Sunday April 7th

10:00 - 17:00

at The River Room, River Holistic, Raheny

Price €120

You true Self, You as Soul is there deep within, unheard, unseen, unfelt, buried beneath layers of veils. 

The physical body with its physical movements, the life force with its desires, the emotional body with its intensity of joy and pain, the mental body with its restless movement, all crowd around and cover this special naked being.

When we slow down and purposefully take time for our Healing, our Connection, our Devotion, sealed doors open as our Angels and Spirit show up to help our Soul shine through.

'Our Angel Friends, and Spirit too, are here on earth, to grace their gentle touch upon you'

Throughout this High Energy Healing Day:

Soft Yin & Restorative Yoga Practice

Mantra Meditation

Past Life Regression

Calling in our Angels & Spirit Meditation

Group Healing

Spiritual Insights

Our own Light is sometimes limited by range and overshadowed by pain.  Angelic Light and Light of Spirit is endless and is there to help us clear the shadows and remove the veils.  Where this Light Shines, 'All' is Lit Up!

In Light


Deposit of €20 to hold your space

Balance due on the day in cash

or by Friday April 5th by Bank Transfer

(further details forwarded on in follow on email)

'Angels are Beautiful Bright Lights in the Midst of our Lives.'