Namaste, I am Ashling, the name and Irish word (Aisling) which means 'vision or dream'. 

My Yogi name is Jyoti, the name and Sanskrit word which means ‘Light’.

We choose our names for reasons before we are born, and I now understand why I chose these names.  I receive visions in both waking and sleeping states, I see energy and spirit, and I travel through the sleep states easily and remember it.  I am sharing light frequency's with others here on this earth as I go about my day to day life and in the specific work I am here to help with; humanity healing.  I am also simply human like us all.

If I am to refer to myself 'as something' I relate to being a Starseed.  The frequency of light / energy I share with others is of a galactic vibration.

I Am a 'Spirit Worker' - I work with Spirit and Spirit works with me or more so Spirit works through me to you.

I receive a lot of visions and messages to share mostly individually more so than collectively but do receive messages for the collective that I currently share subtly.

I hold the space for you to raise your vibration, become conscious on different vibrational levels, awaken to the Truth of who you are, and come into a place of peace, and this involves healing, which you do, but there is no doing, it is mores so allowing.  You heal yourself.  Others can help you yet it is always you who heals yourself.

I share a frequency with you for you to utilise.   'You' is soul you, human you doesn't have to 'do' anything during our deeper subconscious work together.  'Remember' you 'allow'.  You will make changes, some subtle, some not so subtle, and take intuitive action steps to do so when called for.  This doing is a divine doing, more than the older way of human striving.  This is part of what you will learn in our time working together.

I am what you may call psychic.  But we all have a psyche!  We are all evolving here so you have the ability to tap more into your intuition, for example, part of what will happen for you when we connect for time together.  I came in here with the ability to see through my third eye due to the nature of who I am and where i have come here from.  I remember a lot of what happens as we sleep, and have the ability to connect with your higher self (or soul) very easily through sleep state, and through waking state too, it is just that when you are asleep you allow more since when you are awake the ego may get in the way.  In the Higher Astral Plane we can work through your subconscious easily.  I receive insights and messages in the way of visions, feeling, hearing, and an innate knowing, which i pass on exactly as they come - this means sometimes you will need time to decipher them and realise fully.  After a One-to-One session, a Higher Astral Healing, or time in Retreat, the energy continues to work for days, weeks, months depending on the length and depth of our work and time together (together doesn't necessarily mean physically present, I can work with you easily at a distance as I mentioned above.)

My mission is to help the heart of humanity, help people come into a place of peace, and from there you can experience beyond that.

I can help and guide you through this time of Evolution and expansion of consciousness,

I am a Highly Sensitive Intuitive and Visionary (working on all Rays but powerfully so on the highest sensitivity of Blue Ray).  I have a deep connection with Spirit and Higher Beings of Light who work with and through me, some of whom are: Archangel Michael, Ganesh, Ascended Master Mary (or our Lady Mary).  I work through a higher state of consciousness, in line with these Divine Energies, when helping you on your journey. 

'Blue Ray Starseeds' are ultra-sensitive souls that come from different ascended galaxies, to assist in awakening the new genetic light codes in humanity and raise the levels of consciousness, bringing them in line with the higher earth plane.  All of this is about moving into a more heart based, higher conscious loving way of living (and loving).  That naturally encompasses a 'whole' lot for most, yet this shift can appear to be very subtle.

My personal story, briefly here:

Is that I was always sensitive, and i put it to sleep for a period of time, or tried to!, for it to reawaken again.  There was a slow start to my first big spiritual awakening, anxiety guided me onto the path of yoga, which was a beautiful introduction for me into uniting more with my true self.  Through these practices I began to experience energy and spirit in new and profound ways  I always had experiences through sleep state, which seemed 'normal' to me but now I began having deeper experiences, and now in meditation.  I met and seen my guardian angel, i seen 'new' colours, I began to suddenly know when someone was thinking of me, or about to phone me.  I seen angels appear in front of my human eyes in an energetic way.  I seen orbs appear,  my granddad in spirit came to me (whilst i was awake fully visible to the human eyes in the room I sat in).   A lot of blissful experiences.  Then the real work began!  Because that's what happens, there are layers and layers of lives, conditions, programs, and trauma to move through that is deep in our subconscious and if you are going to step up to yourself, and for yourself, you have to dive into the shadow stuff too, that being pain.  Most people stop there, until maybe a time, that your soul self / divine / the universe, pushes you.  My mam became terminally ill, and the shock of hearing the doctors words "there's nothing we can do" literally shook me into my next spiritual awakening as I had a full out of body experience, then her death into the next, then the grief into the next and the next, clearing lives and lives of grief, which I choose to clear here in this particular life experience.  So you can see grief has been the biggest trigger for my awakenings, remembering, and shifts in consciousness!  Healing myself became a priority not knowing at that time that this is exactly a part of my mission here -  helping humanity heal and awaken their higher heart and know peace.  I was teaching yoga, which i loved, and my teaching was different, at the time most people were more so interested in the physical asana solely, but part of my job there was to help people realise there is more than the physical.  I went on to guide teacher trainings, which were different than other teacher trainings (again, not focused on the physical but including it in a healing, conscious way), they brought about awakenings within each and every person who attended, in some way.  Some stopped there, some have continued on this particular journey of evolution with me.  Healing just seemed to happen to people when they were around me or not, those connected with me in some way, physical presence not 'matter'ing.  This has all evolved, and continues to, and since i have been through many more shifts in consciousness I now help people in a different way.  Yoga is a wonderful tool but I have moved on from the physicality of that (yet I still practice physical asana myself), and have recently after a 3 year break come back to guiding teacher and healer courses I am just not calling them trainings any longer.  I also offer One-to-One Spiritual Healing, Higher Astral and Galactic Group Healings, and Spiritual Guidance by way of zoom video call, (or voice call if you are not comfortable with video call), Meditation Teacher Courses and Retreats.  All of these offerings are ultimately allowing the same thing in different ways; bringing you into a higher state of heart, being, consciousness.  

We are all continuously learning in this life and I am no different.  There is no end.  I continue my Spiritual Studies (mostly through sleep and meditative states in spiritual planes, along with our human plane since it is truly such a big spiritual school for us!) and inner work on a daily basis and take time (a lot of time!) to retreat and connect deeper with Self, with Divine.  During my time in retreat I am helping the collective energies by allowing healing move through me, in relation to where I am, as to what it is.  I continually move through shifts in consciousness.  I work with others in blocks of time to make sure i can continue my own inner work and to make sure i am ok and remain aligned, centered and grounded.  In continuing my personal inner work I am currently studying nutrition in relation to nature and healing.  As with everything, this is for myself first, yet I am happy to share it with you and help you in this way too, it is all connected to our light bodies and consciousness.

I like to encourage you to meet yourself where you are today, to BE as present as possible, to accept, to allow, to surrender and let go, all to align with that who you truly are.  Just arrive with an open heart (don't mind the mind) and allow me to hold the space for you to rise in spirit to meet soul, to align to your higher heart, to be at peace, and to know pure unconditional love and life.

This is not a quick one time process, it is an ongoing process.  There are levels upon levels to move through.  Once you are through one stage you typically get a break, time to enjoy the peace and bliss, then you may move into another shift in consciousness, which may bring about some more temporary discomfort, but this process becomes smoother over time.