"Rise Spirit Soul Retreats"

rise in spirit integrate soul


Work life Balance
Life Balance
Human Spiritual Balance

shift in consciousness

Moving into the 5D heartspaceand beyond
Continuing your inner work

Healing & Harmony

within self
Relationship unrest
Feeling stuck
Family dynamics

Spiritual Awakening

Realisation of Self and Life in New ways
Experiencing spirit and energy
Crisis point

Something I need and love to do is take time in retreat, to step away from the external world and spend time with my internal world and our natural world.  Something I love and need to do is travel, experience other external worlds, it enlivens my soul, and connects me with more aspects of mySelf and Mother Earth.  Also, my love of travel is more than that, it comes from my multidimensional self travelling through other realms and worlds, through sleep state and meditation.

I offer these things to you - time in retreat, encouragement to travel and explore - in this world we humanly live in, and in your own personal inner worlds, experiencing yourself as a Multidimensional Being.  Since you are so much more, so much can come from this experience and amplify your human soul journey.

I am honored to be holding space for you, since that is ultimately what this is.  You cannot received help in your healing unless you are open to healing yourself.  Healing does not mean there is anything wrong, every single human being is in a process of healing, in some way or other, experiencing it in some way or other.  Healing is about bringing ease where there is dis-ease, on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, it is about alignment of our true natural state of being, it is about self realisation.  Healing is about spiritually awakening, aligning and integrating.  Humanity as a whole needs to awaken in many ways, ultimately in the heart way, let go of fear, allow ourselves to remember, know and be love and come into our natural state of being peace.  When we are in our natural states of being - peace, love - all else flows.  Everything is easy.  All flows.  Abundance Is.  

A part of my role as a spirit guide through the higher / inner realms.  By Being here, on this earth at this time, it is easier for me, at a soul level, to help others from here to bring them into the Higher Astral and some Spiritual, Planes.  I am both a Spirit Worker and an Earth Worker.  I am a portal for Spirit to come through me to you.  I also assist Mother Earth in my Earth Work in a similar way, working with the energy of places, and the lands that were there before, through my travels.  I have integrated in particular two other soul aspects of mySelf into this embodiment, a Native American Medicine Woman, and a Galactic High Priestess.  These are powerful frequency that a medicine in their own individual energetic way.  I can share frequencies of energy that can touch you at a soul cellular level (eventually surfacing at/in your physical level) once you are open to receive.  Since Soul You is in charge, it is always what is right for you.

During this process there is shedding of old skin, cells, ways, conditions, programs.  This is energetic and that entails all of you; spirit, soul, heart, mind, and body too.

My main piece of advice is "go with, and flow with, your heart".  You can allow all this inner work then you have a choice, do you undo it, or do you embody it. This is your human freewill. Then, following that, we move beyond embodiment!

Your heart and soul has an innate knowing and when you honour it you will be in harmony. 

Rest is important in general but most especially during these retreats.  A lot happens, in fact you will come to find 'most' happens, whilst you are resting, meditating and sleeping.  I came in to this life with the ability to travel through the higher, inner, realms and remember it, and this is where I do a lot of my healing (helping) work.  Since this is a big part of who I am, this touches you, and you begin to 'experience' and 'remember' more in sleep state and in meditation too - third eye activation, the natural way.  You'll find you will be more easily able to go into meditative states whilst we are in our group gatherings, and you will have personal downloads/uploads and realisations.  These energies carry forward into your waking state and activates something within you that 'You' (that's Soul You) want to be activated to amplify your human experience here.

Honoured to be connecting with you,

Blessings & Love


You may find you are being pushed out of your comfort zone, and with that compelled to find new ways of managing stress, calm the mind, equalising emotions, growing and sustaining yourself.

This is what these retreats can offer you; a new way to Be, grow, heal, clear, connect, energise, realise, and harmonise.

These Retreats are:

Spiritual Awakening / Human Evolution / Energy Healing / Ascension / Shifts in Consciousness

(all of those words are about the same thing )

Just by gathering in space together shifts are going to occur, you do not need to do anything, you simply allow.

On the retreats we will have:

Daily silent sunrise integration meditation

afternoon focused group energy sessions which will be:
 soul cellular Journeys ~ clearing, activation, integration

one-to-one session
which will include chatting, clearing, transmission
any messages or insights that may come through for you
- this will be sitting together in person, remotely as I sit separately, and through that night as you sleep.

each retreat will have individual additions
you will also have plenty of free time to rest, explore, and connect with like hearted souls

These retreats are held in Asia.

There are specific vibrations throughout this part of the world you will connect / re-connect with.

You will be drawn to these gatherings for a higher energetic reason.

The choice of retreat centre is for the energetic quality we need, simple accommodation, clean and comfortable, in or close to nature.

Food is included on some retreats, not on others.

There is usually wifi (although I suggest keeping your devices off for this precious time once you let your loved ones know you have arrived safely), air conditioning, ceiling or freestanding fans, and mosquito nets.

The time of year is chosen to meet with the warmth of the sun.  Mother Nature is in charge of what happens thereafter and we are in tropical climates so changes will occur, and you will meet the gorgeous geckos and many other creatures who won't touch you, are only there to protect you, and will also give you signs and show you synchronicities.  


from goa retreat 2023:

awareness is important
yet where your awarenss is and goes is as important
and without spiritual action
awareness becomes redundant