'higher CONSCIOUSNESS connection'

meditation teacher training




Gaia Retreat Center, Ubud

June 09th - 30th 2022

You cannot separate Meditation from your life or Your Life from Meditation.
Meditation is (or will be with this training) a part of your life.
The purpose of Meditation is so much but it is definitely not to check out of life it is to be more fully of it, and in it.
Meditation will change your vibration.
When your vibration changes your whole world changes.
How can this happen?
By connecting with your Higher Consciousness more fully and drawing it into your Human Consciousness by a consistent Meditation practice, then taking that higher state of being with you into your day to day life.

This whole experience is about you, following it One of the things that will happen is you will touch others.  These others will be people in your personal life, strangers you walk by on the street, and maybe those you touch, and teach, by purpose.

meditation is:
connecting into your Higher Consciousness
a stable connection (with continuous practice)
a steady stream of consciousness
a merging of the Higher consciousness into the Human Consciousness
a raising of and remaining in your vibration
a way of receiving guidance and downloads
an allowing
a clearing and quietening of the lower mind
a necessity for mental health and overall health
a way to hear answers to your prayers
a doorway into the Higher Heart
a linking of the Higher Heart with the Higher Mind
a transformation of your evolving cells
a way to live your life fully
Meditation is Your Higher Consciousness Connection.

this Meditation Teacher Training is You Connecting to a Higher State of Consciousness for you, 
from where you are in your level of consciousness right now.
This will be merged into your hearts and grounded through you into the heart of Gaia.
this is you doing your part for humanity.  The most potent way to be of service to the human consciousness collective is through choosing to consciously fuel your own ascension, your own evolution.  as you grow the collective grows and evolves too.

at this time here on Earth, at this time of Ascension and Spiritual Life, we are not here to repeat what others have done, a lot of which was done to the best of ability and awareness at the time; we are here to become aware of a Higher (inner) Wisdom and of New Ways.

You will not find any of the teachings of this gathering in books.
we are going to starve the human mind.
what will come, comes from Divine.
Ashling, as the teacher, is a channel, a link, to Divine Consciousness for You.

This 'Higher Consciousness Connection' Training Retreat is about Realising Divine, about Expansion, about Illumination.  This is a very experiential training.

Divine will flow through the channel offered to you (your teacher Ashling), it will fill you, despite any misalignments or pain; which means it will clear these misalignments and pain; which in turn may mean some discomfort (but with this teacher these misalignments will be transmuted and cleared and you will experience the High Vibrations now being activated within you).

brief synopsis:
Days 1 – 10 (Jun 9 – Jun 18)
10 Days of Purification.
Day 11 (Jun 19)
Early Morning Outing to Tirta Empul
Free Day
Days 12 – 18 (Jun 2o – jun 26)
7 Days of Silence
Days 19 – 21 (jun 27 – 29)
3 Days of Integration
day 21
Evening Outing to kecak fire dance
Day 22 (jun 30)
Morning Meditation

Meditation on Divine
meditative floor based asana practices accessible to all
Satsang ~ 'sat' means 'truth' 'sang' means 'seekers' ~ we sit and share Sacred Truths
Yoga philosophy; we will look at and meditate on sections of the Bhagavad gita
Jnana Yoga ~ Union of Wisdom
Japa ~ is a Sanskrit term referring to 'mantra repetition' in a Devotional way
for the 7 days in silence you will be fully prepped and supported, beforehand and throughout, both energetically and in form the time in silence is of a light nature, it is not like traditional vipassana

there are continuous incoming energies and transmutation throughout this time together, including during sleep state.

this is a right brain journey.
Again; we are going to starve the human mind.
There is no reading or study list for this training.
if you would like some preparation you can connect with ashling for some vedic counselling, distant healing and Energy transmissions.

This training is Open to All.

If you would like to chat click on 'express an interest' below to drop a message and we can arrange a time for a call.
more info will be forwarded after signing up with follow on communication.
€3600 pp ~ Shared Room (quad room - 1 room available)
€3900 pp ~ Shared Room (twin or double - 6 rooms available)

21 Nights Accommodation
Breakfast everyday
Dinner everyday apart from days 11 and 21
Herbal Teas and Water
airport transfers on first and last day of retreat
Day Outing to 'Tirta Empul' - Balinese Water Temple / Holy Springs
Evening Outing to 'Kecak Fire Dance'
tuition and Rise spirit soul certificate

Not Included:
Flights (guidance given) and Transfers (can be arranged for you), travel and personal Insurance, Personal Sundries
meals (apart from breakfast which is included) on days 11 and 21
(day 21 for anyone who will like to we will arrange a group meal outside for our last night after the Kecak Fire Dance outing.)

Deposit to Secure Your Space €300
Balance divided into 3 payments
1st payment due by oct 2021
2nd payment due Jan 2022
final payment due april 2022
(personal payment plan can be arranged if you wish, for example monthly payments.)

Deposits are paid through the online store using bank transfer, debit or credit card, paypal (with no additional fees)
(follow on payments and balance due will be by bank transfer otherwise an additional 5% fee if by debit, credit card or paypal)
Limited Number of Spaces Available
Deposit Is Non-Refundable

Certification with Rise Spirit Soul included
(additional €200 for registration & certification with Meditation Alliance International, for 200 Hour MAI Certification.  This can be arranged for training completion or requested at any time thereafter.)
There is plenty to enjoy at the retreat CENTER;
relaxing in or by the fresh water pool, hot tub, sauna, massage.
There are lovely walks through the rice terraces.
you will have Opportunity to explore Ubud, its many cafes and local warungs,
Visit Sacred Monkey Forest, local temples and markets.
Sample Daily Schedule:
06:00 ~ Sunrise Meditation & Morning Practices
08:00 ~ Breakfast
10:00 - 13:00 ~ Mantra, satsang & Silent Meditation
13:00 ~ lunchtime
Free Time & self study
16:30 - 18:00 ~ Mantra, satsang & Silent Meditation
18:00 ~ Dinner
20:00 ~ japa Meditation & Focused Group healing

this is a sample schedule and may change as guided according to group energy
the format will differ for the 7 days in silence, meal times will be the same.
"that spiritual man need not be a recluse,that union with divine life may be achieved and maintained in the midst of worldly affairs, that the obstacles to that union lie not outside us but within us- such is the central lesson of the bhagavad Gita."