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Current energies / "The Cause"

august 05th 2022

Through the higher planes I was in conversation with some other Beings about "The Cause".  As I awoke remembering this journey and conversation my programmed brain briefly went to the euphemism for Irish Republicanism, the fight for freedom.  It is a program for obvious reasons, and it is an energy still lingering for all connected, that means all Irish borns in particular, but more than that for me it's a part of my ancestral connections too, my Dad's Dad was a part of the real IRA, and his Mam was a part of Cuman na Mban.

Then I was triggered back into what it is really about.  It is about our human right for freedom, not a human fight for freedom.  It is about our human shifting in consciousness to realise more of our true nature, our power and potential, all to be used for good, no fighting is necessary, just allowing.

Things are shifting so quickly, we have been deconstructed and reconstructed, and this process will be repeated as often as necessary.  Who are you now?  You are not who you were yesterday.  Be present.  It is the only way to walk this path.  The most important part of this path is the heart.  Listen to the heart, not the head, follow it's guidance.  This guidance will be given in small sudden snippets.  It will tell you what to 'do' when you are to 'do' it, it will be one action step at a time, you won't know the outcome, you are not meant to.  It takes trust, and courage.  It is so much more than you may realise, yet it is so, so simple.

It is about 'feeling'.  'Feeling' is a multitude, it is tuning in to the body and paying attention to those 'feelings'!  What are they telling you?  You don't have feelings for no reason - ever.  This 'feeling' is about honouring the physical - don't disregard it, that means honour your body, honour your physical human existence, your human journey!  An important side note to that though is, it is about balance.  It should not be used as an excuse to dismiss your spiritual and soul self.  This 'feeling' is about the heart, which is about love, and is about living through the heart.  You may 'think' you are living through the heart, and I am sure, you are offering love, and being kind, but that is only a droplet.  Are you allowing yourself to receive love? Are you allowing yourself to fully be love?  Again they are only droplets, they are big, but they are only droplets.  They are something to look at first.  And it is not easy because 'allowing' and 'receiving' and 'self love' all take inner work in themselves to get to them. There is so much more!.... More I will share soon.

Receiving and Allowing are extremely important on this journey - what is this journey? - it is this human spiritual soul journey.

Blessings & Love


Astral energy program / Insights

august 03rd 2022

As I travelled through the higher planes in sleep time last night I was shown the feminine with new energy was being immersed in water - there is a purification of the feminine - within the feminine there was new energy waiting to be birth - for some that may be literal, as in a baby being birth - for some that is simply a reference to new energy being birth.  Remember you are the creator!  What do you choose to create?  How do you choose to use this energy?  Because this energy is in it is just waiting on you.

In line with this I was given a message "don't go back".  I looked back toward a group of females, some of which I know here, some I don't, and I stalled and I said "I don't know if I should leave them or go back".  I was then told "don't go back".  There is more letting go.  There is always letting go, in different ways it may be mentally, emotionally, spiritually, soulfully, physically, for me this is a constant part of my process, for others it is lesser so, for some others they hang on out of outdated belief and thinking.  For example remaining in a persons life because you care for them, or out of an old conditioned way of what caring is, may be more harmful than good for both of you.  The past is the past, when what you came together for is complete, let go.

In one vision there was a group of women and I sat between two; one was a bright vibrant connected pregnant woman, the other was an introverted different connected woman.  I spoke with both of them at each of their levels about 'different' things.  We are all one remember.  These female representations are a part of all of us.  Balance!  Again so much keeps coming back to 'balance'.  There was another female who commented on the group of women as they walked into the room they were gathering in - which was what looked like a wine bar / cocktail bar.  This other female was nasty and judgemental.  I replied to a not so nice comment she made toward the group and quietened her up.  This female is a representation of a lower form of feminine consciousness acting, and 'being', out of pain, and a lack of awareness.  This energy has to go!  There is no room for this energy here anymore.  How it will go will depend on the individual!  The universe may push them into situations to look at themselves, to realise, to do some inner work, or there are many other ways this energy may go!  I was shown a male been given guidance on how to change his ways; one of those ways being infidelity on his wife.  I gave him two books, one for him, and one for his wife... because although he is the one 'cheating' they both have work to do, and for both of them this work is in relation to the feminine energy within.

The sacral, as well as the prementioned power in the piece below, which is the solar plexus, which is our inner masculine energy, is going through a great clearing, and upgrade!!  This includes the heart, to me from what I see it always does.

I am aware a lot of what I see, share, hold space for may repeatedly refer to similar themes, but that is what is going on both collectively and individually, at deep energetic cellular levels.  Remember it isn't just one clearing, or a little inner work, this is a constant continual process.  There are layers and layers.  You must be yourself, tune in to yourself and your bodies, honour what they are moving through, and do your own inner work, your own healing.  I can hold space for you, I can help in quickly transmuting energies, and allowing source energy to come through me to you, but you have to do your own healing and your own inner work (and remember, I do too!).  You do not need to suffer.  You do not need to stay too long in a layer of discomfort of pain, that is where I can help.  The special work we do together will benefit you more if you continue in even a short meditation practice daily, it doesn't have to be long, try 3 minutes of closing your eyes (this is important here) and being quiet, then 5, then you may surprise yourself some day with a longer meditation.  It is not that we do our one to one session, or you take part in a group offering whether distantly or in retreat, then that's it you're done, it doesn't work that way.  I am working on some new programs that will guide you more with this, details will be added soon (what soon is will depend on the energy in general, and the energy work I am currently doing also, so do bare with me.)

There is a lot of emotion with this current energy and shifting, there is also physical symptoms in relation to the sacral and solar plexus area, so if you presently have some condition it may be amplified, or a new one may appear. Always tune in to your intuition to know what to do (or not do) about a physical symptom, and if you need physical help; a doctor, physio, tcm, then get that help.  When something manifests physically it needs physical help, maybe even a walk, swim, some yoga.  There is great opportunity for healing right now, but not only that, there is great opportunity to manifest, and to simply 'allow' blessings into your life.

Blessings & Love


Astral energy program / lions gate

august 02nd 2022

A deepening connection between the spiritual plane and earth plane, a deepening connection between our spiritual self and human self, are very much themes.

We cannot have one without the other.

The awareness of each, individually and together, is important for us.  The number '8' which is connected to this Lions Gate energy has meaning connected with Infinity, Abundance, and Courage!  It takes courage to be on this human journey, and even more than that it takes courage to connect openly with our Spirit Self and 'allow' all that is meant to be for us, which includes that abundance of health, wealth, joy and love.  It takes courage to allow more of our Soul Self come into this human vessel and be on this human planet.  It all takes courage, and inner work!  Abundance, and Self Believe - leading to Self Knowing - Self Acceptance, and Self Love, all take courage, because they take inner work.  It is not easy, the inner work, and it is not airy fairy, this is all very real, and it is all very worth it.  We are being prompted and pushed more and more to 'allow' to 'flow' and 'grow' within the space that is soulfully, and humanly, right for you.

Spirituality is about a higher conscious connection with our Self, it is ultimately self love.  It is communion with Self.  It is bringing higher conscious being into this human being.  Self Love involves ourselves first at an individual level but it also involves others.  It is never selfish, it is always kind, even when letting go.

There is an ending to many cycles.

There is a beginning to many blessings.

There is a reconnection with our personal frequency...

leading to a remembering of who we are, what we need to do, why we are here...

it is all so much simpler than you may 'think' - don't think!

There is a tiredness like no other with this incoming high intensity light, and today I am vibrating, my whole body inner and outer is vibrating - it wasn't the most appropriate day for a dental check up!  One of my fears.  Thankfully it was all ok, no bad news today, and the most loving and supportive male dentist - I never go to male dentists on purpose but today they had a change and of course it was all meant to be!

There are so many things clearing, gifts opening up, and coming in, so don't let anything deter you, trust yourSelf.  Listen to your body and let it sleep whenever it wants to, whenever you can, it is here a majority of this energy work is taking place.

There are still 3 spaces open on the Astral Energy Program if you feel drawn to joining us.  In this group and individual inner work so much more takes place, and at a quicker rate.  The lower, more uncomfortable energy is transmuted easily, and the higher, more blissful energy is integrated rapidly.  You will see and feel manifestations occur quite rapidly right now.  All you need to do is allow.

Blessings & Love



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