vedic counselling

This is a counselling beyond the mind

Vedic counselling is understanding who we are at a deeper level.

it is a teaching on How the universe is a manifestation of consciousness.

the Vedic approach is unique and presents you with powerful tools to enable you to shape your life according to the highest Self-awareness.   It requires recognising an inner consciousness that guides your life from within, the Divine voice within you.

It is self realisation.

I am a guide to your Vedic life of higher awareness, a holistic and integral counselor and teacher not simply a specific therapist or guide in only one field, or only relative to one aspect of life, but many fields, and, relative to 'all' aspects of self and life!

(you cannot have one aspect without the others, this is very important).

Vedic counseling rests upon a view of the human being, life, nature and consciousness that can be very different than what we find in modern therapy and medicine.  it reflects a profound yogic philosophy, yoga psychology and cosmology interwoven together and it is rooted in the wisdom of the cosmic mind, from which all recorded human knowledge is but a shadow. 

again This type of counselling is related to 'all' aspects of our being;

physical health

pyschological wellbeing



career / vocation


spirituality and self realisation.

This is an integral counselling.

You may be feeling stuck, moving through grief, in the process of spiritual awakening, or simply at a crossroads in life.

You may be like me and 'modern' type counselling is not for you.

This is counselling that moves through the mind but more than that it moves beyond it!

it is important to embrace all aspects of our being-ness:

that is our human self and our deeper self.

this will help you move through and clear karma and connect with your personal dharma.

Vedic teachings will be shared and disciplines will be given to takeaway to practice and integrate into your day to day life.

These sessions are offered over skype or zoom.

€80 - 1 hour (apx.)
€110 -1.5 hours (apx.)
These sessions are currently open until Nov 10th 2021 and will then resume Jan 11th 2022.
sign up below and i will email you to arrange the next available date;

vedic counselling or spiritual life guidance?

The difference between this option of Vedic Counselling (VC) and the Spiritual Life Guidance (SLG) is VC is more Yogic based, more structured, video call is necessary here where voice call is an option on SLG, in VC we will meditate and chant together and you will receive tools for self practice and healing at home.  SLG is more free-form and guidance is offered.  VC is about guiding you to Self Realise.

VC is for the person who is moving through something where current day western counselling methods do not work for them.  For example; moving through grief, day to day struggles in life; such as depression, feelings of not wanting to be here, relationship problems, feelings of unease or a need to change.

SLG is for the person who is coming onto, or on, the spiritual path of awakening and remembering and is learning about the changes this brings about in you, and in turn in your life.  SLG is for the person who is highly sensitive and an empath.

In both sessions channeled messages and advice will come through.


"As the saying goes : " when the student is ready the teacher will appear" and so it has been in encountering Ashling.  I felt an instant trust in the care and support I would receive from the journey with Ashling: the one to one in person healing sessions were ineffable experiences suffice to say I experienced a lightness after each session accompanied by ever deepening sense of connection with Source.  Distant one to one healing sessions have been no less powerful and the benefits continue to become known to me.  Groups distant healings have similarly brought great insights.  I cannot recommend Ashling highly enough. This is for me but the start of my journey with her as a spirit guide and healer"