Saturday 22nd February 1pm - 3pm


at baskin hub

Price €60

Mantra Meditation

Guided Light Meditation

Silent Meditation

Lying for Light Codes Activation

These Light Gatherings are to:

Assist in the Ascension Process

Help Heal Old Wounds

Move Through Grief

Release Stuck Energy

Clear Karma

Assist Empaths

Guide Lightworkers

Raise Your Energetic Vibration

Realise Your Truth

Know Faith in it's Purity

Live Life in Happiness

Each day now going forward higher frequencies of Light are coming in. 

These Light Gatherings will help you transition in more ease, making it all a smoother process.  They will activate Light Codes within you waiting to be activated as well as draw in new additional Light Codes.

You are to allow your Light to shine for this is what adds to the incoming frequencies of Light flowing from Higher Vibrational Planes.

You are to accept yourself as your 'True Self'.

You are to continue inner work on 'You' and your High Light Energy is what will bring change, and touch others in a way that they cannot help but Rise in Spirit to meet Soul.


4 Week Course

Thursday 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th February 19:30 - 20:30

at Baskin Hub

Price €80

drop In (one class)€25

Mantra is Sound is Vibration.

Every moment of every day the energy vibration that creates sound moves through us, touching every cell in our body physiologically, mentally, emotionally and of course energetically.

There is a particularly pronounced effect on our two most sensitive systems;

The neurological system

The endocrine system.

The sounds we hear in our environment and the sounds we create through speaking our own words and hearing the spoken word of others touch us in a positive or negative way.

Someone may speak the same words as another but the tone will tell you two different stories.

Someone may speak words through Love and they feel good themselves along with helping the other feel good.

Someone may speak words through anger or any lower emotion and hurt the other and in turn hurt themselves.

Words have different meaning and vibration for different people. The word 'Yoga' means one thing to me and something totally different to another. The word 'Love' means one thing to one me and something totally different to another.

So you see the sound (and meaning) of words is all about vibration, and in turn about our individual personal vibration.

Raising Our Vibration has a tremendous effects on our life.

Using mantra as a way of Raising Our Vibration has the most powerful outcome.

Chanting Sanskrit Sounds primarily helps to clear the lower mental body. By this I mean, it can assist in clearing the likes of anxiety, mental chatter, same story repetition, negative thought patterns, post traumatic stress, lower vibration energy.

Mantra is a profound way to help, and bring balance to, your mental health.

Chanting helps bring balance into the nervous system, so will bring your energy up when it is down, and ground it, when it is high.

During this time together, there will be periods in chanting and periods in silence.

The mantra will vary week to week.

This will also be an influx of Healing Light.


Sunday 29th March 11am - 1pm


at baskin hub

Price €60

Ganesh Maha Mantra Variation


Group Life Regression & Healing Session

Channeled Message and Light Energy Transmission

By chanting the Maha Mantra we will be calling upon the powerful energy of Ganesh, the elephant headed Deity, the Remover of Obstacles and the Lord of New Beginnings.

This mantra will help to release and move past any perceived obstacles in our lives, or the one/ones at the forefront right now.  By chanting this mantra, you are aligning yourself with your Soul desired outcome and moving towards it with conviction.

This is preparation leading into the meditation and in turn leading into your Life Regression and Healing Session.

Both Ganesh and Archangel Michael will be joining us for this event, amongst many other Higher Light Beings.

Note I am not saying 'past' for this event because we will be open to journeying to any space and place; some other words that can be used are parallel or future!

Just be open;

to new experience

to releasing

to resting

to reviving

and realigning

Just be.