both if you do not let go. And because it is meant to be this way, if you (both) do not let go the universe will find a way to make it happen in a way to ensure the detachment.

You will come across those who will not let go, in form or energetically, just focus on you following through on your side.

You must walk your path and not hold yourself back for others.

And you cannot take responsibility for them.

There may be some times you walk your path solo but there is power and growth and lessons in this and it won't be for long. The new aligned energies will enter and continue the walk with you.

Trust yourSelf.

Be who you are; Be it fully in this world.

Freedom comes from within, but it can be an expression and manifestation without.

There is momentous energy rising.

Let yourSelf take flight.

Blessings and Love


current energies

August 12th 2021.

We can tune into what is in line with our current personal energy, it is as simple as sitting still and tuning into it (simple right?, or not so simple sometimes, or alltimes for some). So get to that place of simplicity you have to find the way that works for you to shake off the distractions and the disturbances.

Energy speaks to us, so we need to take time to listen.

You can understand more of who you are.

You can be sure of the steps to take.

You can achieve a steadiness in your self.

You can reveal your Self to your self!

You can show your true Self; and allow yourSelf be seen.

Things are being Lit up more!

This is igniting in the solar plexus and heart primarily, leading to the throat.

Can you allow yourself open up, or open up more?,

whilst leaving the ego mind out of it!

No being hard on yourself, no judging yourself, no trying to find logical reason to open up, or not to open up.

No fear!

Or at least catching yourself if that begins to trickle in and telling it “No”.

Ultimately this 'opening up' is about the heart.

Let yourself be seen by your Self first, then you can let yourself be seen by others.

What are you ready to open up to?

Who are you ready to open up to?

Because you cannot connect with it/them unless you open up to it/them.

'Wanting' to open up to it/them is not enough.

You need to open up first.

Not a little, a lot.

It may seem like a risk, but if it seems that way are you will to take it to live a life of Love?

Take a risk.


and Be


Take a step where you are 'ready' to take a step.

If you are not ready prepare yourself; do the inner work.

This is not about jumping into a bonfire; that might be far too much fire and light!

Be realistic.

Take it at 'your' pace.

But there is a pace, and that means movement, so do not take "your own pace" as an excuse to keep yourself locked up.

This all comes back to tuning into your personal energy.

Do what is right for you.

Use that “No” more.

Say 'No' where you need to say 'No'. It is a simple word, that can be used in a loving way, and it is empowering for you.  It will help you and the other.

Lions Gate and New Moon

August 8th 2021.

There is a powerful energy preparing us to move forward. It is 'time' to enter a new phase of 'life'.

There is a 'burning' away of lower, outdated belief systems, cords, and karma!

That burning is 'beginning' in the solar plexus. This is in preparation of activating more Light already within us. This is tiring.

The ego is breaking down more.

For those who feel (empaths) this is intense, otherwise the 'feeling' and 'experience' for you will depend on where you are at, and where you are going, on your personal path, and the path you are subconsciously, and consciously, choosing.

There is a new awareness rising up, which will become clear once the debris clears.

Lions Gate energies are cosmic energies, (additional cosmic energies pour in at different 'times'), these are Light Codes – Frequencies of Light Energies – that will assist in expansion of consciousness, an evolution of self.

These high vibration energies will bring activation within the Third Eye, Higher Heart, and Higher Solar Plexus!

All throughout August Love is a theme in a high vibration way, with all connections and situations; with 'life'. For those tuning into this, anything that is superficial, or not true, is disintegrating.

This is a part of the cord clearing. These connections could be someone who is just there, but it's not aligned. They could be someone who is in your energy but not physically in your presence. Remember soul mates come in and then go, and they bring both energies, energy you want to keep there and energy you do not. They come in to give lessons to help, then (and especially if you are on this particular spiritual path, whether recognised or in denial) 'go'. This is going to be very difficult on some, even those with awareness. But 'remember' it is only temporary.

This is enormous energy, that will move us along our chosen path.

I suggest staying grounded as best as you can, knowing you may feel off balance and that is ok, it is continuous work at the moment, and also staying in your own energy as best as you can up until the second week in August.

Blessings and Love