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September 23rd 2023
#21 #3

Home is a feeling within.  If you miss ‘Home’, or someone, or something, from ‘Home’ look within, there is a probability there is a disconnect within.  Right now there is also the new reality that home is closer than we have ever experienced in this human body before.  Home brings our nature-all feeling of peace and safety (as an over-all energy, not for everyone).

All that has been buried deep within us, within the earth, is rising for release.  All that has caused stagnation to the natural flow of the earths waters is coming into awareness, is manifesting into form so it can be cleared completely.  That natural flow is within us too – blood, bile, lymph, sacred sexual fluids, water itSelf, in all ways, in all connections.

In sleep state as I approached someone about a Truth they then revealed it fully to me.  They would not have done so unless it came into my awareness, and unless I approached them about it.  A lot is conversed about in higher realms that may never come into this physicality yet it will affect it!  We all have different values.  Do they align?  Do we align?  It can be as simple as it doesn’t feel like it aligns, no rhyme, no reason.  Trust that.  That is a truth.  Trust and Truth heal, align, and realign. 

Observe anything going on in your body, acknowledge it without judgement, and allow.  No worry, no holding on, let go in love.  If a why, rhyme, or reason, is meant to come into your awareness it will, no effort, so trust yourself, and anything surfacing within your system.

Some feelings are happening with the nervous system.  Prickly sensation, not like pins and needles, different, it is like sparks of electricity.  It’s ok it is just the nervous system firing up.  You may not even be aware of it, unless you sit, or lie still and quietly.

Nervous system is our upgrading and merging with higher aspects of Self.

I witnessed a new friend in conflict.  They were dealing with a customer and there was conflict, they were then on a call to another and there was conflict, they were then in bad form, naturally.  I asked them were they ok and they told me not to be concerned about them.  I said ok.  They went on to say they don’t like conflict.  I shared that there was a possibility they were experiencing constant conflict with others because there was some conflict within themselves.  Look within.  Receiving is difficult for those who are feeling unease within, go lightly.

With what is rising, as the flow of these waters purify and become more powerful, the only system to Be in, is our own system, our nervous system, our bodily system.  That means not being institutionalised or in any external controlled systems.  That is easier said than done most especially when you are immersed in them right now, yet it is possible to not Be. 

If we allow movement, movement will just Be.  If we allow emotion, it will just be that energy in motion, passing through, like the waters of a river.  Emotion is energy.  Feeling is our body speaking, or singing to us!  I follow my feeling, my energy, I allow all energy to be in motion, and it leads me to where I Am, need to Be, and where I am yet to Go.

There is an authentic, true, natural way, and that way is within you.

Give yourself permission to sit, to be in silence.  Just 3 minutes can set your day, or change it. The sounds around you, the air on your face, the temperature of your skin, the beat of your heart...

Surrender to what is, so we can be with what is to Be.

It is not what we were taught, it is not understandable, it doesn’t make any sense.  It is scary!  But it is the way through.  It is the way true!

Allow yourselves to feel all of what comes up, every emotion, but not getting stuck in it, feel and it and watch it like you watch the sun rising and setting.  Then rest.  Then begin again.

Allow yourselves to feel the physicality, allow yourselves to heal the physicality, allow yourselves to Be the new physicality. Be open to the new ways of being, and healing.  Everything is intertwined.  You simply cannot heal the physical fully without allowing and committing to doing the deeper subconscious inner work.  My back has been going through profound healing this year.  Well it has been years and years but it is this years I Am seeing a surreal shift.  I Am pain free.  I shifted through some very deep layers of energetics and emotion whilst continually working on, and beginning again, and again, and again on the physical healing until I cleared it fully.  I Am moving physically in a way I never thought I would again, as much as I knew it was possible.  This type of healing means working on all bodies – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

I heard a yoga teacher say you can control it all by controlling the breath.  I get what he was saying yet I don’t fully feel that.  I feel we can consciously connect with the breath to help with an emotion passing through, to disconnect from the mind, or to connect with it from a higher space – breath is connected with the space element with the ethers.  We can consciously connect breath and body.  Taking control of the breath is a way of taking control of the meandering mind, the excessive emotion, the boundless body.  That type of control is brief and a means of helping ourselves.  There is no need to control the breath, the breath happens all on it’s own, so long as all it’s interlinked aspects are in working order, are connected!  We are the same as our breath!  We don’t need to do anything when all of our aspects are connected, when we are in our personal frequency!  Everything just happens all on it’s own.  It is smooth and steady.  Everything just Is.

It is natural for chaos to sometimes seem to surround you as you shift, this is not something you are doing, or that is being done to you, it is a natural way things unfold.  Chaos may be a physical display of some doubt, heartache, fear of any kind, or can also be a need to control.  Surrender.  As much as there is so much more to it all, trust your current reality, accept all, without settling, without giving up, whilst surrendering and letting go! 

Ascension, Spiritual Awakening, Shifts in Consciousness involves deep inner work.  It’s the only way, you may try all the other ways yet ultimately that is all experience that will simply lead you back within.

I Am being asked to hold myself steady more and more, and I Am, and to Be in that balanced state of steadiness there is continual rebalancing, and energy that needs to be released including environmental.  As it approaches a new blast of incoming light, I Am being squeezed.  I never realised I was so juicy!  In the environment I Am in – Asia there is a conflict energy that is being cleared through the deepest layers of this land and I Am also seeing it in others around, mostly in males in form.  The feminine energy in me felt conflicted (in line with the masculine energy within me).  She is moving between love and complete compassion for the male, fear of him, and the pain and heartache of what was caused by him previously.  The conflict of love and fear! We can’t be in both at the same time, it’s love, or fear.  That’s where and what the wounds are rising.  Love is the only answer, yet if he is firing arrows and is not open to receive love what do you do?  You step out of the way of course, you come into your personal power, you allow that inner masculine energy to rise in spirit.  You choose, you choose love, you choose peace. You Be in that personal loving space. That’s not to say you will always feel that way, that’s ok, so with that a gentle reminder that you allow all feelings to rise and flow through, that’s also a choice, that’s also loving you.  So much can be healed with love whilst stepping into your sovereign state of empowerment.

It's internal and it’s eternal.  You.  Your truth.  Your love, your heart, your knowing.  You.

Can you recognise distortions within you, from whenever, wherever, whomever, whatever – there are distortions from childhood, from ancestors, from society, from all personal experiences.  Distortions can be difficult to recognise unless you are truly willing to look at yourself, look within yourself, and work with yourself.

Our journey is our self-discovery.  I am so thankful for this journey, this learning, this love, and there is no ending to the self-discovery.  Presence is powerful and so important, if you simply honour your journey, your Self, you become naturally present.

We have to keep up with the energies, with the shifts, with life, with ourSelves.  It can be uncomfortable and seem serious at times so allowing our playfulness is important as is letting things go swiftly.  There is no rush, that is not what I mean by keeping up with the energies and letting go swiftly, there is still divine action and divine non-action, balance, ease and peace.  It is about allowing ourselves be with and move through the energies and all that they bring.  One experience I had for myself personally recently was seeing ‘entanglements’ that I needed to disentangle.  We are moving away from a frequency that no longer serves us any longer so with that what needs to be dissolved will show itself, and all sorts can come up and out.  There is a very real sometimes raw experience with that, and there are very real feelings to move through.  It can be easy to say detach yet not so easy to do that.  The same yoga teacher as earlier said to control the feelings, detach from the feelings, and I was ‘feeling’ a lot that day (including that teachers sudden sharp tone in spurts throughout the class).  I was ‘feeling’ they have some control issues, most people do in fact.  I spoke with a beautiful South African lady I have met recently and She admitted to me she didn’t realise how difficult she found it to let go.  I said you are not alone, most people do, and your awareness of that is your power, and the beginning of you letting go.  Her eyes filled with tears.  This is beautiful uncontrolled (allowing) feeling.

We are taking full responsibility for ourselves in our new higher conscious, dimensional, state.  We are witnessing all we have experienced and created manifesting in our new dimensional world.  Observe the new people arriving in, who are they, what type of energetics are they, what is their primary intelligence, is it emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual?  You called them in.  Why?  What are they offering you?

There is lifetimes, and lifetimes, and lifelines, and lifelines of all that is not love, leaving!  Separation is surfacing again.  The layers are endless.  The speediness will be down to your surrendering process.  The lower chakras are going through more purification, aware or not of it, and with this the choice of going inward is a higher conscious choosing.  As I am being called to stay very steady these days, I allow and do whatever that entails for that to occur.  What can you do to help yourself be in a state of steadiness?  

With your blessed steadiness arrives harmony and joy!  As you hone into and honour your heart a powerful presence presents itself within you and within your life.  You are the life you lead.  You are the love you need.

Blessings & Love


Choice & Consent

September 12th 2023
#3 #9 #333 #1

Remember we are evolving, not just aging, total transformation, which includes purging on all levels, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual!  You may feel like you have fallen from your perch at times, and maybe you have, but that can be necessary to go into the deeper layers.  You have the wings to fly when the work is done, and it is only then it will all make sense.  Trust.  Things are shifting quicker.  This also means you may be in the depths of despair one moment and singing and dancing the next.  You’re not a lunatic it’s ok.  Take a few minutes in silence in between burst of highs and lows and this will help to balance that energy.

Be grateful for all that’s coming to the surface.  Old ways, structures, agreements, contracts, conditions, programs, projections, and pain, have to go, and for them to go you have to ‘let go’.  It is a courageous step because it means a change, and a loss in some ways, and the ego and human heart don’t like that.  Some will go completely, some will stay, and some will go to simply reunite when there is an aligning frequency to meet up – energetically, not necessarily physically.  New relationships are less physical.  Attachment is a hook into the old.  There is more love in detaching because there is an energy of fear projected in attachment.  That is felt by the other.

It is highly likely that everything is not what you think.  Be open to the fact that you don’t know much at all.  We know what we know in this moment, yet everything is ever evolving, truth is constantly changing.  The deeper we go, the less we realise we know!  You can only know what you know in this moment, and it is that, that will take you to your next truth.  Trust is part of that.

Can you be so loving with yourself that you can be open to the spiritual truth that you may be caught in a cycle, or projecting something towards someone - who is the energy that is helping you see and shift something - or that you have a wound that is weeping!

The masculine wants to be heard, seen, and loved!  There is so much in that.  The feminine in line with that is letting go of old ways of loving.  There is constant balancing going on.  September is seeing surges in the scales of dynamics within, which may manifest without.  

There is resistance to losing your identity, because there is fear, naturally.  It doesn’t matter where you are on your personal journey, most especially in comparison to anyone else – we each have different roles, different responsibilities, unique individual soul jobs to be and do – what does matter is your balance!  Are you in balance?  If not, what can you do, and not do, about that?  You will come to find, and maybe you have found before and just need reminding, that surrender, that letting go, is the easier way.  Resistance causes you pain.

Awareness of yourself, in all ways, a human, spiritual, multidimensional, being, is important.  It is also about embodying all of that, about bringing all of you into this present moment.  Presence is powerful.  I honestly feel so powerful in my presence these days.  It just Is, and I just Am.  Your presence is your power, and it may mean others can be triggered, especially when not engaging in old ways, yet this is helpful.  I don’t live in an instant messaging world for example, I haven’t for years, but am less available by way of technology more and more so others feel that because it is still physical separation, and the wound of separation is the biggest one to heal.  As we evolve we don’t need that physicality anymore, to me I am always connected with those I love, by heart, and we are still in relationship.  Relationships are truly evolving, which of course makes sense because we are individually evolving.  We join in loving relationship this new way when both sides are ready.  The only way you are going to get there is within you.  And the only place you are going to get true instant connection is within you.

Separation is the most stubborn wound!  You may feel (or think) that you’ve moved through it when boom the feeling comes to visit again.  Don’t be so naïve as to think that it is done, because it will rise up in the same or another way until you have truly, truly, truly, healed it, and realise the truth.  You get breaks.  Just like the waves in the ocean.  Until you have let everything dissolve, whatever that is for you in your soul human experience, you will continue to experience the waves, breaking, settling.   You will know when you know.  I asked at one point, “how can I let anything, or anyone, else go!?  I have let almost everything and everyone go, there is nothing left, and now you want me to let this, (and these) go too!?"  I was completely stripped bare.   I allowed, I surrendered, and I moved through, and what came through that was this new constant state of steadiness and peace I Am in.  I now have even more love for myself and all others.  Being stripped so bare is not the case for everyone that is my experience. The point is when you allow your experience, when you surrender to what it is you are to surrender, and when you move through what it is you are to move through, you too will know peace.

At the root of separation is the fear of death.  Through my grief I contemplated on this “but I’m not afraid of dying, and I know others simply move on, so what is this?”  I also know some of what is beyond this human experience and I will be happy to go when my time comes (not for a long time yet!).  I am not sad to leave anyone behind, I had that fear, moved through it, and realised the truth.  What the fear was, when I asked that particular question in relation to death, was ‘suffering’, lying there alone suffering.  We all die alone even if there are people right there and there is no suffering on death, only surrendering!  I will go asleep one night, head off on my travels and not come back.  The fear of suffering in death I had was due to other life experiences where that occurred and was still in the cellular memory, and it was also a program!! It took some work yet it was worth it to clear those two lingering things. 

We don’t talk about death enough.  How do you feel about dying?  How do you feel about a nearest and dearest dying!?  It’s sad and scary for a lot of people.  It’s not something we feel into until it happens to us – loved ones dying - and it is the most heartbreaking event we will experience in life.  For me this grief was the catalyst into a spiritual awakening.  It’s not something I am encouraging you to think about every single day, and if you have thoughts of wanting to die speak to someone, whether that be a loved one, a therapist or a spiritual healer.  Yet to heal the wound of separation it can help you to ask yourself that question, and it can help you to clear that fear.  Something we will go into in the Higher Healing 333 course.

I was with my Mam as I travelled through sleep state and we were having a conversation about Spiritual Awakening and Death.  She said "it’s very hard, you have to move through all the feelings and experiences with the loss and separation, then as the truth is revealed - that there is actually no death - asides from the physicality, you have to then move through all the feelings and experiences with that realisation".  The separation and the union, the overall transformation, is painful!  There is no sugar coating it.  Yet it is within and through that pain that true love is come to be known.

We are in a magical time.  There is choice, do you choose to accept the light, the energy, the evolution that is being offered to you?  There is consent, do you consent to accept the higher frequency’s being offered to you that are coming in collectively, and also offered to you individually?

I choose Yes.  I consent.

A Firefly came into my home, I walked into the dark kitchen to see his glowing light!  What a beautiful sight.   I smiled and bid him goodnight.


Blessings & Love


the 3 T's

September 03rd 2023
#3 #9 #333 #1

Total Trust.  Total Truth.  Total Transparency.  They are being totally called for.  No matter what.  Remembering there is only That, no good or bad, no right or wrong.  All of it is in Love.

There is a constant unveiling occurring, whether that be subtle or shocking in your personal world depends on your personal soul choices, and decisions.  Aware of it or not, you are constantly at work at a higher level, mostly through sleep state, on your soul choices and changes!  Even costume changes!

Through my sleep time experiences I was helping the masculine (that energy within us all, male and female, but in particular it was heightened for males in form).  One experience was I was with my Dad and helping him choose new clothing!  One meaning of clothing is how we present ourselves to the external world.  We were choosing very high vibration – fine cloth, expensive (abundant), beautiful, pristine – clothes.  We were also altering them in a way that suited his soul cellular style!!  There is shift in the ‘father’ energy.  This is also a shift in collective, within, without, masculine energy.  A part of the purging process of the old patriarchal energy complete, we are experiencing enhanced masculine energetics now. 

Do you trust your process?  We are all here on a mission, we all have a purpose, you may be aware of it or not, yet you are always living it.  Everything, and everyone so far, every experience is a part of who you are, and what you are here for, and why you are here.  Everything, and everyone has led you to this moment sitting here right now reading this.  I trust it all.  It took a lot of inner work to get to this pure state of trust.  I have been told in my life I trust too much.  I had to work through that programming others placed on me, they in spiritual fact being a part of helping me trust more!

I live a life of complete trust. No structure. Not conforming to what might be seen as social norms.  I trust where I Am, and I trust not knowing where I will be next month, or maybe next week, or sometimes tomorrow.  I trust I will have the money to pay for a flight when it comes time.  I trust I am always led to the exact aligned place at the exact aligned divine time.  I trust every person I encounter along the way.  This all serves me well.  I encountered some people recently in Flores who were very obviously manipulating me, wanting to help me, which they were, but it was more about helping themselves, I smiled, said thank you, paid the money, and walked away.  I didn’t need to say anything.  I prefer transparency, and when people weren’t being totally transparent and truthful with me before I was triggered, not in a huge way, but I didn’t like it.  Now it doesn’t matter to me at all.  For some it is just the state of consciousness they are experiencing.  They don’t know I am psychically tuned in and aware.  My vibration will touch them in our exchange and that is enough.  I still prefer total truth and transparency but now so long as I Am That I Am Peace.

In line with this cleared old masculine, father, lover, brother, self, energy, and the enhanced energetics, ‘She’ must let go.  Our feminine must purge the old memories, beliefs, conditions, programs, pain.  It may bring some heart ache to let go but there are distortions within every single one of us that have to dissolve.  This letting go is like the death of a loved one, so although it is distortion, treat it with love, no loved one dies was, or is perfect, yet the love is the only thing that matters in the end!  Treat all distortion, all pain, with love, and let go in love.  Although there is so much illusion, we are very human and pain is very real, as is fear, so honour it all.  And return to your heart and love.  Death and destruction are necessary for life and creation.  It is necessary to clear pathways for our new frequency to vibrate fully.

Look at, but not just that, actually ‘see’ what it is you are holding onto, and who too.  Everyone and everything is clue. 

We are in an accelerated stage of, whatever you prefer to call it, ascension, awakening, remembering, evolution, shifts in consciousness, and however that presents itself within you is dependent on your soul journey. I Am going through profound shifts in psyche, and that definitely will not be the way for many yet there is no comparison in anything.  Saying that, there are groups of us who go through similar shifts at the same time.  Or, for example, you may experience a fraction of the same energy another is experiencing, or another may experience a fraction of what you are experiencing.  Some will experience the same intensity but in different ways.  Others may look at you like you’re mad because they are not experiencing any of this, in awareness only because no soul goes untouched.  There are no levels, all is connected, there is just experiencing in different ways according to soul plan and assigned pieces of the ‘over’’all’ puzzle.  For some of us it is our jobs to hold the light for our human brothers and sisters.  What is happening collectively is a purging, a cleansing.  I can honestly say I have never felt so steady, so present.  I simply Am, and cannot Be any other way.  I can’t think ahead, I can only Be, there is no planning, no thinking, no overwhelm, and I don’t know if it will last, I don’t mind either way because I have no mind, saying that I have been this way for weeks now.  Nothing matters.  Everything is easy.  I have no fear.  I have no concern for what others may think.  There is only Truth.  There is only Love.  There is only Being.  This is beyond me, yet it Is Me.

Through sleep state last night I was having a lucid experience where different ‘times’ were merged, the past, present and other existences.  That is explaining to me this presence I Am in.  I hope you are getting to experience this somewhat too, if not, then you will, just keep on allowing, and being, and doing the inner work.   Through this lucid experience I was back as a four year old little girl, I was as I Am right now, and I was in some of my higher states of being, as an alchemist, a galactic high priestess, a spiritual teacher, a spirit guide.  In one experience I was chatting to another feminine and explaining how primary school is such a happy, warm, memory for me, and yet it was also the dual opposite, it was a painful separation and the trigger of this deeper human spiritual experience I Am living.  I felt the warmth and joy of this memory but I didn’t feel the pain or separation of the dual affect because it is gone from my cellular memory.  At Soul state I choose to carry the warmth of that memory in my cells.  There is no past, no future, only now, and everything is happening simultaneously.

One more experience to share because it definitely Is something for us all; there are energy discs, not sun discs, these are different ones, that I was working with through sleep state, and teaching others to work with them.  We were adjusting, and aligning them.  If it’s you, you are holding them in your hands.  I was telepathically working with them.  This is one of the ways I work so this is natural for me.  May I suggest, if you feel, drawn, look to your hands.

Always tune in to your intuition, use discernment in who and what you work with, and align with.

In line with that if you feel drawn to work with me, with your Self and Spirit, I Am to bring us together for a 8 week course Higher Healing 333.

Dates: January 07th - March 03rd inclusive.

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Maximum number of people Is 7.

This course is simply for you, for anyone who feels drawn for no reason.  It is for anyone who wants to begin, or continue, their inner work, for anyone who simply wants to connect with themselves more, is curious about their multidimensional self, their purpose, who wants to heal themselves, who is grieving, who is highly sensitive, the list goes on.

This course must be completed for anyone wishing to join Meditation Training, and Spiritual Healer Training coming up in 2024 ~ (it must be completed but is not a guarantee simply because you may need to allow, and do, more inner work, it will be part of an psychic application process and is for your highest good) ~ which will take place remotely – online and higher realms (‘higher’ just being a word to explain).  They will be small groups and these courses won’t be what you may possibly think, so please expect the unexpected if you feel drawn.  The Meditation Training must be completed to go on to the Spiritual Healer Training.   

Blessings & Love


purging ~ physical ~ presence

August 25th 2023
#22 #1111

And as happens the energetic makes manifest!  Following on from my post below (so go read that first if you haven't) my energy clearing turned into a physiological clearing too.  That's how it works, that's how and who we are, energy, which includes the physical.  The physical is usually the last to manifest within an energetic experience (usually because a physical accident or injury can cause energetic imbalance).  We have individual body's (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical) but they are all interconnected.   A couple of days after my energetic experience I had what would be perceived as gastroenteritis, no vomiting, but the rest of it was very present!  I have absolute faith and confidence in knowing this is all energy purging, you can see from my post below, and how I wrote about what was energetically going on in advance of this manifesting physically.  We all truly need to look deeper beyond the physicality of things.  Every dis-ease within the body has an underlying energetic tone!  When it manifests physically we need to help ourselves physiologically, I have never and would never say otherwise, what way that is physically is up to you, and also depends on your state of consciousness as to what will work for you.

The 3D is dissolving more and more.  That doesn't mean we are literally dissolving, but it does mean the veils of illusion have/are/will dissolve, and the density is dissolving into a lighter Being.

Through a lucid experience I was in conversation with a male energy and we were discussing our 'wiring' - nervous system - and one of the things we discussed is how the broader networks outside of our individual selves can affect us!  It is becoming more important to tune in to yourSelf.  Trust your intuition, that inner voice, your heart.  Pause, take a moment.  Take some time in stillness, be quiet.  It is simple!  

I have never felt such presence as I do right now.  Deeply hidden old masculine waste cleared! These energetic shifts can seem intense, and surreal, but the simplicity they encourage, and the presence they bring is beyond words.  None of it lasts.  Be in it, whatever it Is.  Trust every moment. Trust.  Because it's all to lead on to the next!  Trust.

Blessings & Love



August 21st 2023
#11 #9 #333

I'm feeling it today!  The energy is flat, dense and I can barely move since mid morning, I'm like a snail.  I feel a purging move through the solar plexus, I'm not vomiting etc, but I feel very nauseous and can only eat and drink small amounts of liquids, no hunger (which is not like me), it's not Bali belly (because I know that well and I checked in with myself), it's an energetic purging.  Our inner masculine energy is healing with all this Divine Mother, Divine Feminine help.

This morning when I woke I was perfectly fine apart from a little heart clearing and I went off to a yoga class, there I spoke with the receptionist whom I've become friendly with.  I asked her how her heart was and she cried, her 16 year old daughter is pregnant, and she feels she has failed her and that she is "a bad mother", she had so many hopes and dreams for her to go to university etc, and now she has to get married, so she is grieving.  I spoke with her a while about this and the control within religious community, then I hugged her for a long embrace and we cleared some of her heartbreak.  While I was practicing it came to me to tell her "NO" "Say NO to the marriage",  I had a (silent) conversation that it is none of my business and I was guided to share it, so I did.   I took her to one side, I said you can do this, be the change, some people may not like it and will judge you, but many will honour you, keep her at home with you, and you can help her be the change.  (In Hindu culture the girl has to go live with the husbands family.) 

I felt the her solar plexus as we hugged again, and the energetic purge began.

I stayed inside the remainder of the day!

It's not just her, it's me, it's you, it's collective.

There you see some Divine Mother energy and healing coming through in my waking world, and the Inner Masculine of power, and strength, and ego, clearing and realigning too.

Be the change.  Upset the status quo!

I will leave you with the words the band with that name "Status "Quo" sung:

"And it feels like a ring of a bell echoing through me

I look back and it's never the same

And that's the way that it ought to be

What I feel is the sound of a change echoing through me

Move into the light

Come on into the light

Move into the light

I'll see you in the light, all right" ~ Ring of Change, sung by Status Quo.

Blessings & Love


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