Meditation & Healing Courses

"The Foundations"

September - November 2024 online zoom

I am not teaching Teacher Trainings in the old format anymore, since it doesn't feel authentic to me, most especially for Meditation.  For what happens when I connect with those I am meant to connect with is they move tremendous transfiguration processes bringing about shifts in consciousness.  This is meant to be slow and steady, with streams of spiritual awakening, then breaks, or lulls, and all that entails in between.  You cannot become a meditation teacher or help others with their healing in one training, or one course, this is a life long lovely spiritual journey.

If you are a teacher, healer, helper, of any kind your continuous individual inner work is the way to go.  I am on this journey with you, it is my path to Be, and I am fully committed to it (after many resistances throughout my journey, it is not for the faint of heart, but it is beautiful too!).

I offer One-To-One & Group work remotely, and retreats, in which you will expand your personal energetic frequency, shift in consciousness and tap into more of your potential.  You don't need certificates to allow and do this for yourself.  A lot of what I have come to learn and know has not come from a certified course or school.  If it did it would most likely have some other Galactic Spiritual Alien Schools name on it and it would 'probably' not be taken seriously here.  (If you  don't know me I'm Irish and that is my sarcastic wit shining through there #smiling.)

After a certain period of working together I will invite individuals to join me in an intimate Meditation teacher, healer training.  This training will be different than others you have experienced and something you truly need to be ready for on all levels (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually) and it will be a soul calling for you, and you will know at that stage if that is aligned for you.

"A teacher that teaches from the heart both on and off the mat.  I  completed my 200hr teacher training with Ashling of Rise Spirit Soul in July 2017.  Having practiced with Ashling in different capacities since i began my yoga journey, she has been a wonderful guide and friend.  Ashling's training has been a period of transformation in my life and travelling to India with the group for training was profound in every way.  Ashling nurtures each and every student to bring who they are to their yoga mat, respecting themselves and the students they teach always.   As the group was small everyone became great friends and made connections that will last a lifetime.  I cannot thank Ashling enough for everything she has taught me and continues to teach me on my yoga journey. If you are looking for a teacher training that enhances your practice, being and life this is the one you have been looking for." ~ Niamh Gray