Level 1 YIN YOGA Teacher Training

4 Day Event





When we stop and work from within this is where we find balance, this is where we find healing, this is where we find peace.  This is where we connect with our true and natural states.  This is where we find our way.

In this time of Ascension and Awakening it is now more than ever that we are being guided to find balance in order to truly live the life we are supposed to live.  Yin is our balance in this currently Yang world.  Yin is our softness in this currently hard world.  Yin Yoga is our practice that stops holding us back, so although we ‘stop’ in Yin Yoga it is the practice that propels us forward!

In Yin Yoga we stop, we soften, we surrender, we let go; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  We let go, we let flow.  This is more than our practice, this is our purpose, this is our path!

Physically, Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga that emphasize internal heat and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles.  Yin poses are in a sitting or lying position where gravity can do most of the work.  We disengage and relax our muscles and our minds.  Essentially, we surrender by suspending the body and the minds’ urge to control, grasp to, judge or classify experience.  We just observe.  Activity is slow, steady & stationary, with a sense of core softness and surrender.  Yin can be quite challenging physically, due to the long duration holding in the postures (anywhere from one to ten minutes), mentally due to mind wanting you to release from the physical discomfort (and other mental chatter), and emotionally due to the resurfacing of suppressed emotions.

By stressing and compressing energy lines, organs, connective tissue, such as the ligaments, bones & joints of the body that are normally not touched so deeply in a more active style of asana practice, for extended periods of time, we maintain healthy range of motion in the body, clear energetic toxins and move into a more balanced state on 'all'levels.

Syllabus Synopsis:


Module 1 ~ Meridian Theory, Mindfulness, Cultivating a Yin & Meditation Practice

The what, how and why of Yin Yoga & Meridian Theory

Meridian’s and Organ Health

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Mindfulness in Practice

The Importance of Meditation


Module 2 ~ Chakra Theory, Pranayama, Alignment, Adjustment and Modification

The what how and why of Chakra Theory in connection to Meridian Theory

Chakras and Subtle/Energetic body Health

Pranayama in Practice

Working with injuries, specific health conditions

Teaching Guidelines & Etiquette


As a teacher training, to teach this material, it is recommended that you have completed an initial 200 our training.

This training is also available to those who would also like to simply cultivate and develop their own yoga practice

This training is not just a training it is an awakening, when you connect with Ashling you move into a higher vibrational state.

This is a Rising of Spirit and Soul!

Full Price €600

Deposit €100

(deposit payable to confirm space)

Registration and Certification with Rise Spirit Soul

(additional €100 for registration with Yoga Alliance International India)

This training is open to everyone, only prerequisite is a somewhat open heart and mind, I'm here to guide you the rest of your way, to you.

Simply pay your deposit by clicking the link below to the online store 'Book Here', or click on 'Express an Interest' with any questions and to have a one to one chat with me. 


Teacher Training

Training Manual

Shifts in Consciousness!

Daily Yin Yoga Practices, Meditations, Energy Healing & Spiritual talks with Ashling


Dublin, ireland

4 Day intensive


(2 x Saturday's & Sunday's)

January 5th, 6th, 26th, 27th ~ 08:00 - 18:00



"To Bring Back Balance we must find a bridge between our physical and spiritual selves." ~ Yogini Jyoti