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multidimensional healing

One to One

occuring over a 4 week period

This is a One Month Healing Intensive*

Each week we have:

- One weekly zoom session, which is approximately 1 hour talking together.

- One focused clearing session which I sit to connect with you (soul you) remotely at no specific time for you but at a time I am called to sit.

- One focused higher healing session which I sit to connect with you (soul you) remotely at no specific time for you but at a time I am called to sit.

- We meet through the Higher Astral Realms through sleep state during this month where we allow your multidimensional healing to happen.

- I will email you one weekly voice note with any insights, messages that have come through.

- We will have email communication throughout this 4 weeks where you can share and ask as we move through your experience.

- It will be a month of clearing through the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies, a month of realisations and new happenings, therefore you will need to take some time for yourself.  You can go about your day to day necessities, yet you will find in signing up we (spirit) will be already clearing space for you.  Some stillness is important.

If you are not familiar with the Higher Astral Healing, or any of the One to One sessions have a read below and on the "Healing Sessions with Spirit" Page from the drop down menu under "Offerings and Events" tab.
numbers are limited since I only work with one person in one day.
spaces will be open on a first come first served basis, following that we will allocate your start date, or add you to a waitlist and contact you in the weeks leading up to an opening.

*this healing must be over a 4 week consecutive block.

Multidimensional healing

Price €369

higher Astral healing

may 17th - 19th, 2023

for this energy work you do not need to 'do' anything
you simply need to be open to RECEIVE

We meet in higher realms as your body sleeps on Wednesday night 17th through to Thursday morning 18th for group work.

Then I am woken/guided to sit for a focused group healing at a specific time that day.

This comes through in your sleep most potently and through your waking day too.

We meet again in the higher realms on Thursday night 18th into Friday morning 19th for one to one work.

Then I sit as I am woken/guided through that day for each individual one to one higher healing session.

This also comes through in your sleep and through your waking day 'and' in the days that follow.

throughout this experience you will release what your soul feels no longer serves you
you will receive a rise in your energetic vibration
you will have healing where it is needed
you will experience increased dreams / happenings in sleep time
depending on you, you may even remember us meeting in the higher astral realms
spirit will share messages for me to pass on, and will send them through me so they go directly to you
you will INTUITIVELY 'realise' things for yourself since this is a heightened energetic time
you may have experiences with your angels and spirit working with you
and more

Following the first night of 17th I will send a group email (on the 18th) with everything to share (this will be from my perspective for the group, you will also have your individual experience during night 1).

Following the second night of 18th I will send individual voice recordings (on 19th) with your personal messages (again this will be what I am meant to share with you, you will also have your personal experience).

You do not need to 'do' anything. I recommend you sit to mediate on waking and/or through your day.  On waking that can be simply lying still for 10 minutes - here you will begin to remember, and, or 'feel',  your experience.  Take time in your day or before bed to sit quietly this gives time to allow integration.  Don't be concerned if you can't meditate first thing and have to jump up to the children or for work, everything is still taking place, and when you do get time to sit quietly more will come to you and integrate when you are ready.  I find your soul usually makes space for you even if human feels you can't.

If you feel drawn to this yet it is somewhat confusing, then I suggest we do some one-to-one work together first.  This will be a Zoom session where we chat (before which I sit to do an energy clearing for you), followed on with a distant healing / energy transmission.  Following this I then send you a voice message recording with any insights, and messages.  One full session may be sufficient, or ten, it depends on you, on your level of consciousness, on your personal journey.

The Higher Astral Realms are Higher Planes than this Earth Plane that are an energetic place where we can still work on the deeper subconscious emotions, mental blocks, and energetic mis-alignments.  This is something we all need so long as we are here in this Human Form.

(numbers are limited due to being able to offer only so many one to one sessions in one day.
so long as it is still showing available in the online store it is open for you to join.)

higher Astral healing

may 17th - 19th, 2023, Price €133

Galactic frequency healing

April 18th - 19th

for this energy work you do not need to 'do' anything
you simply need to be open to RECEIVE

The Galactic Frequency Healing takes place in a similar way to the Higher Astral Healing.  The main difference is in the frequency of energy.  This is purely a group event and takes place over one night and day (officially - the energy begins in advance and continues on).  We are moving through and beyond the astral to connect with a higher frequency of energy for deeper energetic clearing and aligning and integration.  There is a lot of sacred geometry, symbols, light, and different tonal frequency's that come through and that are understood by soul you.

This is open to those who are ready for more and are continuing their inner work on a regular basis.

(so long as it is still showing available in the online store it is open for you to join.)

galactic Frequency Healing

april 18th - 19th, Price €88