Level 1 Meditation Teacher Training

4 Day Event

Teacher Training & Guidance
Training Manual & Certification with 'Rise Spirit Soul'
Daily Meditative asana Practice
Daily Seated, Lying and Active Meditations
Spiritual talks
Energy Healing
Any additional personal costs; travel, accommodation, food, personal insurance
one-to-one 4 day training €1200
Deposit: €200
(Deposit payable to confirm space and is non-refundable)
Certification with Rise Spirit Soul
(additional €100 for registration & certification with Meditation Alliance International)
May I Introduce You to the Sacredness of Meditation, to the Sacred Act of Surrender!

Surrender of your human nature as you currently experience it is important to move into a true Meditation practice. This is where we'll begin. We'll begin with surrendering the old ways of understanding, the old ways of reacting, the conditioned ways of feeling and the expectant ways of progressing!

Meditation is a way by which we can communicate with the Divine, with the higher consciousness.  Meditation is many things though ultimately it is linking in our consciousness with the Divine within to raise our vibration and direct this power into our lives!

Ashling is a Grand Master in Meditation and can help guide you in various ways to various experiences which you cannot imagine until you move through them.  She will help you connect with certain vibrations and ranges of consciousness that can change you instantaneously .

One-to-One teacher training is a special way to bring the right energies together for powerful transformation.  Below is a rough guide to the course outline as your training will be tailored to suit your soul guidance.   This can be an initial 4 day training or add in Level 2 for a 7 day training.

You will experience active meditative asana (posture; the physical yoga) practice to move stuck energies.
You will experience mantra meditation and varied passive meditations to introduce you to a true meditation practice.
You will be given the tools to gently introduce meditation into your classes if you are already a Yoga Teacher and the tools to have your own daily practices.  If you are not a teacher this will be a gentle introduction in to being a Meditation Teacher preparing you for deeper immersion.
Most importantly you will move through not just an Introduction to Meditation but also an Induction to a Higher State of being!!!
Deposit Is Non-Refundable
Deposits are paid through the online store using debit or credit card, paypal or Bank Transfer
follow up payments are by bank transfer (if credit/debit card or paypal is requested additional 5% charge)
One-To-One Trainings
Level 1 - 4 day training ~ €1200
Full (200 hour) TT - 10 day training ~ €2800
Deposit: €200
(Deposit payable to confirm space and is non-refundable)
Certification with Rise Spirit Soul
(additional €100 for L1 / €200 for Full TT for registration & certification with Meditation Alliance International)
there is self study and continued daily practices before, during and after our one to one time together
Email to Discuss One to One as each training is a personalised program
Mantra Meditation:
Aum/Om is the sound of Divine which removes obstacles on the path of realisation of Divine!
Simply inhale through the nose, open the mouth to begin the sound of Om with the exhale, slowly closing the mouth to complete the mantra with the completion of the breath.
To move deeper see if you can concentrate on Divine moving through you, through your mouth, through your body, through your heart and lungs. In Om there is no ego, concentrate on Divine working through you and the greater the power of the mantra!