Spiritual life guidance


You cannot have one without the other:
well you can appear to, but that is just appearance.
You also cannot have light work without shadow work.
This way of guidance is to live your life from a spiritual perspective.

if you are drawn to this, or to me, you are most likely (at a conscious and/or subconscious level):
a seeker
a light-worker
an empath
a highly sensitive soul.
You are most likely here in this lifetime for great soul growth and evolution, and, as you move through your personal journey are helping others along the way intentionally or not.  You may be familiar with the term 'light-worker' which is just a label attached to those here to assist in the ascension process.  I feel we can all also add the label 'shadow-worker' to that since we are doing a lot of shadow work to connect deeper with the light.  As an assistant in the ascension process you can be placed within any type of family, group energy, scenario and placed anywhere, yet always within a place needing you to transmute the lower vibration energy of pain and to transmit the higher vibration energy of Divine Light (first within, then without).

You will have come here from another place of higher vibration to help with the Ascension of Plant Earth and its inhabitants.
You will most likely be the one within the family unit who is clearing the ancestral patterns and trauma.
You will most likely have been, or are going through, grief, trauma, confusion and questioning.
You may at this, or some, stage, be feeling energy move through you in a new way, or have experienced a brief spiritually enlightening moment.
You may find yourself within situations of conflict and you cannot comprehend how you ended up there.
You will most likely trigger pain in others.
You will most likely have drawn situations unto yourSelf to propel you into a profound state of personal healing.
You will most likely be the one in the work environment transmuting the lower vibrations.

The work environment is not just in an obvious healing or wellness capacity but can be absolutely anything; an office where there is a battle of egos, the police force or military where there is a lot of darker energy at work; a hospital where there is tremendous pain.

Light has a way of Calling You!

You may feel drawn to connect with someone like me who has been on this path and through trauma, healing, spiritual awakening and remembering, and you may not know exactly why you are drawn.

Once you connect with someone who has been through this journey and their purpose is to assist in awakening within others, you will Ignite the Light within yourSelf.
these sessions are tailor made for each individual, you may need one or many, you may come and go.  There is no rule.
each session will be on skype or zoom.
Each session will entail talking, and distant healing.
I will tune in and connect with you at a Soul level before we meet online, so the energy will begin to move before hand and spiritual intuitive messages will begin to come through.
There will be inner work for you to move through.
There will be discomforts as you clear old pain and move through realisations.
Your life will not be the same again ~ for the better.
Your Light will be Luminous and your consciousness will expand beyond current comprehension.

These sessions are offered over skype, zoom or whatsapp call.

€80 - 1 hour (apx.)
€110 -1.5 hours (apx.)
These sessions are currently open.until nov 10th 2021 and will then resume Jan 11th 2022
sign up below and i will email you to arrange the next available date;

vedic counselling or spiritual life guidance?

vedic counselling or spiritual life guidance?

The difference between this option of Vedic Counselling (VC) and the Spiritual Life Guidance (SLG) is VC is more Yogic based, more structured, video call is necessary here where voice call is an option on SLG, in VC we will meditate and chant together and you will receive tools for self practice and healing at home.  SLG is more free-form and guidance is offered.  VC is about guiding you to Self Realise.

VC is for the person who is moving through something where current day western counselling methods do not work for them.  For example; moving through grief, day to day struggles in life; such as depression, feelings of not wanting to be here, relationship problems, feelings of unease or a need to change.

SLG is for the person who is coming onto, or on, the spiritual path of awakening and remembering and is learning about the changes this brings about in you, and in turn in your life.  SLG is for the person who is highly sensitive and an empath.

In both sessions channeled messages and advice will come through.

This Is Ultimately All About Raising Your Vibration and about connecting with and living your highest potential.