Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

'The Light & Soul of Yoga'



at Rishikesh Sadan, Rishikesh, India

August 01st - 22nd 2020

This is a very special spiritual yogic journey for the self to the light and soul.

You will personally move through an opening experience and expansion of consciousness as well as develop all the skills you need to pass your love of yoga on to others.

These trainings are a special way to bring the right soul energies together for powerful transformation.  This can be an initial training, or an advanced training when completed with bothYin Level 1 and Meditation Level 1 four day trainings.

This is about connecting with your higher self and the teacher already within, learning in a way that you will guide others through your unique energy and share your special gifts.

The primary focus' in these Teacher Trainings are on the Spiritual, Energetic, Consciousness and Healing Aspects of Yoga, of Union.

What is Union?

The word 'Yoga' literally translates into 'Union

Therefore Yoga is including, but most definitely not limited to, the physcial asana practice; this is in fact a starting point to bring us toward Union

Union is the balance of the feminine and masculine energies within

Union is internal first, manifest external second

Union is the connection with Divine

Union is the connection with Earth

Everything in Life is so much more when we lead by our Spiritual nature, in conjunction with our Higher Minds.

That means for some, for me, and maybe for you, living a Western Life in a Spiritually based way.

Teacher Training is about your soul growth, about moving deeper into living through the heart, about realising your true spiritual nature.  Only then can you connect fully with your deeper purpose in this life, along with the primary purpose of just being 'here'; being here in a new aligned way.  This is a heart journey.

Being in the Energy of the Source of Yoga and being in the Energy of Rishikesh itself is a huge part of this journey.  You will get to experience the local way of life, immerse in the culture, chat with locals, attend local events, experience both the craziness and richness of India.  This is another realm altogether.  Both being drawn to Ashling and being in this physical location is connected to the shifts that your Soul is calling you to move through.  Your eyes, and heart, will forever be open to a new way of life.


All tuition and guidance

Teacher Training Manual

Accommodation in private room with bathroom

Breakfast, Dinner, Supper; Sattvic Vegetarian

Drinking Water & Herbal Teas

One Group Outing on Day Off

Ganga Aarti Ceremony

Welcome and Graduation Puja Ceremony

Certification with Rise Spirit Soul

Not Included:

Cost of study material & books from required & suggested reading/study list

Any additional personal costs; flights, transfers*, insurance, sundries

*i will arrange your transfer on your behalf

Syllabus Synopsis:

Transformational Hatha Yoga (with Ashling)

Traditional Hatha Yoga (with both Ashling & local Indian teacher Yogi Deepak)

Daily Meditation Mantra & Pranayama

Chakra / Energy Body System; the old and the new!

Healing Through Yoga

Introduction to Physiological & Metaphysical Anatomy

(Online Study Program for Introduction to Physiological Yoga Anatomy)

Yoga Philosophy; The Source of Yoga!  The Yoga Sutras & Bhagavad Gita

Spiritual Talks, e.g.; The Ascension, Spiritual Awakening

Introduction to Ayurveda

Conscious Spiritual Living; Living a Spiritual Based Life in a Western World

DailyTeaching Practice

Teaching Techniques; On & Off the Mat

Class Plans & Practice; You will teach a whole class to our group in your last few days

Stepping onto the Teaching Path; Teaching to Your Energy; Tapping in to the Teacher within

Daily Schedule:

A rough daily schedule is:

07:oo - 18:00 with evening study and solo meditation

I work with the days energy / with group energy therefore this schedule will change at times (or not or a lot!)

Sunday 9th & 16th are free days

Further Details will be shared by email

FULL PRICE:  €2900***

*€300 initial holding deposit**

*€1600 due three months prior to training
balance due one month prior to training
(individual payment plan options available)
**Deposits are non-refundable

Certification with Rise Spirit Soul

(***additional €200 for registration with Yoga Alliance International India for 200 hour registration)

Deposits are paid through the online store using debit or credit card or Bank Transfer
just click the 'express an interest' button below to email for bank details if you prefer to make bank transfer directly


The Hatha Yoga Practice is where all Yoga Practice, as a Spiritual Practice, is derived from and  it is recognised as a softer style of Yang Yoga.  In Hatha Yoga; the Rise Spirit Soul way, you can expect a steady paced practice that focuses on breath and movement in asanas in a Devotional way and in a Healing way. Hatha yoga is a great place to learn, to begin the journey of 'Union' ~ Yoga!  Each practice we begin again; where you are at today, physically and mentally, no expectations, no desire on outcome.   Expect some prayer, pranayama, seated meditation, mantra and yoga nidra.   Devotion is offering our practice to Divine.  Healing is letting go of the layers to move through 'Realisation' to 'Remember'.


This integral system is a combination of the most powerful techniques of Hatha, White Tantra, Raja, Bhakti, Mantra and Kundalini yoga to bring about complete transformation of the individual at a physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level.  A carefully selected sequence of asanas are practiced to open and cleanse the seven chakras.  While hatha postures are practiced Transformational Hatha Yoga moves beyond the physical body; pranayama (breathing techniques), mantra (chants) & meditation are an essential part all the way throughout this Yogic System.  These techniques work simultaneously to purify and energise the energy centres, and balance the subtle prana energies.  The effects of this practice bring equilibrium & serenity into the nervous system, the entire physical body, emotions, mind and soul. 

Rishikesh Sadan is our retreat centre, based on the outskirts of Rishikesh.  It is within walking distance to shops, restaurants and the centre to Lakshman Jhula Bridge, but is in a quiet location by a running stream at the foothills of the Himalyas.   Click the link below to look at their website directly
These trainings are open to everyone, only prerequisite is a somewhat open heart and mind, I'm here to guide you the rest of your way, to you.
Simply pay your deposit by clicking the link to the online store 'Book Here', or click on 'Express an Interest' with any questions or to arrange a one to one chat with me. 
Information regarding daily schedule, reading and study material, flight and travel info,will be forwarded in email correspondence.
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