Lightworkers are those of us placed on Earth to help and heal.

You can be placed anywhere, yet always within a place needing you to transmute the lower vibration energy of pain and to transmit the higher vibration energy of Divine Light.

You will have come from another place of higher vibration to help with the Ascension of Plant Earth and its inhabitants.

You will most likely be the one within the family unit who is clearing the ancestral trauma.

You will most likely have been, or are going through, grief, trauma, confusion and questioning.

You may at this, or some, stage be feeling energy move through you in a new way, or have experienced a brief spiritually enlightening moment.

You may find yourself within situations of conflict which you cannot comprehend how you ended up there.

You will most likely trigger pain in others.

You will most likely have drawn situations unto yourSelf to propel you into a profound state of personal healing.

You will most likely be the one in the work environment transmuting the lower vibrations.

The work environment is not just in an obvious healing capacity but can be absolutely anything; an office where there is a battle of egos, the police force or military where there is a lot of darker energy at work; a hospital where there is tremendous pain.

Light has a way of Calling You!

You may feel drawn to connect with someone like me who has been on this path and through huge trauma, healing, spiritual awakening and remembering, and yet you do not know exactly why!

Once you connect with someone who has been through this journey and their purpose is to awaken within others, you will Ignite the Light within yourSelf.

This is a tailor made program for each individual.

Therefore I will tune in and connect with your Soul and both our Divine Spiritual Teams to put your program together for your higher needs.

There will be inner work to move through.

Your life will not be the same again.

Your Light will be luminous and your Energy will expand beyond current comprehension.

These Programs are based in Ubud, Bali

During our time together some of the things we will do:

Hands On Healings

Meditate Together

Energy Transmissions

Guidance for Home and Work Practices; Yoga, Meditation, Self Healing, Energy Clearing, Healing of Others

Spiritual & Soul Guidance through our time in conversation

Attend Sound Healings

Visit Temples including purification in the Water Temple

Prices will vary depending on length of stay and package:

3 - 10 days

(I recommend a minimum of three full days to see some results)

3 days ~ €850

(including accommodation for 4 nights)

7 days ~ €1700

(including accommodation for 8 nights)

10 days ~ €2100

(including accommodation for 11 nights)

Price does not include food, flight, transfers and any other personal expenses.  Please see accommodation below.

Deposit ~ €200

These are one to one Journeys.

(there is an option of two people committing together at a discounted rate per person)

Dates available from end of September until mid November

First drop me a line, we will converse by email and then we will arrange a chat on WhatsApp or Skype call

Deposit ~ €200


Located just on the outskirts of Ubud in quiet and privacy yet easily accessible to the centre